Bucs bag Bob Bostad as offensive line coach

For the third time this month, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has convinced an assistant to leave the college program that just hired him in order to head to Tampa Bay.

This time Schiano has hired Bob Bostad as offensive line coach, Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com reports.

Bostad recently left Wisconsin to accept a job as the University of Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, but he apparently started looking to jump ship to the NFL almost immediately after that: Bostad was also reportedly a candidate to become the Bears’ offensive line coach.

Schiano also hired defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan only a few weeks after Sheridan agreed to join the staff at Ohio State, and Schiano hired receivers coach P.J. Fleck just one day after Northern Illinois announced that Fleck had agreed to be its offensive coordinator.

10 responses to “Bucs bag Bob Bostad as offensive line coach

  1. Interesting that Schiano wants to build the Bucs by emphasizing discipline and stability and then hires coaches who resigned from new gigs just a few days or weeks into the job.

  2. Staff is coming together, I like it. Schiano is doing a great job putting the foundation in place.

  3. coming from a Bucs fan, I will give Schiano a chance. Every coach has had to start someplace, who is to say that Schiano “may” turn out to be a good HC…only time will tell. Nothing could be worse than the fall out from last season…BUT… as long as the Bucs Beat the Panthers, that will be icing on the cake!!

  4. OK this is a tremendous hire.
    Look at Wisconsin’s Oline this year, last year and for the last many.
    They have been the best Oline around for a while
    Carimi and Moffit last Year (1st and 3rd rounders)
    This year look for Konz, Zietler to be first and third round picks as well.
    These are not 5 start prospects, these are magnificently developed.
    Probably the best Oline coach in college ball.

  5. With all the college coaches on the Bucs team it makes more sense now why Butch Davis is on board. It must be his job to see that things get done the NFL way. As an “advisor”, he will be kept busy coaching the coaches. I guess there is a method to the madness! It is going to be interesting to see just how this all comes together. GO BUCS!

  6. Has everyone forgotten how absolutely horrible Bill Sheridan is as a defensive coordinator? His only NFL experience as a DC is his 2009 season with the giants. After succeeding Steve Spagnuolo he obviously had big shoes to fill, but he did an absolutely miserable job. He started losing the ear of his players in the preseason and had lost most of the defense by midseason. That defense routinely let opponents score 35+ points en route to a disappointing 8 loses in their final 11 games. He was promptly fired after week 17; after only one season as DC.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, if Schiano is hiring guys like Sheridan I can’t imagine any of his other hires are great talents. I think Schiano’s tenure in Tampa will either go incredibly well or vise versa. I’m not sure which way I think it’s gonna go but I do know that the Sheridan hire is certainly a con in my book

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