New York Daily News suggests Peyton could fill Jaworski’s chair


Our PFT Planet poll about the departure of Ron Jaworski from the Monday Night Football booth shows that a clear majority of you wanted Jaws to stay put: 39 percent flatly disagreed with ESPN’s decision, and another 36 percent wish ESPN would have kept Jaworski in place and instead removed Jon Gruden from the booth.

The least popular opinion (other than “no opinion”) is that ESPN was right to remove Jaworski, but that they should have replaced him with someone else. Only 7 percent of you feel that way.

But if ESPN were to follow that least-popular route and add a third person to the booth (which is currently slated to feature only Mike Tirico and Gruden this year), New York Daily News sports media columnist Bob Raissman has an odd suggestion about who that third person could be: Peyton Manning.

Frankly, that suggestion sounds ridiculous. All indications are that Manning expects to be on the field in 2012, and that if he’s not on the field he will be busting his butt in rehab to try to get onto the field. And all indications are also that ESPN is firmly committed to Tirico and Gruden as the members of its two-man booth.

Raissman, however, says it’s possible.

“ESPN has positioned itself perfectly to lure the Indy legend to Bristol,” Raissman writes. “If Manning wants to do TV next season, ESPN is our odds-on favorite to get him. Teams clear cap space. ESPN has cleared booth space.”

Raissman also thinks the only spot for Manning on TV is as a network’s top analyst.

“A network would not hire a star like Manning to work regional telecasts seen by 15% of the country,” Raissman writes. “If you hire Manning he must work on the No. 1 team.”

But lots of Hall of Fame players are now broadcasters, and only one of them — Troy Aikman — is the No. 1 analyst in a broadcast booth. Some, like Dan Marino, Deion Sanders and Howie Long, are studio analysts. Others, like Dan Fouts and Dan Dierdorf, are in the booth but not on the No. 1 team. Just because Manning is a star on the field doesn’t mean he would instantly be given one of the most coveted spots in broadcasting.

What the fact that this is being discussed really shows is how much everyone covets any news at all about the NFL, how much interest there is in Manning’s future, and how much interest there is in the status of the Monday Night Football booth.

The good news is that we’re guaranteed to get some real news on Manning by March 8, the day the Colts owe him $28 million. The bad news is that if you don’t like this kind of offseason speculation, you’ve still got more than six months to wait before the real football starts again.

31 responses to “New York Daily News suggests Peyton could fill Jaworski’s chair

  1. He won’t be on ESPN anytime soon, this guy is bound for a coaching job, maybe OC or QB coach at Tennessee, then Head Coach and I fully expect to see him coaching in the NFL within the next 10 years…

  2. Where was I when the PFT planet poll came out. It must have been all Philly fans voting that day because Jaws in horrible and should have been removed a while ago.

  3. Clearly, Raissman is correct. How much do you think Manning would have to be paid to get him into the studio? No network will fork over that kind of loot for a guy to do regional broadcasts. Whether he deserves it based on ability or not, anyone that hires him will force him into the role simply based on salary.

    Worst case scenario, he can’t be as bad as Kornheiser.

  4. Peyton hasn’t even retired or been released and he’s already speculated to be on Monday Night Football?! Ya I don’t think this is happening just yet. Lets wait til Mid March then we can talk retirement for Manning and him joining Chucky. It’s to soon to tell.

  5. The good news is that we’re guaranteed to get some real news on Manning by March 8, the day the Colts owe him $28 million. The bad news is that if you don’t like this kind of offseason speculation, you’ve still got more than six months to wait before the real football starts again.

    The REALLY good news is that, unlike last season, we know FOR SURE that there will be real football in six months.

  6. Why is it so difficult for the Monday Night Football powers to select a good broadcasting crew? It’s because Meredith, Gifford and Cosell set the standard too dang high. They are constantly trying to find that magical combination and will always fall short. With the list of former announcers that includes names like Tony Kornheiser, Dennis Miller and Mike Greenberg, it’s obvious that the next person to be fired should be the Producer.

