Irsay says he and Manning are in negotiations


Jim Irsay sure is doing a lot of talking about Peyton Manning, for a guy who says he and Manning should “keep it in house.”

Irsay’s latest public comments came on Thursday night, when he told some Indianapolis television stations that he and Manning are already involved in contract negotiations.

“We’ve talked more in recent weeks than we have in most Februarys,” he said. “Peyton and I have talked and said that we’d like to just come to something that makes sense for both of us. It’s a difficult thing because sometimes circumstances are thrown at you. You take your hands out of the deck that you’re dealt, and you deal with them.”

From Manning’s perspective, however, what is there to negotiate? Irsay owes Manning $28 million by March 8. The only negotiation would be for Manning to agree to delay or reduce that bonus payment, and the Manning camp has indicated that’s not going to happen. The reality is that Manning wants to be the undisputed starter for a team with playoff aspirations, while the Colts want to rebuild around the No. 1 pick in the draft, probably Andrew Luck. There’s not going to be a solution that makes sense for both parties, other than going their separate ways.

Irsay described his conversations with Manning as “upbeat and positive,” and when he acknowledged the tension that exists between the two of them, he tried to laugh it off.

“If I call him a politician, he asks for one stroke back on the golf course. And I said, no, he’s giving me one more because I thought he was acting like a jerk before,” Irsay said, laughing. “We have that type of relationship. We’re both very competitive, but I have a lot of close friends and they’ve said a lot worse things to me and I’ve said a lot worse things to them than him and I have.”

Irsay says he’s still holding out hope for a deal that keeps Manning in Indianapolis.

“Him and I will always continue to be great friends, and I hope it’s with him still being in a Colts uniform, but we’ll see as we go forward the next few weeks,” Irsay said.

More likely, Manning took off his Colts uniform for the last time when they lost to the Jets in the playoffs 13 months ago, and Irsay will cut Manning in the next few weeks.

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  1. If Manning’s throwing strength hasn’t returned he may have no choice but to negotiate a reduced deal. If he can’t pass another teams physical, why leave the Colts for now?

    If his strength comes back he’ll be in a position to bail out the rookie QB who I am sure will have a rough go. Stick to a one year deal and then leave the Colts if he’s ready.

    I think if Manning let’s himself be cut he’s probably thinking he can be ready to go for the start of the season.

  2. I just do not care anymore. No more threads until something is announced. Announcing they have talked? Who cares?

  3. I am 100% positive that Manning is now throwing the ball roughly 50 yards with velocity. His recovery is coming along much better than say 6 months ago, IMO. He will be playing football n 2012.

  4. I am kinda shaking my head at people talking that Manning does not deserve to be treated like this. Given the fact that there remain major concerns about his arm strength, paying him $28 million in March seems to be a huge risk. Moving the date ahead leaves Manning open to the risk of teams with a QB opening filling up their QB spot through free agency or draft and not leaving any options for him in case the Colts release him later on(before the modified bonus date). Releasing Manning seems to be the best move to me. The Colts get to rebuild with a new QB(for better or for worse I dunno). Manning is left to decide what is the best for him. I think even Peyton realizes that nobody in the NFL will guarantee him $28million at the moment, not even Dan Snyder.

    And just to clarify, I am not a Peyton Manning hater. In fact, I am from India and I wouldn’t have started following this game were it not for Peyton Manning.

  5. Jim Irsay was born into luxury, the spotlight, and wealth. Many born into this would sit on their haunches waste the opportunity, some would crash and burn feeding some horrible vice, some would sell out and disappear, and only the elite would grab the mantle raise it higher than it was before. That is what Jim Irsay has done since talking the helm of the team in 1996. Even more amazing considering he had to overcome vices that would have cratered most who take swipes at him.

    As for those who criticize his tweets and quirkiness, are you the same folks who lobbied the No Fun League to implement all kinds of frivolous rules on the field? Are you same blokes who sit on their hands all game cause you’re too cool to shout, clap, or cheer? If I want some boring old suit to admire, there are about 50 outstanding business people in my metro area in banking, manufacturing, and services that deserve a shout out. This is the NFL. Last time I checked it was an entertainment product. Me thinks the complaints are petty jealousy.

  6. Wow…this guy is a owner of a professional football team and a president? He is single handedly driving colts fan out. Good job in doing that.

  7. When he said “keep it in house” he was talking about if you have a problem with the organization. Saying that they are discussing a new contract isn’t being hypocritical.

