Mike Sherman compares Tannehill to Favre, Rodgers

The Dolphins are in a better position than any team to know whether Matt Flynn is worth franchise quarterback money.

They are also in a better position than any team to know whether Texas A&M product Ryan Tannehill is a worth high draft pick in April. Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman speaks highly of his former pupil.

“Like all good quarterbacks he had great poise. Very confident in any system, west coast or not,” Sherman said via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “Any quarterback has to be confident in his own skin and believe in himself. They always say a great quarterback makes those around him better. I thought [Brett] Favre did that. I think Aaron Rodgers does that. I think Tannehill does that as well.”

Sherman and Tannehill didn’t make the Aggies enough better last year or Sherman wouldn’t have been fired. A former college receiver, Tannehill is a good fit for a West Coast offense at quarterback.
Tannehill’s tools and intangibles will likely make him a first round pick and the No. 3 quarterback in this class. Like Christian Ponder and Jake Locker last year, we expect Tannehill to get pushed up high in the draft because so many teams need quarterbacks.
One of those teams — Miami — might tell us what they are thinking about Tannehill in free agency. If they sign Flynn or Peyton Manning, it’s hard to imagine them taking Tannehill.
If the Dolphins only sign a second-tier player at quarterback, perhaps Sherman has convinced the organization that Tannehill is ready to lead an organization.

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  1. Wasn’t Tanneyhill SO GOOD last year that the Aggies went 6-6 during the regular season and it got Sherman fired ???

  2. He had a future SuperBowl All-Pro Quarterback( according to him)on his roster and couldn’t finish higher then 3rd in the Big 12 when he had him. Great job Coach!

  3. I think this is a facade. They want someone else to take tannehill that’s why they are talking him up. If the phins were really interested in tannehill they would just not say anything about him.

  4. It was A&M’s defense that ruined the season. I was at every home game this year. In 2010, the Aggies were undefeated with Tannehill starting (not counting the bowl game vs LSU).

  5. Totally agree with Brutus9448. The Fins can’t afford to take Tannehill at their draft slot and have him be anything less than a superstar. So, Sherman is trying to help his former student by talking him up so he can be a first round pick which will be more difficult if the Fins pass on him.

  6. It was the Aggies defense, not Tannehill, that messed up the Aggies this year. Losing Vonn Miller had a lot to do with that. Anyway, I don’t see how RGIII is much better than Tannehill is (I follow the Big 12 and see most Aggie and Baylor games…oh, and BTW, the Ags beat Baylor, and Tannehill overcame the so-called great play of RGIII).

    But what I don’t understand is how NBC and PFT constantly let a Jets fan, Rosenthal, writer clearly biased articles on the Fins, a division rival (or on the Pats or Bills as well), as if Rosenthal knows anything about the Dolphins! He doesn’t.

  7. Some of these comments are a bit shortsighted.

    Tom Brady had to back up Drew Henson at Michigan.

    Peyton Manning didn’t win a National Championship at Tennessee, but Tee Martin did.

    The list of winning (percentage) QB’s include David Greene, Ken Dorsey, Colt McCoy, Greg McElroy, USC Quarterbacks Carson Palmer/Matt Leinart/John David Booty.

    Then you have your enigmas in Tim Tebow and Cam Newton, who were teammates at one point. Both won at the collegiate level, and are having different types of success. Tebow had wins, and Newton had stats.

    Moral of the story; College QB’s entering the draft are a crapshoot, regardless of conventional wisdom.

  8. Giving up all of those leads at A&M wasn’t Tannehill’s fault. It’s just something that Sherman does.

    Anyone remember 4th & 26 in Green Bay?

    I know this one is a bit more obscure, but as a Chiefs fan, I have to include it. He had the Chiefs down by 17 in the 4th quarter AT LAMBEAU FIELD, looking like they would suffer their first loss of an eventual 13-3 season. Chiefs forced OT, and Trent Green found a sprint Eddie Kennison for a TD in a 40-34 win.

    It’s just what Mike Sherman does.

  9. My high risk strategy for my Phins this offseason would be to sign Gaither or Nicks and draft Tannehill. Play the kid every snap of every game and if he blows he earns you Matt Barkley, if he does not then we may have something.

    I also agree that RG3 will not be the second best QB in the draft. Not saying Tannehill will be, the giant from AZ may blow up or the other AZ QB or the SEC QB or whatever, but I would take the field against RG3 any day.

