Griffin says he’ll “wow them in the interviews” at Scouting Combine


Robert Griffin III might be the best athlete ever to play the quarterback position, a track star who could have been an Olympic hurdler before he decided to focus all his attention on football. So it’s no surprise that Griffin is confident he’s going to put on a show at the Scouting Combine.

But Griffin says what will really impress NFL coaches isn’t his 40-yard dash or vertical jump. Griffin says when it’s time to sit down for individual interviews and Xs-and-Os sessions with NFL coaches, that’s when he’ll really shine. Because Griffin says that NFL coaches are going to see that he’s mentally ready to run an NFL offense, right now.

I’m excited to wow them in the interviews with the type of offense that we run, just so they can understand it’s not as simple as some people make our spread out to be. It’s a different kind of spread,” Griffin told the Associated Press. “Although I don’t agree with it, but people say I just burst on the scene this year, so no one knows much about me, whether NFL GMs or analysts, so I get a chance to put my best foot forward.”

On that front — and in everything else he does between now and the NFL draft — Griffin views himself as competing with Stanford’s Andrew Luck for the honor of being the first overall pick in the draft.

“We both want to be the best,” Griffin said. “We both want to be No. 1.”

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  1. I wish the Broncos could get him. If only there was a team stupid enough to take Tebow and the 25th pick in exchange for a pick high enough to get him. I know, even the Browns aren’t that stupid.

  2. He may he completely wrong. But I like the confidence. That’s what I want to build a team around.

  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I do like ponder but I don’t think the vikes should let this guy slide. Skol.

  4. Ther is nothing wrong with confidence… But this punk is over the top arrogent. He will be like Vick and V Young in the end. Hurt half the time and never having what it takes when the real preasure is on.

  5. He’s a right handed Michael Vick with more accuracy and speed. What’s his problem? The same problem Michael Vick has…can he take an NFL beating at his size? Can he take those hits when he takes off, is he smart enough to get down when that linebackers or safety is closing in on him? I don’t know why this kid is catching so much negativity in this thread. He can ball when he’s on the field. Again, the question is, can he stay on the field because if you don’t think he can, then he’s not worth it!

  6. “Different kind of spread”.

    So many thoughts, so little time.

    Okay, I’m old…thinking food here…

  7. The way the rules are, you don’t need a stud QB. If girly haired Stafford can throw for over 5000 yards, anyone can…

  8. Yeah, I bet Einstein would wow em too, Taking the Browns to the Superbowl is all you need to worry about RG3. Yeah and before the “poor mans Seinfelds” come out, “taking the browns to the actual superbowl” not dropping dueces in the toilet. Huh huh huh that’s pretty cool.

  9. This guy has a great, infectious smile. I hope my ‘skins can find a way to get him without gutting the team.


  10. Man, I SO glad my team has a QB. I would NOT want that guy on my team.

    Good luck to the team that gets this diva. I’m sure BSPN will flop around before him like they did and continue to with Michael Vick. Remember Vick? The one who was to revolutionize the QB position.

  11. Will someone tell this guy NFL GMs aren’t gonna get “excited” over his offense at Baylor? Better he wow them with a presnap ability to diagnose NFL fronts, coverages, blitzes along with postsnap completion of both route & read (coverage) progressions.

  12. Yup, pretty sure he really didn’t say anything wrong. I’m excited to see this young man put up. Some team, who wants perfectly thrown deep balls, is going to be lucky.

  13. The Browns have too many other needs to take him. Of course, they are just stupid enough to do it and STILL not have any players to help him or Colt. There are a few teams that will NEVER get to the SB because of terrible ownership, management and coaches. The Browns are definitely one of them.

  14. I think most of the comments here are overly negative. Sure, there’s a chance RG3 could be a bust, but that’s true of almost any player moving from the college game to the pros. I give RG3 a 50% chance of being an NFL star. That being said, I’m not rooting for my team (the Browns) to draft him. The Browns’ brass is determined to run the WCO, and RG3 isn’t a good fit for it, plus the Browns reportedly would have to give up both of their first-round picks for RG3, which I don’t consider a great idea considering that the team has so many needs. Anyway, in the right situation, he could be pretty special.

  15. That’s great to focus on the interviews, b/c everyone is always talking about going to and winning the Interview Bowl.