  8. Irsay is exhibiting some “bizarre” behavior..

    …leaking Peyton’s confidential medical records to Don Banks. Did Irsay actually believe he would not be the prime suspect? Again, Irsay is not behaving or thinking in a rational way.

    …accusing Peyton of being a politician, asking that they keep comments “in house”…then turning right around and using his twitter and the media to discuss matters “out of the house”.

    …now we have this claim of Irsay and Manning negotiating. If they were negotiating, why in the heck would Irsay say a word? Another example of irrational behavior on Irsay’s part.

    For some reason, Irsay does not have what it takes to “man up”…and just tell Manning he is done with him because they have Luck coming in to take over.

    jmho, but Irsay’s behavior in this matter might be an indication that Irsay has fallen off the wagon.

  9. Seems to me that if they draft Luck AND honor Manning’s bonus, they are siphoning away $28m in talent that Luck will need around him to succeed.

  10. Irsay should just pay the 28 Million and then reap in the $100 million in gear Manning sells. Those Colts fans are crazy for Peyton, and would rather see him then Luck.
    I think Irsay is playing with fire because he can easily lose a lot of the bandwagon people who have beeen here during the good years.

  11. The uncertainty swirling around the Indianapolis Colts apparently isn’t being reflected in renewals by season ticket holders.

    “You can only speculate because there’s still a few weeks remaining before the deadline, but we’re tracking similar to last year and the year before,” said Pete Ward, the team’s chief operating officer.

  12. someidiotfromouthereintheprojects says:Feb 17, 2012 8:24 AM

    ladies and gentlemen…the biggest jerkoff in all of pro sports: jim irsay…


    You are obviously not a college girl in Georgia…

  13. They can negotiate the amount, if they decrease the number they just can’t increase that $28 million bonus. That’s what they’re negotiating. I can bet that Irsay is trying to keep Peyton in Indy, going to give him a one year ‘victory lap’ and draft Luck and deal with that problem a year from now. I really hate Jim Irsay.

  14. Themage78, You don’t speak for Colts fans. Manning is an all-time great QB, but he is not the future. The Andrew Luck era should start next year. Manning’s health is too big of a risk going forward. BTW, Ravens fans, GET OVER IT. It’s been 30 years. We’ve had the Colts for as long as you had them. Move on with your lives.

  15. I hope Manning bilks Irsay for the $28 Million than goes under the knife and says if you did not mess with me I would not have messed with you. Thank you for the $28 Million. Now I will be out another year.

  16. themage78 says:
    Feb 17, 2012 8:54 AM
    Irsay should just pay the 28 Million and then reap in the $100 million in gear Manning sells. Those Colts fans are crazy for Peyton, and would rather see him then Luck.
    I think Irsay is playing with fire because he can easily lose a lot of the bandwagon people who have beeen here during the good years.
    I didn’t watch a whole lot of Colts games but it sure looked like they were still doing ok attendance wise last year when I did watch. And they were cheering when their team won too. Those are the COLTS fans. I would think that Irsay should welcome a chance to have Colts fans pack the house instead of manningfans. It may take a couple years but I think the Colts are making some good changes.

  17. Finally, an NFL owner that makes Mikey Boy Brown down in Cincinnati look somewhat sane! I thought that would be impossible to do, but we have a winner. Maybe it is something about the mid-west winters that make these guys go crazy????

  18. Irsay is disrespectful to his veteran players and also to the loyal colts fans who love this team…It is senseless to let peyton go if he has a chance to throw the ball even 3 quarters the way he does..Getting luck will not change anything for next season and someone needs to work with him, I hate when teams and fans think it is a good Idea to start a rookie so someone will have to break him in and who better than peyton..It would be counterproductive to a team to make a stupid judgement call like that and to be quite honest if peyton wants to come back and throw the ball can anyone tell me he wouldn’t be able to go out there and deliver, he has before and he will again..If he plays he will play well, if not he will and should probably retire..Dungy said it best either he plays a colt or he retires but to deny him the chance to go out and play in a colts uniform is uneducated, disrespectful to him and fans, also it is a tad backstabbing (like their hasn’t been enough of that already)…Like irsay talking about keeping things in house, I really never liked him for previous bad decisions and an apparent lack of loyalty to the players that gave Indianapolis what it has but he seems to be not heeding his own advice..As a fan I really shudder to think what next season will look like without peyton and if he played for anyone but the colts would be a travesty, he deserves to be able to retire in a colts uniform and not forced out by the organization in such a way..

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