Scoreboard burns at Raymond James Stadium


If Dan Patrick were still at ESPN, he’d be able to say on SportsCenter that the scoreboard at Raymond James Stadium is “en fuego.”


Yes, it was mentioned in the Saturday one-liners but nothing merits a post of its own like a burning scoreboard in an NFL stadium.  According to the Tampa Tribune, that’s precisely what happened on Saturday morning.

Multiple motorists who noticed that the structure was on fire called 911, and authorities discovered that the speaker system above the north scoreboard was indeed aflame.  The fire was extinguished, and it was determined that an electrical problem in the speaker caused the blaze, and not something like a cannonball shot from the in-stadium pirate ship.

If nothing else, the possibility of the spontaneous scoreboard combustion could attract more fans to the facility in 2012, and beyond.

That’s definitely something that you can’t experience by staying home to watch the games.

14 responses to “Scoreboard burns at Raymond James Stadium

  1. Well at least someone or something is lighting up that scoreboard cause we all know the Bucs aren’t.

  2. The fire started on the opponets side, then spread. That side was burned up this season and hadn’t cooled down yet.

  3. The Glazers probably let the insurance payments lapse.

    This year practice squad players will have to pull double duty by sitting up there with big chalkboards.

  4. rob0527 says: Feb 18, 2012 4:23 PM

    Now the bucs have to spend some money. Anyone know where u can pick up used scoreboard?


    They’ll replace it with Manchester United’s old scoreboard.

    Unfortunately since it’s a soccer scoreboard it’s not set up for double digit display.

    Fortunately, it’ll be the Home scoreboard, so it won’t be a problem.

  5. Someone already beat me to it! But it’s worth repeating…it definitely wasn’t the bucs burning up the scoreboard this year. And I agree with other posters, sadly, it will cost more to fix this, whether its done through the insurance claim or not, then what the team spends on free agency this year. Write it down now. Bucs will keep coming in fourth place and eventually head across the pond, as much as I hate to say that and would hate to see it happen.

    Wish the NFL would just intervene and force them to sell the team to someone who gives a crap and would spend money to put together a competitor every year. I can relate to Tiki, as this team always leaves me flabbergasted!

  6. Please stop you’re killing me! Let’s put in an offer for the scoreboard from Fenway and since he is not allowed to coach, get Butch a chair inside and he can peek his little head outside to watch. All while waiting for the Bucs to score.

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