Thomas Davis trying to make history


It’s believed that no NFL player has ever returned from three ACL surgeries on the same knee. Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis is trying to become the first.

“Every day I go in I’m looking at it like I’m making history. That’s my goal,” Davis told Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Davis is universally respected in Carolina for his work ethic and toughness. That’s why the Panthers risked giving him a $7 million signing bonus last offseason despite his injury history. That risk didn’t pay off.

The team will now have to adjust his contract to bring him back. They have a club option for $8 million due by March 14. The Panthers will likely cut Davis and re-sign him later in the offseason if they can’t restructure the deal soon.

“I’m pretty confident that something will get worked out,” Davis said. “It’s something that’s not crossing my mind right now.”

It’s hard to imagine another team making a commitment to Davis at this point because of his injury history. The Panthers have shown support throughout the process and would love nothing more than to see Davis beat the odds and re-join Jon Beason in the team’s starting lineup.

“From now on when you see certain things happen to guys, certain injuries, there will be more teams that will be more willing to give guys opportunities based on a guy they can point out, ‘Look at Thomas Davis down in Carolina. He came back from three to the same knee and he’s able to play, and he’s playing at a high level.'” Davis said.

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  1. Someo0ne needs to tell this guy not to force it and let his dumb knee heal. You dont get 3 acl tears in 3 years if you let it heal.

    Common sense tells you the fact that you were able to even come back and have that many tears in a short period of time is a red flag.

    Let it heal! You will only ruin your knee. Let the doctors and trainers do their job.

  2. Ive torn my rigth acl twice. Couldnt imagine doing it two more times, if it happens again to him.

    Just let it go man and enjoy your youth!

  3. The NFL has been lucky he hasn’t been able to get healthy. He is an absolute monster when he’s in the field. He has just had some
    awfully bad luck. I hope he comes back 100%, the Carolina defense needs all the help they can get after putting the worst unit in the league on the field last year.

  4. Difference this time is that Dr. Andrews did the surgery and used the patellar tendon to make the repair. Dr. Andrews says in this article that Davis’s knee “is as solid as a rock” and with the way Davis has been working I expect him to make a full comeback.

  5. I have torn both of my ACLs (on separate occasions) while playing collegiate sports. The rehabilitation was painful, isolating, and incredibly frustrating. But the idea of giving up playing the sport that I loved was so much worse.

    Good luck, Thomas.

  6. realnflmaster says:
    Feb 19, 2012 11:16 AM
    We’re waiting for #4.
    idk about anyone else, but i hate seeing ACL injuries no matter who it is.

  7. Good luck TD. It’s ashame these injuries happened. He was on his way to some pro-bowl seasons until the knee gave out. Dude ran like a low 4.3 and was finally playing LB like a true LB, not a converted college safety. He and his wife do a ton to help the local community as well. This is the type of guy you root for.

  8. if he does make history and comes back from it, then the panthers should be scary good next year, they do also need to add a cornerback and DT and i do think Williams should be signed (not a need, but a major want).

  9. As good as TD is as a player, he is an even better person. Somehow, he has been unbelievably optimistic through each of his injuries, and he is 100% confident that he will make a successful comeback. I wish him the best of luck.

  10. I’m not a panthers fan by any means but I hope he has a successful recovery and plays at a high level again…he was always a speeder LB and with a healthy Beason too the panthers are shaping up to have a great team…the offense is there they may just need another receiver, hopefully they keep Stewart too him and Williams are an awesome combo, Newton has no ceiling he is just going to get better which is scary, they have a solid TE, and a few pro bowl O lineman…they also don’t have to do much resigning of player come free agency just add a few key parts…should be a great season for them…

  11. When healthy, I’ve seen this guy be a great Linebacker. Living here in Charlotte, I know he is an even greater human being. We’re pulling for you TD!!

  12. As a packer fan, I hope he makes a speedy and thorough recovery…we all know he has tremendous talent and is a great person in the community…get well soon!

  13. This guy ended Terrence Murphy’s career with a dirty helmet to helmet hit on a kick off return. I hope Thomas Davis never plays again.

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