Jags hope to regionalize interest in team

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With the Jaguars routinely scrambling to sell all non-premium tickets to EverBank Field (and, yes, the Jaguars have been successful at it for two straight seasons, with some help), the franchise has decided to expand its focus.

Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union reports that new team president Mark Lamping wants to regionalize the fan base.

“It’s a process that takes time, but you need to start building,” senior V.P. of sales and marketing Macky Weaver told Stellino.  “We may look back and say this is when the Jaguars started becoming a regional franchise.”

It’s a good idea.  Far better than, say, trying to claim that only season-ticket holders count as fans of the team.

Still, the one thing that will solve the problem for good is developing a team that is competitive on a year-in, year-out basis.  Solid seasons are too few and far between for the Jaguars.  Contending for the postseason every year and getting there more regularly will build and maintain a strong local, regional, and (eventually) national fan base.

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  1. There never has been nor will there ever be any widespread interest inthe Jags in the Orlando area (only 2 hours away).

  2. Mark would like to make the Jags The America’s Team. As in North, Central, and South. For a start. But before you laugh, remember, they have The Great Gabbert. Anything is possible.

  3. Not true! I live in Tampa and not only jag fan but a season ticket holder who drives up to all the games from Tampa. Also I know that every Sunday in the Orlando Ale house is full of jag fans! Go Jags!!

  4. if the only way to make nfl teams popular is to have them all competing for the playoffs every year….most teams are screwed.

  5. they should make a power move and sign peyton manning and next year trade for tebow to be a secret-weapon “situational relief qb” like an all purpose josh cribbs type player. i’m not trying to be funny either. if you want to regionalize a fan base, bring in a manning and a tebow and put away the tarps. if you build it they will come.

  6. Or they could have drafted Tebow and not have any of these problems. FOOLS.

    Instead take a DL from the PAC 10/12, and get 6 sacks over two seasons. “Nice pick no name GM.” And say what you will about Tebus, but ending up with Gabbert the next year is just further proof they should have drafted Tebow.

  7. @ar1888 They will get that regional fan base when they move to Southern California
    That’s the same thing I said when I read this article… They will look good in the Cali sun lol

  8. Rohlo your crazy. The Jags teal must stay. The girl fans here look so hot in the summer with their teal sundresses and their black accessories. And there’s just as many girl jag fans here as guy fans. The stadium on Sunday has a pretty good ratio. But women aren’t the only reason I love the teal….

  9. Part of the reason they can’t gain anyone’s interest is because the team flat out sucks.

    Take a lesson from winning teams, when you are winning games, everyone is buying tickets and it gains a lot of interest, also people start buying merchandise, and supporting the team more frequently.

  10. @kenowest
    You really gotta let your Tebow man crush go. Woulda, shoulda, coulda blah, blah. Who cares.

    You are absolutely correct. Teal is the most ridiculous color. I’ve never been a fan of it since their inception. Gladly Khan is going away from teal being primary color to black. I actually would prefer a complete color change, but I can live with black over teal.

  11. How regional can they be? You have Atlanta, Carolina (already coopting both Carolinas), Tampa, Miami, and Tennessee. Just what “region” do the Jags hoe to tap into? I am sorry, but the region is oversaturated and one team is always going to get short shrift.

  12. Catch up, folks. Teal is already gone, replaced by black weeks ago that we used to wear for prime time games.

    Jacksonville IS the Capitol of South Georgia. You start seeing Jags gear right next to the Falcons gear as soon as you get below the Fall line.

  13. It’s a good strategy, it’s worked in the northeast from what I’ve noticed, New England, Buffalo, Philly has Jersey, PA and Delaware fans and it’s a strategy that works for most teams in some respect… But the best strategy is to win hands down.

  14. As a Jaguars season ticket holder, I can tell you that this should have always been the practice. Savannah, Daytona, Tallahassee and other cities within a short day trip should should have already been aggressively targeted. They have not been. Granted, winning will certainly help..but making sure that the entire region has access to the team is a plus. No reason to make a negative issue about this topic.

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