Lions’ Delmas says he’s finally 100 percent healthy

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Early in the 2011 season, safety Louis Delmas was the best player in the Lions’ secondary, and Detroit’s defense was playing well. Then Delmas suffered a knee injury in Week 12, had surgery and missed the final five games of the season, and the Lions’ defense wasn’t the same.

Delmas returned for the playoff loss to the Saints, but he wasn’t fully healthy, and there was even talk that he might have re-aggravated the knee and would need another surgery. But Delmas says that’s not the case.

“No, I had one procedure and the plan was to have another procedure if the knee wasn’t acting right,” Delmas told the Detroit News. “We had another MRI and the doctor said he was pleased. So I don’t have to have another procedure.”

After taking a little time off after the playoff loss, Delmas says he’s now working out as hard as ever.

“I am 100 percent; I am training 100 percent,” he said. “I don’t hold myself back at all. If there was a game tomorrow, I’d play tomorrow.”

That’s a good sign for the Lions that their 2012 secondary will look more like it did in the early part of last season than it did at the end of last season.

8 responses to “Lions’ Delmas says he’s finally 100 percent healthy

  1. ajknox you are partially correct in that there are many tackles he doesn’t make. But that’s because he’s not actually attempting to tackle, he too often tries to level a guy with a hard hit rather than wrap them up. Awesome to see when it works, but when he doesn’t connect on it the opponent is off to the races. This seems to me to have long been a problem with most of the Lions’ secondary.

  2. Who????????????? Louis who???????????
    Has he played for the Lions before?????
    Isn’t this guy always one tackle away from injured reserve all the time.

  3. Little late Delm- ass, the season is over. Try not to trip on a bar of soap between now and Spring training.

  4. Big hitter and that’s about it. As a Packer fan, I hope they keep him around because he gets himself out of position a lot.

  5. Hey Ernie-you’re an idiot and if you don’t know who Louis Delmas is I promise you’ll find out real quick next year.

  6. louis is a beast when he is healthy, i would say he is a top 5 safety in the league when healthy. He just has to aloways make up for mistakes by our terrible corners and by spivey(who I think may be on the way out). And michigan football is officially back fyi

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