John Fox wants two new quarterbacks to compete with Tim Tebow


The decision makers in Denver have declared repeatedly that Tim Tebow will enter training camp as the Broncos’ No. 1 quarterback, but they want to have someone who can compete with him. Now Broncos coach John Fox has said he doesn’t just want one quarterback to compete with Tebow, but two.

Fox told Mike Klis of the Denver Post that he expects two new quarterbacks on the roster this year.

Numbers wise that’s accurate,” Fox said of the Broncos acquiring two quarterbacks. “Who, what, where, when, what market — it’s still way too early how we get those quarterbacks.”

Those comments are consistent with what both Fox and front office boss John Elway have indicated all along: Tebow did enough last season to earn the No. 1 job, but not enough for the Broncos to declare that the franchise is all-in on Tebow. He has to keep earning the No. 1 job with an impressive offseason, because Fox would be open to the idea of someone else beating Tebow out for the No. 1 job in training camp.

The question is who those two new quarterbacks competing with Tebow will be. Maybe one will come from the draft and one from free agency, but if you’re a free agent quarterback who’s hoping to compete for a starting job somewhere, do you really want to do it in Denver, where you know the fans will stridently oppose you in your quest to wrest the starting job away from the beloved Tebow? And given that the Broncos will go into the offseason planning an offense that will revolve around Tebow’s unique skill set, it’s going to be tough to convince other quarterbacks that Denver is the right place for them.

Regardless of who’s involved in the quarterback competition, Fox says he’s confident he’ll see a better Tebow in 2012 than he saw in 2011.

“He’s going to come into our camp as the starting quarterback,” Fox said of Tebow. “He’s young. He can get better.”

And if he doesn’t get better, he’ll have two other quarterbacks trying to take his job.

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  1. nothing wrong with it; teams do it at most positions. Unless your team has a franchise QB there should be competition

  2. Makes perfect sense. Sign a free agent and draft a rookie in the second or third round. Tebow has to improve so much, it’s logical to go ahead and plan on needing another QB.

  3. Vince Young would be a perfect fit if he could handle being booed by his home crowd. I could see the Broncos going after Josh Johnson or Dennis Dixon

  4. How about you use your draft picks to help Tebow by surrounding him with players who don’t suck instead of using it to try and replace the leader of your football team? The offensive line blows and the receivers blow, it’s a miracle they made it to where they finished with that trash roster.

  5. Nothing wrong with that as they will have to develop some depth behind Tebow. The way he plays you can expect him to miss 1-3 games a year due to injury. Brady Quinn must feel lower then well turd right now. In 4 years he has gone from Sugar to Siht. He can’t beat out a fullback who can’t throw a spiral.

  6. And if he doesn’t get better, he’ll have two other quarterbacks trying to take his job


    So basically the same as almost every other team in the NFL? Why is this a story? Oh, because its about Tebow. Give me a break.

  7. It’s worth noting that if Tebow were locked in as starter for the entire season, the Broncos would still be doing the exact same thing, bringing in two more quarterbacks to training camp. Not a lot of tea leaves to be read here.

  8. I don’t understand how a quarterback who has only started 16 games as of right now is not supposed to have bad games? Tebow supporter or not… It really isnt fair to him. he brought them to the playoffs as a rookie basically. give the kid a break.

  9. Fox loves ruining young qb’s…

    Drafting Jimmy Clausen, Tony Pike, and converting Armanti Edwards to wide receiver all in one draft.

    Denver fans, don’t let this dude do to yall what he wanted to do to us here in Carolina…A rookie qb under Fox is a death sentence for everyone involved.

  10. This may sound idiotic, but the Broncos should talk with the Jags and see if a trade is possible. I honestly believe the Jags would jump all over Tebow. They want to “regionalize” the fanbase, get all of those Gators fans juiced about the Jags…trade for Tebow! They would sell tickets like early 80’s Camaro parts down there.

    Tebow’s stock may never be higher than it is right now. Denver should lure the Jags into a trade, anything coupled with a 1st rounder would be worth it to the Broncos.

  11. Brady you can come back to Cleveland and be the 3rd stringer behind, Colt Mccoy, and RG3. Miss your sweet subway commercials!

  12. Many of us Broncos fans want two new quarterbacks as well! It’s only the “Tebowites” that truly believe he can do no wrong.

