Fleener won’t do drills at the Combine


We’ve heard that this isn’t a great class for tight ends.  (Then again, we heard that when Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, and Aaron Hernandez came out in 2010.)

The top player at the position could be Stanford tight end Coby Fleener, who is far from guaranteed to go in the first round. Fleener won’t be able to help his draft stock at the Combine on the field because he’ll miss athletic drills with a foot injury, according to Rob Rang of CBSSports.com.

Most analysts have Fleener, Georgia’s Orson Charles, and Clemson’s Dwayne Allen as the top three tight ends, usually with second round grades.

10 responses to “Fleener won’t do drills at the Combine

  1. Yep since the niners are lacking explosive tight ends. They need WR’s not TE’s and before you go there about Fleener…….. Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker can just as easily split wide. They need someone on the outside full time

  2. waxthat says:
    Feb 20, 2012 3:50 PM
    This fits right in with my theory. He and Harbaugh have a wink wink going on. He wants to be drafted at #30. Game over.


    Yeah because SF is so strapped at TE, you know with those scrubs Davis and Walker /Sarcasm

    Seriously though, SF should grab hte best WR on hte board at 30, Kendall Wright looks like he might be there.

  3. @careerender56

    Fleener just might be the best “wr” on the board. The Niners need redzone help (29th in the league last year) Fleener is 6’6″. Both Fleener and Davis can spread out wide and play wide receiver. Mistmatch nightmare..see Gronkowski and Hernandez. Not to mention, Alex has a noodle arm. Not to mention, the #2 TE plays a greater role in this 49er offense than the #2 WR.

    Now, of course if Kendall Wright is there, that changes everything. I dont expect that to be the case.

  4. @goldrush36

    this drafted is LOADED with big tall WR’s we can draft somewhere in rounds 2-6.

    Fleener is a perfect fit for this offense. Open your minds, people.

  5. Seriously though, SF should grab the best WR on the board at 30, Kendall Wright looks like he might be there.
    Hopefully the 9ers strategy is too always grab the best player remaining on their board, regardless of need. I think that is the draft strategy that leads to quality drafts. Teams start reaching when they go for need.

    I want a stud WR just as much as any 9er fan, but they shouldn’t overpay (FA) or overvalue a rookie because of their this need. Rookie WRs are rarely instant threats so they will handle this in FA, although it might not be the major splash fans want.

  6. It would be nice if we could get him but no way do we draft him in the first round. We’re already too talented at te. Maybe if he slips to the bottom of the 2nd round, but even then we need a starting right guard first.

    I do think there will be little wr talent left when we come to pick at #30, so hopefully we can snap up V Jax quickly before the price tag starts to rocket up.

  7. Whomever told you that the 2009 NFL draft was weak on TEs is a damned fool. It was one of the best and I was shocked when so many of those guys went so late.

    People need to learn to evaluate the TE position.

  8. Waxthat you may have not noticed but the 49ers don’t have a #1 WR. No need to compare the #2 TE to the #2 WR in this case which should be Crabtree. BTW the #2 TE needs to block too and Fleener can’t block to save his own life. I have watched every Stanford snap

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