Pats assistant Ferentz leaves for father’s staff

The Patriots are losing a tight end coach. Iowa’s staff is gaining another Ferentz.

The Iowa Hawkeyes announced that Brian Ferentz, Kirk’s son, has joined their staff as an offensive line coach. Brian Ferentz spent four years on the Patriots staff, rising from a scouting assistant to offensive assistant to tight ends coach.

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has ties with Bill Belichick dating back to their days in Cleveland. Belichick almost always promotes from within, with the recent re-hire of Josh McDaniels a notable exception.

7 responses to “Pats assistant Ferentz leaves for father’s staff

  1. Daddy was the only one to offer him a football scholarship, then Daddy called Pioli to get him a job with the Pats, and now he’s going to work with Daddy.

  2. McDaniels was originally “from within” so he’s not a good example. I think Dean Pees is a better example of an outside hire. And he basically got fired (something else BB seldom does) after 09.

    It’s hard to complain that the man is going to work with his dad, but I get so tired of the Pats smallest in the NFL coaching staff getting picked over just about every year. I know it’s a good thing as far as how other teams view BB’s development of coaches but it’s tough to have much continuity when it’s so frequent. Another reason why I respect BB’s coaching ability so much.

  3. Say what you will about nepotism but this guy did a great job utilizing the Patriots TEs this year.

    Bad coaches can screw up good players – so give credit where credit’s due – he did a decent job.

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