  13. I’ll tell you right now who the 2 qbs will be. One will come from the draft and have no choice but to be on the roster and the other will be an aging, once starter who is content to put up a fight in camp but more importantly collect a paycheck. Problem solved and the flying tebows will finish around 8-8 again and again until elway finds a way to convince the fan base that tebow isn’t the long term answer.

  14. So which 2 quarterbacks r u going to bring in? Do we also need a plan b offense? There is only 1 Tebow so u either live with the growing pains or trade him and get a more traditional qb who runs a traditional offense. Like him or not he wins, it might not be pretty but he gets it done.

  15. Denver needs to be a little careful on how much they try to shape this “turd”. If they put a lot into it and then ship him off, someone else will have to do minimal too polish the turd.

  16. pilot2011 says:
    Feb 20, 2012 6:42 PM
    Fox loves ruining young qb’s…

    Drafting Jimmy Clausen, Tony Pike, and converting Armanti Edwards to wide receiver all in one draft.

    Denver fans, don’t let this dude do to yall what he wanted to do to us here in Carolina…A rookie qb under Fox is a death sentence for everyone involved.


    Sorry but John Fox didn’t want to draft Clausen in the 2nd round that year. It was Marty Hurney who drafted both Pike, and Clausen, and who also spent an early round pick on Edwards. The coaching staff decided to move Edwards to WR because he wasn’t able to make the transitional fit.

    Last time I checked Marty Hurney is still the GM. In Denver, Fox offers his experience but he doesn’t have final say in the draft – same as in Carolina. Let’s be real, Fox was hung out to dry during the last two – three years in Carolina.

  17. That’s assuming Tebow’s zealots even let the other 2 QB’s survive into training camp to compete for the job. Better have 24 hour armed guards around those guys.

  18. You underestimate Bronco fans. I’m not one, so it’s not like I have a personal bias.

    But the idea that they will “stridently oppose” anyone who tries to take Tebow’s job is ludicrous.

    People forget that going into camp last year, everyone said that the starting job was Tebow’s to lose. Then he lost it, legitimately, to Orton, and the Bronco fans didn’t mutiny. That is until Orton failed.

    If the Broncos bring in someone who clearly beats out Tebow in camp, Bronco fans will embrace him, and if he performs well, will continue to do so.

    Broncos fans, like all others, care about winning. Tim Tebow’s overall record as the Broncos starter is 9-7. Good, but certainly not great.

    I think you need to stop overestimating how “irreplaceable” Broncos fans think he is.

  19. Given Fox’s stubborn keeping of Jake Delhomme after Jake melted down against Arizona in the playoffs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jake turn up as one of the Broncos QB when training camp opens. I don’t Jake can ever get his confidence back to the point where he can function as an NFL starter, but he’s very team-oriented and would serve as a stable mentor for Tebow.

  20. I just love all the people who talk crap about the broncos and their roster when they aren’t even fans of the team and know nothing about the broncos outside of the whole Tebow thing witch gets way to much attention and is totally blown out of control.

    After what the team was able to do under Tebow’s leadership he should get the chance to start next year and being a true Bronco fan and not a Tebow fan I think its fair but come game 5 of the season if the team has a crap record of like 1-4 or something and Tebow’s stats are crap he should be and im sure will be replaced by whom ever his back up is going into next season.

    But if the team has a 1-4 record and Tebow has great stats and its not so much his fault that the team is losing then he will be the starter for the year and be traded next off season

  21. If I were Tebow I’d demand a trade. Fox sucks. A .500 record in Charlotte. Stinks. Tebow took a rotten team and willed them to the playoffs. How was that defense doing with Kyle Orton? Sucked! Let them get a new qb in there. They will lose. Pathetic wide receivers, no tight end, a good running back but was hurt at times. I’d say Tebow did pretty damn good.

  22. davidcl77: Yep he was lighting it up with those constant 3 and outs! Lets look at how he finished the season, 1 great game (Pitt) and horrible games against the Pats twice, Buff, KC.

    Your praise is funny, because while he was a piece of those wins, they certainly weren’t all because of him. In fact I would argue Von Miller had as much, if not more of an impact on the Broncos than Tebow…notice they started to struggle when Von was injured and his game tailed off.

    t16rich: Yeah just what the Eagles need, another corner…that’ll help fix that defense!

