Lloyd: “I would like to entertain” reunion with McDaniels

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There has been a lot of speculation that Rams receiver Brandon Lloyd could reunite with his former coach Josh McDaniels in New England.

Appearing on PFT Live Monday, Lloyd did nothing to dampen that speculation.

“I find that very interesting. I would like to entertain that and see where that goes. I’ve made no bones about that,” Lloyd said. “I’ve been very successful in Josh’s offense. I admire Tom Brady. I admire what that organization has done.  I admire that organization and how they run things over there. I’d definitely be interested in hearing how I could possibly fit into that equation.”

Earlier in the interview, Lloyd said that playing in McDaniels’ offense was his key to finally achieving success in the NFL. Lloyd says that he runs a much bigger route tree under McDaniels than he ever did before.

It doesn’t appear the Rams have any interest in placing the franchise tag on Lloyd, although Lloyd said that wouldn’t be a problem.

“A pay raise is always welcomed,” Lloyd said.

He also said “of course” the Rams have a chance to sign him before he even hits free agency. Lloyd expects talks to begin later this week.

St. Louis likely has some level of interest in retaining Lloyd, but we’d be very surprised if Lloyd didn’t wind up hitting the open market.

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21 responses to “Lloyd: “I would like to entertain” reunion with McDaniels

  1. As a Broncos fan I can say that Lloyd would dominate in the Pats offense.

    This is not merely due to the Brady factor either.

    Lloyd is an underrated WR in that the catches he makes on a consistent basis are difficult.

    Bottom line: Lloyd makes most of his catches when he’s not even open.

  2. Lloyd is a solid player, as a Pats fan would like to see him in a Patriots jersey. He would be a good addition to the team, not a great one.

  3. He’ll likely have to admire the McDaniel and the Patriots to the tune of 70% of the cash he could make elsewhere. That’s the way good teams are run; put an overall value on a player and stay out of bidding wars.
    This particular scenario, with Condon, Kraft and their history, will be interesting to follow.
    One thing’s for sure; NE could use this guy’s abilities and Lloyd would almost certainly flourish in an offense w/ Brady, Welker and those two TE’s.

  4. I think Lloyde is good but if I were the Pats I would go after a guy who can stretch the field. Lloydes biggest strength is going and getting a lot of ball that are not catch-able. He will whine if they target him all the time. Pat’s can do better.

  5. Lloyd performed decently for a Rams team that was struggling just to move the ball at all. He will get plenty of interest on the open market, but not at an elite pay level-he is approaching 30 years old. He would be a decent free-agent pick up for a team needing a #2 or #3 WR that can catch the ball consistently.

    The Rams would have to overpay to keep him-and given their rebuilding mode, probably not worth the extra dough. Lloyd is not a #1 deep-threat WR, which is what the Rams are ultimately looking for. The Rams could bring in a couple veteran WR to compete with Pettis, Salas, and Amendola for the # 2-4 WR spots, to add to their first round pick, WR Blackmon (hopefully). Spend the money on younger players, unless Lloyd wants to take less.

  6. I would like the the Pats to go out and get a guy like Vincent Jackson or Dwayne Bowe first but the more I think about it they would get Lloyd for less and resign Welker and have a dynamic offense!

  7. Lloyd will open the field up by working the sidelines. That would create a difficult situation for defenses facing the Pat’s. If you try and contain Welker and Gronk then Lloyd will tear it up on the outside

  8. Unless the Kroenke plans on opening the piggybank for Vincent Jackson signing Llloyd has to be a top priority for the Rams. Even if they draft Blackmon they should be willing to pay a little extra to make sure he doesn’t end up in New England.

  9. I think Lloyd is lazy but calling him “Ducky” for doing the right thing is so dumb lol.

    He didn’t see the ball and immediately assumed it was for someone else and got out of the way as to try and not ruin the play.

    Was it the most brilliant play ever…nope but if you see it at the last second you best get out of the way and not disrupt a pass and cause an interception.

  10. Sure he can come to the Patriots but he can’t get the absolute top dollar. A trip to the Super Bowl every other year has to be worth something.

  11. I’ve never seen so much hype for a 31 year old possession receiver in my life. Patriots have enough of those on their roster. They need speed and explosiveness on the outside, not another Wes Welker lined out wide.

  12. Lloyd’s a solid receiver who will help any team he ends up with. Still trying to figure out why the Broncos let him go halfway through the season. His circus catches bailed out Tebow on numerous occasions and they sorely missed him when he was gone. Having him through the end of the year would have been worth more than the fifth round pick they got for letting him go early.

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