Sapp says he’d pass on Moss

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Former Buccaneers and Raider defensive tackle Warren Sapp visited The Dan Patrick Show on Friday, and Sapp was candid (as he usually is) about one of his former Oakland teammates.

“I’ve already played with [Randy] Moss, and what Cris Carter said — first time Cris ever said anything I agree with, I mean it’s the first time that he actually said something with some substance,” Sapp said.  “I just call Randy a frontrunner.”

Sapp explained that frontrunning is slightly different from quitting.

“When everything is good, it’s wonderful, it’s great,” Sapp said.  “But when a little adversity hits, it’s ‘No, no, no.  Don’t ask me to help us come up out of this.'”

So that’s two guys who have played with Moss who are sounding the alarm.

Sapp also had some good stuff about Terrell Owens, Roddy White, Peyton Manning, and Rob Gronkowski’s dancing at the Patriots’ post-Super Bowl party.  It’s worth a listen.

And you can listen right here.

25 responses to “Sapp says he’d pass on Moss

  1. Who cares what Sapp thinks? He was a great player, but there’s a reason he is currently a “talking head” and not a personnel man working in the league.

  2. > “there’s a reason he is currently a “talking head” and not a personnel man working in the league.”

    Probably because he’s making way more money (and doing way less work) on television.

  3. Who cares what Sapp thinks? He was a great player, but there’s a reason he is currently a “talking head” and not a personnel man working in the league.
    He enjoys being paid just as much for a ridiculously easier job and still having family time?

  4. Sapp was an overrated player that was all talk almost his entire career. Who cares what he says. Moss had 1000+ yds and 8 TD’s his first yr in Oak with the worst offense in the history of the game. Give me 153 TD’s any day. If Moss says hes ready to go I’m taking a chance on him.

  5. I used to really like Sapp and think he got a bum rap when he fell so far in the draft because of the pot and his attitude. But he pulled the same stuff in TB at times and in Oakland. He is a hypocrite.

  6. Couple of rants here:

    First the “If he knew personnel he’d be in the front office” angle;

    >He’s paid to give his opinion based on the fact that he played football at a relatively high level and can still coherently put together lucid thoughts. It’s an opinion and you don’t have to agree with it, in fact take everything he (and every other analyst out there) says with a grain or twenty of salt. He doesn’t need to be a GM to give a valid opinion and based on the some of the other boards even if you are/were a GM (Polian) then you still don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Second the “He didn’t play the position/He sucked or was overrated as a player”

    >Again it’s an opinion and I’m %99.999999999999 sure any of the posters aren’t in an authoritative position to make a more qualified argument or comment than Sapp. But honestly on this and all other matters in life, Think for yourself. Put the work in and assemble your own analysis.

    For what it’s worth (nothing) I think a motivated Randy is a productive Randy. Just need to find out what motivates him before you sign him. Money = Fail : SuperBowl = Win.

    Shut the hell up.

  7. Maybe the biggest event here is that you actually found a picture of Sapp happy wearing Raider gear that is not part of game day.

    He used to piss the hell out of me wearing Bucs stuff in Oakland, that’s why he is a one night stand in Raider land.

    So is Moss. He gave up after the KC game when he was thrown to the ground on a deep post route. Moss was slammed to the ground in a clear pass int non call. The play was a sure TD and no flag was thrown. I can’t say that I blame him for that game, but he never tried after play.

  8. Sapp should pass on commenting. How does he get such a nice job? I wanted nothing else to do with my life but be a sports broadcaster and all these x players with 0 intelligence (sapp= the U) get cherry desk jobs on TV ranting about nonsense like they are credible just because they played in the NFL? Steve Young/Trent Dilfer my favorite former players to listen to, the rest are barely mediocre or just terrible.

  9. Loved his Manning perspective. I hear many “journos” that can’t add the cash on the contract. If the Colts choose to part ways it’ll partly be because the contract pays Peyton $54 million with no games played.

  10. Could listen to Sapp but there is never a good reason to. Far too many idiots on the pregame shows that watching them has become unbearable. No bigger idiot than Sapp.

  11. burm61 says:
    Feb 17, 2012 9:59 PM
    Anybody else think Moss doesn’t want to comeback he just wants some attention?
    I am FAR from a Moss fan and never wanted him on my team (Pats) but I don’t agree with this. Moss is actually not a DIVA as in attention loving/showoff etc. He’s more of an introvert, he HATES talking to the media. This Moss TV stuff is puzzling to me and represents a departure from anything I ever saw from him when he was in NE.

    Sad thing is he isn’t even a frontrunner, meaning he doesn’t even NEED adversity. He had it very good as a Pat with a nice contract after 07, a great QB and HC who totally respected him and a team that was always competitive. He decided to start complaining publicly about his contract IN THE OFFSEASON after 09 and carried it over to 2010. There simply is no situation the man would be happy with outside of utopia.

    Compare and contrast that to a guy like Ocho who is a very extroverted and showy guy unlike Moss but who managed to be a great teammate and NEVER LET OUT A NEGATIVE WORD all year despite his struggles. I’d much rather the Pats let Ocho have another chance in TC than EVER revisit Moss.

  12. Moss, T.O., Ocho Cinco all may have been talented. As their talents decrease, their screwy behavior is becoming less funny and humorous. Avoid all three, like the plague

  13. As a Raider fan I can say we all saw Sapp come to Oakland take Al’s cash not do jack for him, and bad mouth the organization ever since. All Raider fans hate his azz. Some of us would love to see Randy come through again. Although nothing ever has been said about it again or the content of the phone call Al made a phone call to Moss before he passed. (not sure if that was Randy or Winston), but I always assumed it was Randy.

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