  23. Why is it for Tebowites that every win was because he took a horrible team and willed them to victory, and when they lose it was everybody else’s fault?

    If Tebow is so awesome, what other NFL teams would he walk in and start on? I can think of maybe one, Jacksonville, and maybe Minnesota. But those are at best debateable. If I’m missing some please tell me, and not just “he’d start on 15 other teams” please name them.

  24. howmanyringsyourteamgot
    Feb 20, 2012, 4:33 PM MST
    Vince Young would be a perfect fit if he could handle being booed by his home crowd. I could see the Broncos going after Josh Johnson or Dennis Dixon

    First, every crowd boos players, it’s not just Denver. It’s part of the game. Players that don’t get booed when they screw up is because they earned it, just like the working world.

    Second, way to pick the two players from an earlier article. So original.

    I’m guessing your team has no rings with that insight.

    Adam weber has skills, Shaun hill, draft pick. We are not spending money on a qb.

  25. Tebow was basically a rookie last year and he took his team from 104 to the playoffs where they won a game. More power to him. I think he has a lot of improvements to make but I wish him all the luck in the world. As far as bringing someone else in, well look a the rest of their QB roster, of course they are going to bring in one or two.

  26. Two new QB’s for camp, hum. Since he has Adam and Tim, that means four. Since the FA QB’s have nothing to offer, Brady is as good as any of them, I see the priority being in the draft. If Ryan Tannehill is at #25 take him. If not then look at Brandon Osweiler in the second.

  27. Can’t totally blame Fox for Clausen he sucked anyway he was good in college because Notre Dame played a garbage schedule while he was there. Chad Henne will be available. If anything he will piss Tebow off for the cracks he made about him.

  28. Anyone who believes tebow is a starter in this league isn’t a true football fan, common sense when the leagues as pass heavy as it is…you can’t win games with a qb who throws 8 times total….if your a real bronco fan your able to see that the defense won this team games after Orton was benched. Now before you tebow nut Huggers get all upset I’m not saying he can’t be a starter, but as of now If you go into the season with him, I wouldn’t hold out hope for play offs let alone a winning season period.

  29. Yea all those 3 and out’s were all Tebow. The way the haters talk, you would think he is out there all by himself. Or with the best offense in the league and he is all thats wrong. COME ON MAN!!!

  30. i will say the most i saw of tebow was in the stillers game, but he looked good and has talent and a head for the game. i also lived in colo spgs when elway was in tebow’s position… he should remember what his management dis for him thru his struggles and give tebow the sam opps….

    tebow sure did a better job in his first two seasons, without the support that big john had….

  31. rwmilli says: Feb 20, 2012 8:36 PM

    you can’t win games with a qb who throws 8 times total…

    His record proves you wrong. And no I’m not a fan, just a person who can look up a players record.

  32. I have a feeling this will be a Alex Smith style QB competition. Bring in guys that can’t possibly take the job. That rules out Josh Johnson, Jason Campbell, Matt Flynn, etc etc etc. So they will draft some nobody in the 7th rd and bring in someone on equivalent level of a Jimmy Claussen. Someone that isn’t talented enough to overcome the advantage of the offense being tailored to Tebow

  33. So true so true!!! People forget sometimes how bad some guys had it before they had a team around them and Elway is a good example. You always have to look back at carreers and wonder the same thing. How good would Archie Manning have been if he had a team around him. I have seen QB after QB get destroyed till their just not good anymore because the team around them sucked. Some QBs got lucky out of the gate, some have to wait a while, and some never get it. The book is a long way from being writen on Tebow. Just like Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and so on.

  34. Uhhh benstinkyfingers…in what world do you think McCoy would be number one on the depth chart for any appreciable amount of time if the Browns took Griffin??? HOP!!!!!

  35. First: Tebow is not a rookie, not “basically” a rookie, not chronologically a rookie. Hell, developement-wise he’s a Sr in highschool. Tebow is in no way, shape or form a rookie.

    Second: No free agent QB wants any part of Tebowmania, the Broncos could sign Peyton Manning and trade Tebow for Suh, JPP and 3 No1 picks and Tebow’s ridiculous F’n fans will boo Manning’s ass off the field.

