250 fans will attend Scouting Combine

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Less than a month after 7,300 fans plunked down $25 each to mill about the upper reaches of Lucas Oil Stadium during the annual Media Day festivities, a much smaller group will be allowed to witness in person the underwear Olympics more commonly known as the Scouting Combine.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, applications can be submitted at 1iota.com.  The process includes an explanation of why the person should be picked (a 350-word maximum) and the attachment of a photo.

Why is a photo needed?  Because they’ll want to be sure that the person who applies for admission and the person who shows up for the event is the same person.  (It’s yet another potential scam opportunity for any identical twins in the crowd.)

And it’s the latest evidence of the growth in popularity of the annual pre-draft event, which features guys running in a straight line and jumping straight up and doing all sorts of things that they’ll rarely do on a football field — especially since they don’t wear pads.

I’ll have plenty of time to point out over the next week that there’s no real correlation between the Scouting Combine and football, that the measurements often are used not to select or weed out prospects but to justify interest or lack thereof in a given player, and that the only way to ever know whether a guy who played college football at a high level can survive and/or thrive in the NFL is to put him on a field with other NFL players and see what he does, or he doesn’t.

What’s that?  I shouldn’t pull the sheet back because PFT benefits from the traffic generated by the cottage industry spawned by the draft process?  We’ll still pay attention to it, but I’ll always share with the audience my confusion regarding the disconnect between the fact that there’s an obsession with 300 or so players from February through late April and the reality that, after the draft, we only continue to pay close attention to a handful of them, at most.

14 responses to “250 fans will attend Scouting Combine

  1. The combine will continue to be a joke until they start having guys do these drills in full pads.

  2. The NFL is trying to make the scouting combine part of their regular scheduled big time events. There is much money to be made and Rodger Goodell will find a way to get it. The combine used to be a tiny blimp on the screen, those days are over.

  3. Underwear Olympics… Im going to use that forever now.

    But that is just it, it’s the NFL’s olympics, granted it is for draftees and they are representing themselves at the underwear Olympics, but it’s still the closest thing to the NFL’s olympics.

    I like the scouting combine.

  4. Gosh, if they had this in the past they could have seen Vernon Gholston look like a beast. Jason Smith standout and Taylor Mays run a 4.2. Aaron Curry look like the next L.T. All in their tight workout gear.

  5. To me, the scouting combine is a waste of time since they go to the players home fields and do that same thing. Most quarterbacks now do not throw at the combine and wait to do that on their pro-days. It is also a good way for sports writers to fleece their employers for a nice week long vacation at their expense.

  6. I think it’s one of the few things this regime has doe that I like, letting fans buy tickets to this and to media day. Sure it makes money. So what? That doesn’t mean it isn’t good for the fans AND the NFL’s coffers.

  7. If you’re one of the 250 you’re either a tremendous loser, or you enjoy watching men in tights. Why the heck would anyone want to watch this? It’s a snoozefest!

  8. Submit an “application”? Are you kidding me? What are we doing here, applying for membership in some exclusive, pompous snob club? What exactly do you say as to why you should be permitted to enter the event?:

    * “My dad is the Mayor”? Well OK then!… stamp his hand and let him in!

    * “I just love football and I want to see my teams potential draft picks”. Rejected!….go away! Security, keep an eye on him.

    How ludicrous.

  9. The scouting combine is a great event. I could see some added drills but there’s nothing wrong with the event.

  10. wtfchiefs says:
    Feb 18, 2012 12:38 PM
    If you’re one of the 250 you’re either a tremendous loser, or you enjoy watching men in tights. Why the heck would anyone want to watch this? It’s a snoozefest!
    That’s why I watch…. :-).

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