Dolphins offseason starts at quarterback


Miami has a lot of needs this offseason. Their offensive line was a mess last year, their solid defense is changing schemes, and they can’t make explosive plays on offense.

Before they get to all that, their needs start at the quarterback position. The Dolphins will be mentioned prominently in all Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn chatter leading up to free agency.

We’re going to watch Miami’s interest in Flynn closely. If coach Joe Philbin and company don’t go hard after Flynn, it should be a red flag to the rest of the league.

Flynn is one of the toughest big free agent quarterbacks ever to evaluate. He has barely played in the NFL. Philbin is the one that knows him best, so he’s in the best position by far to know if Flynn is a true franchise quarterback.

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23 responses to “Dolphins offseason starts at quarterback

  1. A decent comparison for Flynn’s limited yet good play to date might be Schaub w/ Atlanta. I always joke that he should thank my 05 Pats for his big contract in Hou.

  2. Aaron Rodgers gave Flynn an endorsement which should mean something. He’ll play great in Miami with Philbin any other team should stay away.

  3. I would not pursue Manning. The man has one, maybe two seasons left, and that’s only if he is healthy enough to play. I wouldn’t rish it.

    Flynn is a good choice and is an upgrade from Moore. Whatever they do, DO NOT KEEP HENNE!

  4. Miami hit many “explosive” plays this year. They were one of the top teams for 20+ yard plays. Their problem was an inability to turn big gains into TDs. It also doesn’t appear as if the defensive scheme is changing a great deal. They have played a lot of hybrid 3-4 and 4-3 the last couple of seasons, and all indications are that it will continue.

    The offensive line, especially the right side, is a complete train wreck. Besides Wake, so is the pass rush.

  5. Go back and watch Matt Moore from last year. Count the number of drops from his receivers and factor in the conservative style of the coaching staff and you will find a competent NFL QB. Sure I would like to have Andrew Luck, but we are not as desperate at QB as all the “experts” think.

  6. I seriously wonder if you guys even do research before you write these things.

    1. There aren’t changing schemes for sure and even if they are, they ran something like 47% of the defense with a four man front anyway. Regardless of the scheme, they need another pass rusher anyway.

    2. The offensive was one of the better teams at plays greater than 20 yards a season ago. They’re obviously not the Packers, Saints, or Patriots on offense, but they weren’t horrible either. That’s not to say they shouldn’t pursue another QB if an upgrade is out there though.

    You were right about the Dolphins needing to fix the OL though, so congratulations I guess.

  7. Rosenthal. Please! The Dolphins “can’t make explosive plays on offense”??? Which is why Matt Moore was 12th rated, why Miami had one of the highest numbers of plays 20 plus yards of 32 teams, and why Brandon Marshall had over 15 yards a catch…

    Look, Gregg, we know you’re a Jets fan, but that is no excuse for lying!

  8. I also dont get why people think we should just get flynn cause “he knows the system” Thats a horrible reason.

    Id rather hear because hes talented, or he can beat out what Miami already has. Nobody is saying that though. Flynn looked average, and took most of his snaps out of shotgun.

  9. “Go back and watch Matt Moore from last year”

    He also had 9 int and 14 fumbles in 12 games, and almost never sealed a game

  10. “Flynn is a good choice and is an upgrade from Moore. ”

    Is he? Henne had almost 500 yards in a game in thew year of the qb, but we want to put all our eggs into 2 meaningless games flynn played on a super bowl squad?

    I think we doom ourselves with flynn, hes going to get franchise qb money,hes not a franchise qb. If he was he would have been traded by now or got more snaps than 2 games in 4 years. 2 meaningless games

  11. Sign Flynn, a Nickel CB and a Guard in FA and then Draft:

    1ST – Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB IL
    2ND – Nate Porter, OT Boise St
    3RD – Tim Benford, WR Tenn Tech
    4TH – Nick Jean-Baptise, DT/NT Baylor
    5TH – Brian Osweiler, QB ASU
    6TH – Adam Gettus, G/C Iowa
    7TH – Miles Burris, DE/OLB San Diego St

    Clay moves to TE, Bush and Bess in the slot and Marshal and Benford or Gates on the outside.

  12. I would stick it out with Moore and wait to catch one in the draft. Matt Flynn isnt the answer. Neither is Peyton Manning who is one rough hit away from serious trouble. That offensive line isnt good enough to keep him from getting crushed.

    The only way the Dolphins are going to find their franchise QB is by getting lucky in the draft one day.

  13. I think most of there problems start at the head coach last year, the play not to lose was a large factor, the fist pump for field goals was not something to be happy with, I think this new coach will be a great up grade from Tony, he had the pizza man idea of 999, like why not go for 3 points, then after a bit it would be 9 points on the board, however the other team had 21 points, I wonder how the jet fans are going to like field goals? Bill

  14. Of course the phins could always play it coy, steer clear of flynn until someone makes him a small ball offer then one-up it to keep him cheap.

  15. The Flynn game against the Patriots was not a meaningless game. Packers were in wildcard contention and every game counted. He played great, but they came up short. Dolphins should go after Flynn, but not pay him franchise money, pay him a contract that a new starting qb should get

  16. Can’t make explosive plays? If I remember, the Dolphins had the second most big plays in the NFL, just behind The Packers. We do need an offensive lineman to help boost up our protection, preferably a RG to be opposite of Jake Long. As far as QB, I still don’t see why people don’t talk about keeping Matt Moore. He showed he can run the offense and made great plays down the stretch. He came in out of no where right after Chad Henne got injured and hadn’t even practiced with the 1st team before that years. And even with no training camp last season, he still started to get a connection with Brandon Marshall towards the end. Imagine this offseason, after having time to work with the 1st team, he can be very dangerous. He had the best QB rating for the Dolphins since Dan Marino left so again, why not keep him?

  17. Flynn is still unproven, but Philbin is in the best position to know if he is worth signing as a potential starter. Given Flynn’s lack of experience in actual games, the Dolphins (or whatever team signs him) would be wise to sign Flynn to a deal that is backloaded with incentives, with a reasonable guaranteed salary and reasonable signing bonus.

    Of course all it takes is a kooky owner with a large bank account (which the Dolphins have) to sign Flynn for a ‘franchise QB’ type of deal-as the Cardinals found out with Kolb, signing an unproven guy to a large-money deal is a big risk. This issue may be moot as Flynn could probably do better than Miami-don’t be surprised if Flynn’s camp uses Miami as leverage for a better deal elsewhere.

  18. @dragonrider2300

    Where could Flynn do better than Miami exactly? Steven Ross is willing to back the Brinks truck up for a franchise QB. The defense would be lights out with a addition of a pass rusher opposite Wake and solid help in the secondary. The offense possesses proven playmakers. Miami sounds like a perfect fit to me…

  19. if Manning can still play, which is a serious if, then it should be Manning/Moore…

    if Manning is not there yet…. I dont see the bang for the buck by getting Flynn in addition to Moore…

    Moore started 12 and went 2497 yrds, 16TD (with 5 Marshall drops in the end zone) and 9 ints….. if he didnt have two WRs that were top 5 in the NFL in drops…. the headlines would have been about his breakout year….

    his decisions were good, got rid of the ball very quickly…. if he wasnt running for his life every 3rd play because of crappy blocking it would be a very different story…

    Ross should be getting a franchise name QB with the money, if he cant he should be getting line and wrs and give Moore a year….

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