    Third; What kind of sense does it make to sign Dixon and VY? The Broncos do not like the offense they have to run with Tebow, it makes no sense to back Tebow up with more players just like him. And don’t give me the excuse that they have to bring in QB’s that fit what they plan to do with Tebow. They did a complete 180 with their offense when they scapegoated Ortonary, it’s foolish to argue that they can’t do the same exact thing with the offense in ’12.

    Fourth; No Denver starter played worse than Tim Tebow. They currently have the absolute worst QB situation in the NFL, by far. To say that Denver would like to bring in 2 QB’s to compete is like saying Tebow would like to thank his Lord and Savior…….

  36. Fox knows Tebow sucks. but he also knows the rube fans in Denver and all over the country will go nuts if he tries to replace home now. Fox is gonna wait for Tebow to fail (it won’t take much longer) and make a quick switch right when everyone realizes that Tebow is fools gold. Too bad he and stupid Denver fans have set the franchise back a couple of years.

  37. Man looks like I have to own my mother in law once again. Her Tebow fever is going to to turn into the tebow flu hahaha.

    But but John Elway will personally take Tebow under his wing this off season.
    But when he is training down in LA UCLA campus no where near denver haha.

    No disrespect to tebow just my In law LOLZ

  38. @abninf yeah it’s called defense…show me a defense that played better than denvers in 80% of those wins, what’s tebow put up, 10 points? Double digits if he was lucky? Making throws ONLY when I receiver has the guy beat isn’t good enough, need to be able to look off coverage and throw into coverage at times, I didn’t say tebow can’t be a winner or a starter, but as of now the guys done nothing to earn the hype surrounding him…this is a passing league we see it more and more each year and as of right now the last guy I want throwing the ball to my team is tebow, sorry bronco fans, enjoy next season behind tebus, who needs mcgahee when every snap is wild cat 😉

  39. What was it 06 bears with grossman ? Defense won them like every game especially the game in the play offs where they literally disnt score a point on offense? I’d compare tebow to that sounds about right, defense winning them the games, kicker scoring more points, and tebow getting the credit, dudes a joke 🙂

  40. no problem, but what type of qb’s that would fit w/the offensive system the Broncos need w/Tebow. We are talking a very different scheme here…you take Tebow out, you take the scheme out. Fox knows that, so does Elway, Tebow “announced” #1 is to sell tickets.

  41. rwmilli says: Feb 20, 2012 8:36 PM

    you can’t win games with a qb who throws 8 times total…
    So that’s why the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers got to watch the first round of the playoffs on the couch? Ask Pittsburgh if Tebow can win games.
    You know nothing about football.

  42. What’s funny is when people claim that Tebow gets far too much credit for the wins and then proceed to give credit to everyone but Tebow for the wins.

    You think the Broncos who had lost 17 of their last 24 games just suddenly got good the week Tebow started?

    If he can take a team that had the worst drop % in the league and a statistically poor defense(it was, check the stats), he at least deserves a chance regardless of how you feel about his future in the NFL.

    I’ve never seen a QB have such little support from his management.

  43. Tebow was dead last in the league in yards per game, Tds per game, and sack yards per game….

    he may be a great guy and all that but he’s not an nfl qb…… no way he starts this year…. on any team

  44. Tebow boosters are clueless. This isn’t “like any other team”. No team with a bonafide no,ber one QB needs to bring in competition for the job. You think Eli, Big Ben, Rodgers, Brees et al are going to face roster competition any time soon? Ah, negatory. even Carson Palmer isn’t facing competition for the job. What does that tell you?

    And do you know of any third stringer that could compete for the number one job? Ah, that would be another no. Heck, half of the back-ups can’t pull the job off.

    No, the only QBs who face this kind of competition are guys named Boller, Garrard, Campbell, Gradkowski, Grossman, Beck, Orton, Skelton, etc. See a pattern? All of them play QB, none of them good enough to be your starter.

    Get real. Tebow time is almost over. Oh right. All he does is win. Guess again. He is a .500 QB who is more like Kordell Stewart than Tom Brady. Stewart won games, including playoff games, too. How did that work out?