  16. @bigshirk

    even “the most athletic qb ever” cant help his team when hes on the sidelines with injuries every season!! vick has only finished a complete season once on his entire career

  17. Alright, I’m putting my chips on the table with this comment…I think RGIII will be not just better but much, much better than Andrew Luck. Here is why I believe so…RGIII has a special arm, he can make every single pass that an NFL QB needs to make and with a very tight spiral. He is a very accurate with his deep passes and I’ve always believed that you can’t ever coach that–either a QB can throw it deep with touch or he can’t, period. What really wows me is that even though he is easily the most graceful runner of an QB I’ve ever seen, he always chooses to run as his last resort. He makes his reads and he will stand in the pocket with patience, I also believe that this can’t be coached–a QB is either mentally/physically strong enough to hang in and make the throw or he is Blaine Gabbert.

    Now onto Luck…Luck is smart, throws the ball well and is pretty good with his feet. Here’s what bothers me: he was protected at Stanford. He played in a system that was run-heavy and the passing game was mostly oriented to the tight ends. He’s going to be a good NFL QB, maybe even great, but I agree with Mayock that he’s not some once-in-a-generation QB like many claim.

    From a pure scouting perspective I’ve been looking at these two guys and RGIII is jumping off the screen while Luck is a bit ho-hum–I still like Luck and I think he will be excellent but I can’t wait to see RGIII in the NFL.

  18. Like a lot of black athletes, RGIII’s mouth is running a 4.2 40. Has anyone heard Luck brag about his abilities? Why does this guy have to run his mouth when he is all but assured of the #2 draft position? Does he really think he will steal away Luck’s #1 status with the Colts? I can already sense some issues with this guy.

  19. clownsfan says:Feb 20, 2012 8:47 PM

    Please God…..don’t let my Browns take thus guy. He’s got Akili Smith written all over him.

    Couldn’t be more spot on. The few of us on here saying this will be laughing about it in a couople of years. HE CANNOT PLAY IN THE PRO GAME. Believe it or don’t, but someone will really be stepping in the litter box on this kid. It’s good he’ll wow them in the interview, because watching tape of him throwing to SUPERSTUD Kendall Wright won’t impress anyone with any type of analytical football brain in their head.

  20. Vick wishes he had RG3’s arm strength and accuracy.

    RG3 had Warren Moon’s arm and Randall Cunningham’s legs. To be honest, he has more upside than Luck.

    And I don’t see the Akiki Smith comparison. Akili was a one year wonder in college and was dumb as bricks. RG3 had 2 very good years and is a very smart kid.

    Whatever team drafts this guy has a franchise QB they can buld around.

  21. No one would ever, ever, risk their career to pick RGIII over Luck. I remember backin 2004 there were people that actually said the Cavs should seriously consider taking Darko over Lebron. We all know how that turned out. The so-called geniuses say Luck isn’t really that good because he was protected, etc. The Colts should emulate exactly what Stanford did, the huge offensive line and the total and complete dedication to the run game. Look at the play action pass bomb for a TD that Luck threw in the Fiesta Bowl. Perfect, just perfect. And the dedication to the run and the effectiveness of play action made it happen. That was the exact opposite of what the Eagles do, because they run play action and play fakes on 3rd and 7 that everyone laughs at. Heck, they laugh everytime they run play action.

  22. 1andonlykingp says: Feb 20, 2012 10:30 PM

    Vick wishes he had RG3′s arm strength and accuracy.

    Accuracy in college? maybe.

    But Vick wishing he had RG3’s arm strength?


  23. I bet this site has a lot of black posters that are making this Luck vs. Griffen a racist thing. Just look at the # of successful black QBs in the NFL. As someone else has said, no GM will risk his career by picking Griffin over Luck. As a football fan, Jesse Jackson wouldn’t even make that choice.

  24. Why so many hate filled post about a smart, well spoken, family oriented kid. Athletism(spelling) seems to be the thing that separates him and Luck the most. Stop comparing him to Vick. Intelligence is not Vicks forte There’s really only one other reason I can think of, but that’s silly because its 2012. Right?

  25. You know, for a good while I listened to people say that no one liked black qb’s cuz of their color, and I never believed it because well…..I don’t like Vick, Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell (on him i use the term quarterback very loosely) as individuals. But this Griffin kid is a solid, mature individual and people are still hating on him. I’m white and a Browns fan and I think if he drops to #4 it’s a no brainer to draft him, but i hear so many other browns fans screaming for us to pass him up. Yet they begged to have Brady Quinn (some even wanted him taken at #3 when we drafted Joe Thomas). I think it’s pretty obvious that this kid has more talent in his pinkie toe than Brady Quinn has in his whole body (minus his gorgeous flowing locks). So stop hating on the kid. Confidence isn’t always arrogance.

