Report: Bucs hire Earnest Byner to coach running backs

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to finish out the first NFL staff of new coach Greg Schiano.

The latest addition, according to, is running backs coach Earnest Byner.  He’ll be making the fairly short trip from Jacksonville, where he served as running backs coach for the last two seasons.

Byner also has worked for the Titans and Redskins after nearly a decade at the college level.  He played for the Browns, Redskins, and Ravens in a career that spanned 14 seasons.

He’s currently 35th on the all-time rushing list with 8,261 yards.

Alex Marvez of reported earlier in the day that Byner would be meeting with the Bucs.  Marvez also reports that Steve Loney could be joining Tampa as an assistant offensive line coach.

27 responses to “Report: Bucs hire Earnest Byner to coach running backs

  1. One stipulation was that he would not be allowed to discuss carrying the football in goal line situations in critical playoff games.

  2. guys, they will bring in the vaunted fumblepepper to handle those extra coaching duties.

  3. with a story like this, where a comment pops into your head almost automatically, you have to believe that the same comment popped into the heads of 100 other people as well.

  4. Hiring all these “coaches” and “assistants” is really going to get Schiano into hot water with the Glazers.

    They prefer “interns”.

  5. Instead of beating a dead horse like everyone else is with the goal line fumble, I will comment on the story. This is another great hire by Schiano. Byner was Jones-Drew’s running back coach for 2 years. Blount and possibly Richardson must be excited to have real offensive coaches that want a power running game. No more 3rd and 2 in shotgun formation!

  6. Good hire, maybe they can finally teach Blount the art of pass blocking so he can play all downs

  7. I like all these jokes about fumbling in playoff games.

    Did you guys miss which team hired him? It’s not going to be an issue.

  8. All kidding aside, this is a great hire. Dude was a beast on the gridiron and a hell of a coach with MJD for the last 2 years.

  9. I could have bet my future life’s earnings that the first comment was going to be a shot at Byner for ’86 and ’87. I hated Denver back then and wanted Cleveland to win both those games (even though Cleveland was probably the tougher matchup for my Giants in Super XXI, potentially), and I felt for Byner there. Iconic moment.

    LeGarrette doesn’t have fumblitis though ha.

  10. Let the building begin! Buy the right free agents , pick smart in the draft and this might really work out ! Yeah, I am really getting interested in where this may be going.

  11. Super Bowl XXVI

    Earnest Byner

    14 Rushing attempts for 49 Yards
    3 Receptions for 24 Yards and 1 TD
    0 Fumbles

    Please rephrase your comments to note he only sucked in Championship games for the Browns.

  12. How ironic that weeks ago everyone was blasting Martyball and saying that Schottenheimer never made it to the big game so the Bucs shouldn’t hire him. Now we hire the player who perhaps is the reason to blame for Marty not getting to the big game.

    That being said, I think he is a great hire, and I actually feel like the future is looking better for us Bucs fans.

  13. No one in DC remembers Byner for his Cleveland days. We remember him for joining the elite group of men WHO HAVE A SUPER BOWL RING. He actually got his first one almost a decade before the Elway and the Broncos did…

    Does anyone remember that “The Fumble” occurred during the years when the NFC’s dominant streak of 13 straight Super Bowl victories? Congratulations! The Broncos earned the right to represent the AFC in another Super Bowl beatdown.

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