Gruden says Dalton “better get better”


Quarterback Andy Dalton had a strong rookie season in 2011.  Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden doesn’t want Dalton to get complacent.

He better get better or he won’t be good enough,” Gruden told Geoff Hobson of, via “You have to be great at that position and we think he can be great. That’s why we drafted him where we did and he had a remarkable rookie season, no doubt about it.  Knowing the kind of kid he is and how he works, I know he’ll get better.”

As a result of the team’s performance in 2011, Dalton made it to the Pro Bowl.  And Gruden received opportunities to interview for head-coaching jobs (he declined).

With Gruden sticking around and Dalton having an opportunity to participate in the full offseason program (unlike last year), the Bengals could — and should — get better.  But with the Steelers and Ravens in the division, getting better may still not be enough.

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  1. Don’t forget about the Browns. They were #5 in points allowed, #10 in yards per game, and #2 against the pass.

    Dalton has little wiggle room…

  2. I’m unconcerned for him, he played smart for the most part, which is the hardest thing to teach a QB. Basically upgrade what’s around him, add a more powerful running game, maybe a 2nd WR, I think he’ll do fine, but to compete with the Steelers/Ravens, going to have to do something about that defense. It isn’t bad, but not as good as theirs.

  3. Jay went on to add that he better get taller as well. 6-1 quarterbacks don’t last long in the league unless they are named Brees or Vick. Plus he has to add 10 yards to his throws. Popgun arms don’t make it. And do something about that hair. Jesus!

  4. Cinci really has to be proactive this offseason to prevent themselves from fading back into obscurity again. Their team looks pretty damn good, young QB, WR, and TE who start to form a nice core along with an underrated OL and strong D, but just being good isn’t enough in that division. We’ve seen all the time with these young teams who emerge like Tampa and Kansas City, they think they’ve done all they need to do then struggle the next year when they become complacent. Neither of those teams spent a dime on free agency either, and Cinci can really afford to add an extra corner, RB, and possibly a WR. They need to keep this going.

  5. In particular, Jay wants Dalton to get better looking.
    “Much better”, he emphasized. “Sometimes last season it was embarrassing. We considered asking the kid to wear his helmet to the post game interviews, but we didn’t want to take a chance on destroying his confidence.”.

  6. Honestly I wouldn’t worry about Dalton, especially if these guys can get him some more weapons, I am by no means a cinnci hater nor fan, but I caught a game this year and Dalton definitely was an accurate passer, I hasn’t seen anything from him until that game but to me I was impressed with his throwing and especially like I said the flashes of immaculate accuracy, some being on a deeper throw, definitely caught my eye and impresse me, good luck bunguls it will be neat to see this team winning games and beig able to compete Again

  7. jenniferxxx says: Feb 20, 2012 9:48 PM

    Gruden also added that, “I don’t have to … cause I got a famous brother. Whew !”
    Ya, stick to baking me pies.

  8. He needs a #2 WR. Simpson was inconsistent, is a FA and may get suspended. #3 Shipley is coming off a torn ACL, #4 Caldwell is a FA.
    Gonna have to find someone in the draft or FA while also finding a RB and a Guard or two.

  9. It’s funny to see people who don’t know a lick about the Bengals try to comment on them.

  10. babyhorsemorgan says:
    Feb 20, 2012 10:21 PM
    Jay went on to add that he better get taller as well. 6-1 quarterbacks don’t last long in the league unless they are named Brees or Vick. Plus he has to add 10 yards to his throws. Popgun arms don’t make it. And do something about that hair. Jesus!

    Your assessment of Dalton is sooo last draft

  11. Dalton will forever be immortalized as Scut Farkus so he he has nothin to worry about.

  12. Dalton did much better than predicted by most. It wasn’t his physical attributes that got him there either, he’s a smart QB with the potential to become one of the greats. He reminds me a lot of Boomer Esiason, and not just because he wears the Bengals orange and black.
    Bengals fans should be very excited that they have a Franchise QB and a #1 WR for him to throw to for many years to come. A couple more pieces to the puzzle left to be found and we will see Cincinnati knocking on the Championship door.

  13. And I’m sure the success of the Bengals’ offense last year had nothing to do with the OC’s brother coaching Dalton up through the lockout and getting inside info on every defense in the league through his job at espn. Where’s the story on that?

  14. Jay Gruden is right about Andy Dalton. As a side issue doesn’t this reflect poorly on the Pro Bowl. Consider Dalton’s membership? Likely because others dropped out.

  15. Wow! Give the kid a break! I and many others watched an outstanding rookie season. Gruden shouldn’t be on him that hard, as if he sucked or something. He has 1 season under his belt, & he did a great job, considering the pressure he must have felt, coming in to replace Palmer, their franchise QB. Ease up Gruden…

  16. Only reason the Browns defense appeared good was because the offense was so inept, teams didn’t have to do much. Play conservative

    With the exception of 2008 when Palmer was hurt and 2010 when Palmer wanted out, the Bengals have beena fairly decent team (3 playoff appears since 2005). Bengals are the nightmare they used to be albeit Mike Brown is still the worst

    Schedule is tougher next year, but Dalton will be better and steelers and ravens will be older

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