  7. If John Gruden has his way, Jaworski will be replaced by 4 McCowns.

    Because even though, individually, they aren’t as good as Jaworski, when you add up the talent of the McCowns as a group, they come close to replicating one person who can pass for a legitimate NFL announcer.

  8. forget about manning, espn needs to call Beasley Reese and get him in the booth with tirico and gruden.

  9. The Kravitz-Manning situation reminded me of a similar situation in 1994: Phil Simms had shoulder surgery and Will McDonough was reporting he was all done – Simms was furious and denied it even when the Giants released him.
    Simms said he could still play and McDonough said he was done. When Simms took a job at ESPN he was still insisting McDonough was wrong and McDonough insisted Simms couldn’t throw the ball.
    This story just adds the ESPN element to the situation.

  10. I thought Jaws did a great job. Gruden is so over the top with everything he says that he sounds like a cartoon character.

  11. Joe Namath Joe Montana Ronnie Lott Orenthal James Simpson Emmitt “blown/blew up” Smith, just to name a few HOF players who failed to transition to the booth. Manning better trend lightly.

  12. I hear a little jealousy here from a writer who can’t believe that any player can gradutae directly to a #1 broadcasting job. Manning has long had a very effective screen presence, and any network will have to pay top dollar for him. Top dollar = top dawg.

  13. Has Manning ever said he wants to coach? Yeah he’s a coach on the field but I haven’t heard that yet.

  14. Any paper that employs an idiot like Mike Lupica shouldn’t be taken seriously, but the upside to this story actually maybe being true is that we wouldn’t have to hear Gruden talk as much, because Gruden would have, ahem, “Little Peyton” in his mouth too much for him to talk that much.

  15. “All indications are that Manning expects to be on the field in 2012”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…what?…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  16. I agree that Peyton could make a good coach someday, but what makes you think he WANTS to do that? What modern day, millionaire, A-list athlete has ever gone into coaching? He’ll be in the booth, where he can work 25% of the week, 20 weeks a year.

  17. 8man says:
    Feb 19, 2012 9:04 PM
    I’d pay to see it. This guy is great to watch. Period.


    In a certain Frankenstein-ish bobble head doll way, I agree…

    He also has a bit of the Manning Mushmouth so I am not sure that he would be successful on tv…

  18. Gruden should have been the guy to leave. He is annoying to listen to. Whether you kept Jaws or not, I wish someone would be fool enough to hire Gruden as a coach, so that I wouldn’t have to listen to him every week.

  19. The real problem would be that Peyton would be running around in the booth, pointing at the producer, yelling at Tirico, etc. before every play. And every time Gruden slurps a player, you’d hear “God dammit, John!” and ESPN would be paying a fine to the FCC.

  20. I don’t get why people think that just because a player had success in his pro career that he’d be a great coach. SO not true. The best coaches usually did not play professionally or were scrubs. There are reasons for that.
    And if he goes into the booth, I will have to find a radio broadcast. Ugh.

  21. Well, if he wants to be a broadcaster, where else would he go? It’s not like there are a lot of options. Maybe Indy’s local Comcast outlet? ESPN is a bunch of idiots. Getting rid of Jaws and his rich analysis will prove to be a mistake when Gruden shows that he can’t carry 50% of the show with weak analysis and an unwillingness to criticize players or teams because he is focused only on that next coaching job. I like Gruden’s work with the pre-draft QBs, breaking down their style and mechanics and thought processes. However, Jaws is the consumate pro. He puts in the time, and there are few better at breaking down in-game strategy and slowing it down so that viewers understand exactly what’s going on and why. Big, big mistake. Got rid of the wrong guy.

  22. God no!!! All those commercials are painful enough. To have to listen to that bland, dull, monotone Louisiana swamp drawl on MNF would be a killer. Admire him tremendously as a QB. As a TV guy…no way.

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