Adrian Peterson plans to start running by the end of the month

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says he’s making significant progress after having surgery on December 30 to repair a torn ACL.

Peterson said he expects to start running on February 28 and is satisfied with how far he has come.

I’m definitely making improvement. I’m starting to get my muscle tone and strength back into the legs,” Peterson told Paul Allen on KFAN, via “I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m extremely happy.”

Peterson said he is working hard — but not too hard — with his physical therapist in Houston.

“He’s making sure I’m doing the right things. It feels strong, but he doesn’t want me to push it too much,” Peterson said.

Peterson is hoping to be ready for the start of the season, which would mean a recovery time of a little more than eight months.

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  1. why is he this anxious to get back with a team who doesn’t know how to use him . win with him and fail on all other levels of the NFL

  2. Good luck Adrian Peterson. I’m rooting for seeing you on the field again. Nobody is currently like you.

    After they aired that short special during the season (was it during a game?) about Adrian Peterson and why he decided to focus on becoming the greatest athlete in the game, I took a good look at his body’s condition and his movements on the field. That guy is the real deal.

  3. How can you not admire the heart, character and determination of AD. He’s already running?

    This guy is a true warrior who deserves to get a shot to play and win a Super Bowl.

    Keep on working AD. We’ll see you on Opening Day.

  4. Good for AP, it’s a tough road no doubt. I feel simpatico with him to a degree. I blew mine out (nasty turfmonster!) as well as tearing both the medial and anterior edges of my meniscus and had Surgery on Jan 11. I can identify with having to hold back…when the muscle finally starts to regenerate it’s awful tough to not work it. I can only imagine how much worse it’d be if I was a professional athlete in my prime.

    One thing on being “100%” though…I think the biggest reason it takes these guys 2 years to recover is the degree of atrophy that takes place in the muscles, especially the quad. It’s literally stunning and takes much longer to regenerate than the tendons do to recover. If he’s anywhere near his old self in 8 months then he’s literally a man among boys. I’m on the same recovery rate at this stage he is (I’ll be running by first week of March) and although I’ll certainly be running and even racing again by this fall, running like I was before the blowout, no way, it’ll take months more to get to that level again.

  5. frankgarrett says:
    Feb 17, 2012 12:25 PM
    why is he this anxious to get back with a team who doesn’t know how to use him . win with him and fail on all other levels of the NFL
    He does it for the same reason you go to your worthless 9 to 5 (are you employed!?) except he makes a lot more than you.

  6. When they make the movie about his life, this is the part where they do the musical montage of him going through his rehab. At the end of the montage, he’ll be running full speed past a guy who clicks his stopwatch and pumps his fist. The movie ends with Adrian holding the Super Bowl MVP trophy while embracing Leslie Frazier.

  7. man took me 4 months to start running after my surgery – but i tore acl, mcl and meniscus

    ap is a monster

  8. ACL tears clearly aren’t the career killers they once were. Look what Welker did a few years ago missing only one playoff game with an ACL and then back for the start of the next season. With the fitness AP has I would think he’ll be back to start the season.

  9. This is great news! Nothing hurt more during that dreadful season than watching Adrian Peterson be lost for the rest of the season. It was heartbreaking for the guy, he constantly just plays flat out like the game should be played. Through good and bad teams.

    Hell if he wasn’t injured and in the pro bowl he would have been the only reason to watch.

    Good luck AP, hope to see you at 100%.

  10. The Vikings organization is a joke, but I have to admit I really like this guy. He’s an absolute monster. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy run that hard in my life.

  11. Running? Maybe straight line, but no cutting or anything, even then its a stretch. You’re not suppose to do any straight line running/jogging until 12 weeks after surgery because the graft still has to get strong enough. Unless Peterson heals faster than the normal person, I don’t think is going to happen. Maybe by mid March.

  12. Pretty darn hard to comment on the situation without knowing specifics…jogging in a straight line is biomechanically easy on the ACL so that is my guess as to what he will be doing at the end of the month. Quite possibly on a gym floor to start (don’t have to worry about uneven terrain)…the 12 week “rule” is constantly being challenged, especially in high end athletes..

    Good Luck AP!

  13. why is he this anxious to get back with a team who doesn’t know how to use him . win with him and fail on all other levels of the NFL


    Bitter much?

  14. Good Luck AP. Question though: How is he gonna be back for the season but they’re saying Mendenhall is out the ENTIRE year, did Rashard tear ACL & MCL?

  15. No way he’s ready 100% for the start of the season. No running back with that kind of injury that late in the season would be ready by the first game. I don’t care what Wes Welker did, he’s not taking the kind of punishment a RB takes. At best, he’s a part time player at some point next season. He’s only fooling himself thinking he’s on track to be 100% at the start of 2012.

    Sorry for being honest!

  16. @pitt4059

    Once again, it’s difficult to comment on specifics without being on the inside…


    AP tore both the ACL and the MCL…I wonder if the difference between AP and Mendenhall might be a meniscal repair, which may be the reason Mendenhall is out all year though I don’t know for sure…there must be more damage with Mendenhall is my guess

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