  26. Meaning that although his skills can be effective at the college level with a lot of talent around him, I don’t really see it translating well to the NFL. (Bans was Heisman runner up a few years ago.). He might end up on a team where they can win with a soft schedule, but I predict, much like with Cam Newton and Micheal Vicks playing styles, this guy will fold when facing decent NFL defenses. Why? Because the secret to success in the NFL st the QB position is making fast decisions and throwing accurately from the pocket. (Think Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.) Players who are fast runners rarely are also good decision makers with top tier accuracy. The only one who fits that bill in the NFL currently is Aaron Rogers.

  27. Vick = Greatest threat to the one dimensional qb.

    Look what that dang Vick has started……

    The new trend of qbs……

    HA HA HA………………..

    For the record……When you can throw a 60 yard bomb on a rope with just a flick of the wrist…………….You don’t wish you had someone else’s arm strength 🙂

  28. hooterdawg says:Feb 20, 2012 10:23 PM

    Like a lot of black athletes, RGIII’s mouth is running a 4.2 40. Has anyone heard Luck brag about his abilities? Why does this guy have to run his mouth when he is all but assured of the #2 draft position? Does he really think he will steal away Luck’s #1 status with the Colts? I can already sense some issues with this guy.


    Bet you were mad in 2001 too………….

    HA HA HA 🙂

  29. I have watched this kid for 2 years and he is good but very lucky. I will never forget this years Oklahoma game. I mean COME ON MAN. The boy has ability but every year we go through this same thing with who evers on the table. These smartass kids think their so damm good and then get into the league where they get run down from behind by DE’s. Anyone remember Cam…RG3 couldn’t carry his shoes, or Stafford or Luck as a true QB. The only true “athletic” QB to ever really make it was Steve Young. My guess is who ever gets this boy will be calling on the 2nd string QB by the 4th or 5th game while he sets back on his ass hurt and saying, what happened!!!

  30. If the Colts take Luck & Rams take Kalil at #2, maybe the Skins might try to trade up to #3 with the Vikings to get RGIII. If the Skins want a trade for a QB maybe the Vikings will draft RGIII & trade Ponder for the Skins #1. Ponder was high on the Skins draft board last season.

  31. I don’t think that’s possible, Rob. Nothing can wow them after Vince Young and his 6 on the Wonderlic. I would have loved to interview that guy.

  32. Agree with jh500. RG3 is far more accurate than Vick, but his arm isn’t on the same planet as Vick’s. Vick has one of the most powerful arms out there, believe it or not. Griffin’s is certainly good enough to make all the throws.

    Those of you saying Griffin’s the next Akili Smith or whatever, that’s really a lazy comparison. Black QB compared to black QB who was a completely different style of player? Yeah, brilliant. Griffin’s actually a hard worker.

  33. After watching this kid’s highlight reels, I find myself amazed. He has the athleticism of a young Vick combined with the accuracy and throwing motion of Cunningham (and Cunningham was no joke in the athletic department). What I really enjoyed in the highlights was how he faked ensuing defensemen out with his hands…reminded me of Kordel Stewart faking a pitch past the line of scrimmage to gain some more yards…thinking on his his feet…creating space. Time will tell if RGIII or Luck transition to the pro game. I remember when Peton Manning and Ryan Leaf were the cubes coming out of college as the best two players to enter the NFL draft in 1998, and we all know how that transpired…

  34. Vick has a bigger arm (less touch and accuracy) with a more explosive “football speed” than RG3.

    RG3 is more of a QB though. He has better accuracy and touch. A better feel for the game.

    He’s going to take some time to acclimate to the NFL, but he should be fine long term. (That’s what I said with Cam Newton too…lol)

  35. Too overly confident-Look out. Watch, a guy like Tannehill ends up being the real gamer this year. RGIII way to sure of himself.

  36. ken0west says:
    Feb 20, 2012 9:14 PM
    This guy is going to be the nicest, hardest working, high character, busts in NFL history.


    Said thing said about Tim Tebow and more importantly, Cam Newton.

    People will never learn…

    “Thats why they play the game”
    -Chris Berman

  37. I bet a lot of the more bigoted, mouth-breathing users of this blog look at RGIII with a smirk and say “oh he’s just a dumb flashy athlete who can’t play quarterback in this league” when in reality he’s a highly intelligent, bright, articulate speaking individual. Every bit as smart as Luck or even smarter.

    I’d take him before Cam Newton even with the hindsight of what Cam already accomplished in the NFL.

  38. Calling RGIII a right handed Vick is absurd.

    First of all, Vick had/has a cannon. You will be hard pressed to find any individuals with arm strength that parallels his.

