Franchise tag is a possibility for Josh Scobee


For an offense that scores plenty of field goals, it’s important to have a good field-goal kicker.  The Jaguars have one, given that Josh Scobee made 23 of 25 in 2011.

But they might not have him for much longer, given that Scobee is due to become a free agent.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that the Jaguars could use the franchise tag to hold Scobee in place.  Though it’s unclear whether the Jaguars would do it, Ganguli points out that there’s no other impending free agent on whom the Jaguars would use the tag.

They may not have to make that decision.  Ganguli reports that “very preliminary discussions” have occurred between the team and the player, and that both sides hope to strike a long-term deal.

Regardless of how they do it, the Jaguars need to keep Scobee.  Coincidentally, that was one of the item’s on Friday’s Jaguars “to do” list from PFT Live.

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11 responses to “Franchise tag is a possibility for Josh Scobee

  1. Well i can sleep well tnight now that i know that josh scobee could be franchised! whew..that was a close one.

  2. Gabbert will be fine, he just came out earlier than expected, then got thrown staight into the lineup, without much support. But the first puppy out of the box becomes the alpha dog, and that is Gabbert.

    Best move for Khan is to sign Mario Williams and draft Quinton Coples as a bookend. That takes all the attention and pressure off Gabbert. Pick up Alshon Jeffery, Mohamed Sanu, or Rueben Randle in round two. Couple more receivers after that. Most improvement has to come from within, in any case. Gabbert getting more comfortable with Lewis, Thomas, Robiskie, etc. and the offensive line.

  3. It also says alot about the product the NFL has put on the field.The Jaguars,the Colts last year,the Rams,the Bucs,the Browns etc..These teams were almost unwatchable.

  4. Scobee accounted for all the points in the Monday night game against the Ravens… was enough.
    The Jaguars defense held them to 7 points. Next year Gabbert will have some receivers, and other improvements on offense. That will translate to more wins. That being said, the Jags need to keep Scobee.

  5. Gene Smith better have learned his lesson in letting his 4th round draft pick from 4 seasons ago, a punter, go in free agency. The solution? The oldest football player in the NFL? How’d that work out? The crowd booing him while he egged them on to be booed some more? Then he’s cut and goes to the eventual division winner? #disaster

    Pay Scobee. Let us have some continuity SOMEWHERE besides RB.

  6. ksolomonjr says:
    Feb 17, 2012 11:13 PM
    it says a lot abt my team when we have to use the franchise tag on our kicker. not a top tier DE or DL or WR. a kicker!!! thanks Gene smith.
    No worries, dude. Pats tagged Vinatieri twice back when they were winning SBs. Doesn’t mean you have no other players that are good, just means you have no one else tag-worthy whose contract is up. 🙂

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