  10. “A former college receiver”

    Ok, but that’s not a completely accurate depiction. Tannehill was one of the top rated QBs coming out of HS. Because Jerrod Johnson was the starting QB (Tannehill’s Fresh year), he got converted to WR. He was the top Received for the team for two years. He’s not a former college receiver who got converted to QB. He’s a QB, who was a stud athlete, and a team first mentality who accepted the role of WR to help his team win.

  11. damc nailed it.

    No-one knows how any draftee will react and perform once he hits the big league. And with 32 teams desperate to succeed (some more than others, granted), it’s a seriously high-stakes game of bluff, counter-bluff, anti-counter-bluff and, my personal favorite, anti-bluff-counter-unbluff-bluff.

  12. Ole Sherman once said”what do you tell a future hall of fame qb”
    well if its Sherman you tell him nothing,and then the FHOF throws picks like crazy and thats it for your season.

  13. “roastbeefsandwich says:
    Feb 20, 2012 12:10 PM
    Didn’t Jay Cutler have a crappy record in college? There seems to be enough defenders for him around here”

    While Cutler was at Vanderbilt the Commodores were 11-35. No winning seasons for Cutler there.
    As a pro Cutler is 40 and 37. Three games over .500.
    Not my idea of a franchise sort of guy. Some might even say that his crappy record continues as a pro.

  14. All the things I’ve read online said Tannehill had the ball in allot of great spots and his wide receivers couldn’t catch… dropping more than Bmarsh on his best of days. Well, now move Tannehill to the next level with better line, better wide outs and maybe – just maybe… he will grow. No doubt there, he would be a very high draft pick (experiment) but I would take those odds in vegas.

  15. This is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing off seasons in years. If Miami hadn’t beat Washington, they probably could have picked earlier and got this kid, but now they won’t Washington may trade down and let someone else get him, like last year-but then who’s Washington going to start? Will the Rams take a guy, or trade down? Might the Browns give up on McCoy already and send him packing and take RG3? Sure bears watching……And who will get Manning, or will he retire? Keep watching PFT.com, people!! (Mike, you can send my check anytime)

  16. If Miami signs Manning then they should also draft Tannehill. Manning should last 3 years max which is enough time to develop a talented QB like Tannehill.

    When all is said and done I would not be surprised if he ends up a top ten pick. QBs have a history of shooting up the draft board as the draft gets closer. Last year was the perfect example. Locker, Ponder, Dalton were pegged as late 1st rd to early 2nd rd picks before the draft and look where they ended up going.

  17. If Rodgers makes his teammates better, I guess it must be a lasting effect since Matt Flynn stepped in and actually did more than Rodgers. is that how that works Packer fans?

  18. ..Sign Manning and draft Kellen moore in the 4th,cut Henne keep Moore..

    -Signed a Die hard Dol-fan

  19. Sign Manning and draft Kellen moore in the 4th,cut Henne keep Moore

    No reason to cut Henne since his contract has expired and he’s a free agent. Doubtful on Moore too, if only because he’s too short. Not saying he won’t be a good QB in the pros but the Dolphins won’t pick up someone that small.

  20. Sherman had the potential to become a great coach. But he fell into the habit of cronyism. Rather than go out and look for the best people for his staff, he would bring in his buddies.
    Dude wasn’t ready to be The Man when he took over, but after Ray Rhodes was fired, no one else would touch that job with a ten foot pole. Everyone knew Favre had taken over the team.

  21. The Prophet says: Feb 20, 2012 3:37 PM

    If Rodgers makes his teammates better, I guess it must be a lasting effect since Matt Flynn stepped in and actually did more than Rodgers. is that how that works Packer fans?

    Rodgers called the entire 1st half of that game, not McCarthy. Nice try though. Keep hating loser.

  22. All this means is that the Dolphins will not be taking Tannehill and have no interest in him. No one talks up a player that they like. They are hoping to bait someone into taking him ahead of them so they can get a player they actually want. Idk who that is but that’s what i’m getting out of it.

  23. the Phins will either start Moore or Manning if they get him….

    they’ll skip over RG3 because he’s delusional and Tennehill because he’s a decoy, spend the 1st on something else and take a 2nd rounder QB

    and they’ll be right….

  24. packfaninpackland says:Feb 20, 2012 11:18 AM

    Wasn’t Tanneyhill SO GOOD last year that the Aggies went 6-6 during the regular season and it got Sherman fired ???

    I’m loving it. In other news, Taneyhill is bracing for all the negative pub associated with receiving praise from a proven loser, or at best, the career of a slightly above .500 coach with a nightmare postseason career record.

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