    Secondly, the two differ in body size, so comparing his ability to take ‘NFL Hits” throughout the season is not a valid argument. Vick was 6′ 210 coming out of college. RGIII, on the other hand, is 6’2 220. Thats a decent size for a QB. Drew Brees is 6’ 207 lbs. He has had no durability issues. People need to realize that size, which shouldnt even pertain to the Vick vs. RGII argument, does not play that great of a factor in regards to staying healthy. It is more so conditioning, training, and genetics. Now, brining up durability concerns due to his previous ACL tear would be a valid argument… but not size.

    Furthermore, if you watch the tapes of RGIII, you see that he is a pass first QB, unlike Vick who, especially when he was younger in both college and the NFL, ALWAYS looked for a running lane first.

    I think the kid is going to be a baller. As to who is better, Luck or RGIII? I really dont know. Both have the potential to be great.

  39. watched RG3 in person a couple of times. He threw for 1 TD in 12 quarters. before the OkSt game he talked about the importance of playing well against us because we have had his number. We crushed Baylor. RG3 was running the number 2 scoring offense in the country and we held them to 3 points going into the 4th with 2nd & 3rd teams in.

    That said even I can see this guy is special, and he was my Heisman vote. I have never been that impressed with luck, and I get luck is smart. but RG3 was working on his masters last year. who graduates early playing two sports, from an academic school like Baylor? crazy.

    and his arm? watch his highlights. he can throw a 70 yrd absolute missile with perfect aim, on the run.

    who says Luck is better? ESPN, who cares. Luck throws high percentage passes in a run first offense. Stanford is great, Luck is great, just RG3 is better.

    RG3 is Vicks feet, Elways arm, and Peytons brain.

    Vick runs for his life because he can’t read a blitz, especially under center. The Falcons introduced the shotgun just because of that. RG3 runs because its the best option at the time to help his team. BIG difference

  40. I dunno….how much of the hype around this kid is media-created? The media has been pushing a certain profile of the “modern mobile NFL athletic quarterback” down our throats for years…The ones who win are still the ones who can read defenses, make correct decisions, and throw on time with accuracy…Not “mobile” guys who run around and don’t know where to throw…..maybe RG3 sees this, though, and is focusing his efforts on the mental aspect of the game, which is good. Time will tell…

  41. “wow” them in the combine? Maybe.
    “wow” us in the Super Bowl? Never.
    enter Vick…..2.0
    =0 rings

  42. Was thinking these were fact based opinions until I saw someone call him a boy… I swear these were the same people saying Newton wasn’t going to be anything in the pros. Personally I’m of mixed race so theres no biased on my behalf, I would take RG over Luck just because of his athletic ability… I like Luck but I’m worried the hype around him might be a little too media driven…

  43. clownsfan says:Feb 20, 2012 8:47 PM

    Please God…..don’t let my Browns take thus guy. He’s got Akili Smith written all over him.

    Akili smith was an absolute idiot. No intelligence on or off the field.

    I’m not saying RGIII is a sure thing by any means, but I’ve heard enough interviews to know this guy is not Akili Smith.

  44. Do all football players have so little actual self esteem that they need the ego boost of being the #1 pick?

    What the hell does it matter?

    Just get into the league and do something.

  45. I feel like I’m reading about Cam Newton one year ago. He seems like a nice kid, let’s see how he does and judge him in a year.

  46. RG3 is the truth.

    Great Athlete
    Great touch and pocket awareness
    Elusiveness and athletic instincts

    Most importantly he graduated in 2010 with a 3.67 GPA, which shows he has a great sense of responsibility. One of the most overlooked attributes in evaluating NFL QB prospects. This would be my #1 pick. Luck is the Truth as well.

  47. Even if he doesn’t go number 1, the end of the one dimensional qb is over.

    Don’t believe me, just look at Peyton & Drew. The owners aren’t stupid, they see the trend right in their faces. Have you ever seen Vick ever have contract issues? Both Peyton & Drew Brees with all the accomplishments they can’t get their way with their owners.

    Sorry guys but Vick has started the new breed of qbs in the NFL. Look at Rodgers & Big Ben. Look at Tim Tebow, he can’t even throw. Look at Alex Smith.

    Sorry Guys when Peyton, Brady & Drew retire, so will the immobile qb 🙂

  48. realityonetwo says:Feb 21, 2012 5:35 AM

    My guess is he struggles to hit double digits on the Wonderlic…


    I’d like to know what you based that idea on because it obviously wasn’t from reading about the guy. RG3 graduated with a 3.67 GPA. The guy is incredibly smart and disciplined. He’ll likely have a record Wonderlic score.