  45. When I think back to the draft, Quinn in that horrible Men’s Warehouse suit, head in hands, ticked off that he kept falling in the draft, well, He must have thought, things can’t get worse. But the did. In fact, things got a lot worse, not better.

    Nothing more now than a P.S. to the declining legend that was Notre Dame, Brady Quinn isn’t going to be one if the two Fox refers. Say goodnight, Brandy.

  46. Stevie Wonder can see that Tebow is a great guy, but not a long term solution capable of winning the SB. Lets be serious, it takes nothing less than an elite, HoF-calibre QB to win the SB, Trent Dilfer notwithstanding. So if Denver fans would really be that upset if an NFL-calibre talent came in and led them into serious playoff contention, they don’t really deserve it.

  47. Garrard is many, many levels above Tebow.

    Starting with the fact he can throw a tight spiral,and read defenses for a few brief seconds.

  48. silverandblack052099 says: Feb 20, 2012 7:03 PM

    Jason Campbell anyone?

    How does Tebow react when John Elway forces John Fox to make a switch?
    By blaming god.

  49. Best part of this post is the title! “wants two new quarterbacks to compete wit tim tebow” hahahah

    Thats hilarious. Lets be real, he wants two new quarterbacks, or just two quarterbacks, they can compete with each other im sure, but i doubt John Fox thinks they need to beat tebow to be the starter hahahah. Its already wearing off, its almost been long enough, and once enough people forget, theyre gonna dump him.

  50. To the people making this into an argument or feeling defensive, look at the Panthers last year, Cam Newton is so good they are drafting defense this year, the Panthers! That is what one great player at the helm will do for his team. Of course other parts of the team deserve credit.

    To be fair, if a rookie QBs defense played as well as the Broncos defense, I hate to say it because im not a Cam Newton fan, the Panthers would have been crushing people on the scoreboard. The Broncos defense held teams to 17? 13? Not just any team either, decent and good teams. And to prove the defense was actually great, the Broncos won games so you know the other teams were playing for the lead and couldnt relax. Fact is the Broncos will be throwing the ball one way or the other next year, which seems to be one of a couple underlined points in this post, the other being kind of funny.

  51. The amusing thing about Tebow fans like ko5k is they look at stats instead of performance. They know better than to discuss how he actually plays. They’d rather cherry pick only the stats that they think makes their boy look better than he is and invent reasons to focus on the play of his teammates.

    Drop percentage? Tebow had 8 easy Int’s dropped, what does that do for you argument? And defensive averages? Understand one thing Tebow fans, without that defense we’re not even talking about Tebow’s NFL career right now.

    As bad as he played the only thing you have to argue is “he just wins”, and Denver’s defense flatout CARRIED the team to those wins.

    There were a few games where Denver’s defense outscored Tebow until the opposing defense went into the prevent late in the 4th qtr. When teams stopped using prevent Tebow magic came to a screeching halt.

    When the Broncos have a “QB” maybe their management will show more than “such little support”…….

  52. gravity4164 please grow a brain. I have watched every Bronco game since the NFL ticket. Please dont just lie and say he had 8 dropped int’s. If you hate Tebow then fine. 1 thing he does extremely well is take care of the ball. If the receiver isnt open he throws it in the dirt or into the 4th row of the stands. But lets play your game and say that those int’s werent dropped. How in the hell does that mean anything reguarding his completion %. What he was saying reguarding the drop % is if the broncos didnt lead the league in drops Tebows completion percentage would have been in the low 60’s. The only people that “cherry pick” stats are Tebow haters and they only can bring up his completion %.

  53. broncos81 says:
    Feb 21, 2012 1:21 PM
    1 thing he does extremely well is take care of the ball. If the receiver isnt open he throws it in the dirt or into the 4th row of the stands.

    To be fair, he often does that when the receiver is open, too.

  54. Dont act suprised, come on people, John Elway is the GM. He might love the kid Tee Bow, but when it comes to the game, Elway was a gamer! he’s not going to settle for mediocrity!

  55. There’s not enough practice time for 3 guys to all compete for the starting job. Bringing in two veterans to compete with Tebow makes no sense. Draft a mobile guy late to buddy up with him, and bring in true competition for him Matt Flynn is not going there but Kevin Kolb might be available if Peyton ends up in Arizona. Even Matt Moore would be an upgrade over Tebow.

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