  49. After the Combine and pro days, Griffin could over take luck as the top QB and the number 1 pick. Their is 100% uncertainty with regards to how they will progress and their success. Luck is the most NFL ready Qb. But how is that determined, he played in a pro style offense at Stanford and had a lot of success, but Stanford was the right QB for Stanford and a having a pro style offense in college means nothing, just ask Clausen, Quinn, Sanchez. At Baylor RGIII played in a conference where the best teams air it out and play in a spread system that can inflate stats and you can end up with a Cam Newton or a Pat White. The bottom line is the NFL over values draft picks. They need to be like the NBA. Every year the top pick turns out to be a good player but not necessarily one of the greatest to play the game. If these players were as great as everyone thought then, the teams picking at the top of the draft wouldn’t be the same year in and year out. These teams fail to realize that football is played with 11 guys on the field and the idea is to have the best 11 on both sides, not just 1 guy.

  50. I agree with Mayock that Luck “is not a once in a generation prospect”. I think Cam Newton comes a lot closer to being worthy of that type of description. I don’t think RGIII will go #1 overall. However, I do believe him when he says he going to try his damndest to do so.
    If he does slip to #3 overall, I could see Minnesota taking him and shipping Ponder to Washington. I highly doubt the Browns will trade up for him. Claiborne will be the pick @ #4 for Cleveland.

  51. I’m one of those people who says he just burst on the scene this year. Why? Because for me, this was the first year I heard of the guy.
    If he had, and I understand now that he did, three good previous years, I didn’t hear about them. Baylor isn’t exactly on ones radar as a team to watch.
    I think this guy can be effective. I also agree with his assessment that a running QB is going to be more prevalent in the future. Here’s the problem.
    In the NFL you only have so much time to prepare. If your offense line is great at pass blocking its because they spent all the time preparing to pass block. If its running then its running, but you don’t have time to excel at both. Thus, why running QB’s haven’t fit in in the past.
    Hard to pass block for a guy who’s running down the field.
    Cam Newton can pass the ball and run’s some. Tebow the opposite. Newton will have the better career in the long run.
    Griffin will have the huge challenge like Vike, when do I know to run, when to pass.

  52. Dogluversuck, Dumbest post of the year. Brady, Manning and Brees have been to a combined 8 Super Bowls, winning 5 of them. Manning isn’t having contract issues because of his performance you imbecile. Brees isn’t having contract issues either, he will be signed long term this off season. The Eagles gave Vick way more than he is worth so why would he have contract issues?

  53. indywilson40 says:Feb 21, 2012 10:25 AM

    Dogluversuck, Dumbest post of the year. Brady, Manning and Brees have been to a combined 8 Super Bowls, winning 5 of them. Manning isn’t having contract issues because of his performance you imbecile. Brees isn’t having contract issues either, he will be signed long term this off season. The Eagles gave Vick way more than he is worth so why would he have contract issues


    Exactly. Thanks for confirming my point guy 🙂

  54. the draft always brings out the bigots. You know the ones who haven’t and will not ever accomplish anything in their lives but sit back and bash college kids and their abilities just because of their race. Happens even more with black qb’s. I wonder why these message board bums aren’t out there. They always seem to have all the answers.

  55. cmack21 says:Feb 21, 2012 1:43 PM

    the draft always brings out the bigots. You know the ones who haven’t and will not ever accomplish anything in their lives but sit back and bash college kids and their abilities just because of their race. Happens even more with black qb’s. I wonder why these message board bums aren’t out there. They always seem to have all the answers.

    I always love it when pots call kettles black. Keep in mind you have no idea if you are bashing a superfan on here or a member of a team scouting department with some time to scour the message boards. Last I checked, the internet is accessible for everyone.

    Also have to say, why is it when people like me bash Tebow for being a player that isn’t talented or possessing proper mechanics no one really plays the race card – but when myself or others voice an opinion of the same nature about a QB like RGIII or Newton lacking the same kind of technique or ability to be an effective and consistent player, it’s racially motivated? In my experience – black, white or other – you got it or you don’t. RGIII don’t. Tebow don’t. Newton don’t (but hyperaggressive Panthers fans will try to beat you to death to show you’re wrong – ignoring basic mechanics or statistical fact in the process). My peers and I aren’t even convinced Luck is the real deal. Tucking and running is no way to show poise in the face of the rush OR targeting the checkdown by reading the defense as the blitz nears home. RGIII may very well have pretty timed speeds this weekend, but when he faces linebackers with DB speed, it’s a completely different game. That’s why there are intangibles regarding these kids in gimmicky spread systems that drag LB’s with the slot receiver and open up vacuous run lanes to get 20 yards or more in. His throw reminds me of Cunningham, who was only as good as his receivers also. Kendall Wright is the star that made Baylor big last year, and gave RGIII the now-worthless Heisman.

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