Seahawks say they won’t panic at quarterback


The Seattle media made its case for the Seahawks going after Peyton Manning. When asked to predict where Manning would land on Friday’s NBC SportsTalk, I chose Seattle.

Seahawks G.M. John Schneider is sending out a warning for those of us who think the Seahawks will go with a quick fix at quarterback.

“I just know if you panic at the position, it can set the organization back. So we’re not going to do that,” Schneider told last week. “That may disappoint fans, because they want to see an instant guy and have that instant success. But really, you’re better off continuing to build your team. Initially when I got here, I thought we were going to plug the quarterback in and we were going built around him.”

That hasn’t happened. The team has Tarvaris Jackson returning as their starter next year. Charlie Whitehurst is a free agent and we suspect the team will want to replace him.

Seattle isn’t choosing high enough to get Robert Griffin III and they may be too high for Ryan Tannehill. The Seahawks have ties to Matt Flynn and the organizational flexibility to add Manning, even if Manning isn’t healthy enough to sign until later in the offseason.

We’d argue that signing Manning isn’t a panic move.  It’s a big risk that is worth the potential reward for some organizations that need a franchise quarterback — like the Seahawks.

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  1. Panic? Why Panic when you have T-Jack? I mean, the Vikings never gave him a chance to start, right?

    Punting is a good and viable offensive play, sure to bring multiple superbowls to Seattle, with T-Jack on the roster.

    Why panic?

  2. If I were Carroll I would be a little concerned, given he’s played a full season without a QB and likely faces another. His boss may have a quick hook given his lack of success in a previous stint as pro coach, and this time around is doing much to erase those memories.

  3. If you read these posts, the solution to all QB-less teams is Peyton Manning. Problem is: he’s only one guy. He can only go to one place. How could ALL of these teams be looking to one guy, who is still the property of the Colts, to solve the QB problem?

  4. Tavaris takes the snap, drops back, looks left, nothing…looks right, nothing…scrambles out of the pocket and runs for a one yard gain.

    Repeat two more times. Punt.

  5. I lived there and trust me Manning would hate it after getting rain for 150 consecutive days. Nothing to see or do and the traffic is horrible. Its not bad waking up at 10 am in sunny San Diego to watch NFL Sunday, but dreary Seattle it sucks.

  6. Historically the Seahawks have seen a number of panic moves, including Dan McGwire and Rick Mirer.

    On the other hand, what does Schneider call it when he handed Charlie Whitehurst $8 million? Because to most fans THAT looked like panic. And handing Tarvaris another $8 million the next year doesn’t make the first decision look any better.

    GMs are judged by the decisions they make. Schneider is arguably 0 for 2 at this point at QB selection, and the Seahawks’ losing records over the last two years bear out the critical nature of those decisions. If it’s not time to panic, it may be time to turn up the fire under the GM.

  7. Here’s something to consider: (didn’t see much of a reference to it in the article) the Seahawks could trade up to the #2 spot and get RGIII, or….Andrew Luck. I’m one of those who think the Colts could take either one…but trading to the Rams #2 spot makes sense, since the Rams don’t need to draft a QB. Or, the Rams trade Bradford to Seattle for the Seahawks #1 and maybe T. Jackson.
    Lots to possibles. This draft should be one of the more interesting ones in a long time.

  8. Didn’t they TRADE for Whitehurst like 2 years ago?? You mean to tell me that a career 3rd stringer couldn’t turn your franchise around?

    I’m shocked…

  9. ^ Rams trading a franchise QB to division rival…not happening. That only happens with the Redskins. Unfortunately Carroll digs T-Jack so look for him to obviously stay around , hopefully not as the starter. To his defense he was pretty banged up last year, but I think we all know what he is capable of. I’m just hoping Seattle is a quick to make a move on Manning as they were with “the future” Charlie Whitehurst. Allen has the bread to pay the guy, and hey why not scoop up Wayne while your at it. A few more cheesburgers and Tom Cable could work wonders with Mike Williams at O-line.

  10. Ugh I don’t know what sport you guys are watching.

    But Pacific NW Mark, you’re points are incredibly basic and short-sighted. Schneider is regarded as one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL.

    Getting Pro Bowl players like Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor in the 5th round. Doug Balwin undrafted, Brandon Browner off the street, KJ Wright, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Clemons in trades for peanuts.

    Remember the Seahawks under Mora/Ruskell in 09. A team with no image/talent/hope.

    Schneider has turned the roster to a young, fast, strong unit in less than 2 seasons

    Saying hes 0/2 because of his qb decisions is pathetic analysis and pretty absurd!!!

    Peter King said if he needed to pick 5 executives to run a franchise, hed take schneider.

    Saying the team went under .500 is so basic. The team inherited a complete mess with no talent.

    These guys know what theyre doing. They passed on Kolb, McCoy, Clausen, Palmer for good reason.

    Not panicking probably means not signing Matt Flynn or reaching on Tanenhill at 11/12. The TJack contract proves how little the team thinks of his future. They needed a guy to fill the void until the OL was ready.

    I hate all the uneducated people who comment on this stuff. Seahawks who ranked top 10 in D beat the Ravens/Giants this year with Tjack at QB. Just wait till they add more pass rush this year.

  11. @duanethomas- are you high? Nothing to see or do in Seattle? Lemme guess, you’re about 40lbs overweight and don’t stray far from your computer that often..? The weather can’t compare to SD, but ive been to SD enough to think Seattle is a nicer place to live overall. We turn the rain off as soon as d-bags like you leave. I hope Seattle stomps Phillip Rivers head in soon! (metaphorically speaking of course)

  12. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have retooled the roster they inherited from Tim Ruskell in two years. The conventional wisdom was that they needed to rebuild the offensive line, defensive line, secondary, and offensive skill positions. The only position that was considered better than average was linebacker. Tatupu needed at least a year off because of injuries and Curry was a bust so they have replaced two of the three linebackers as well.

    They traded for Whitehurst but neither Charlie Whitehurst or Tavaris Jackson received a starter caliber contract and are placeholders until the long term starter is found. With the state of the offensive line, Hasselback would not have made it out of pre-season in one piece. Jackson played while hurt this past season and will be the long term back-up if he eventually accepts that role.

    Criticism of Schneider and Carroll comes from people who don’t realize what a mess this team was when they were hired. Or from idiots.

  13. With a young, talented secondary, Seattle was fourth in the league in interceptions last season.

    Seattle also finished tied for 19th in sacks.

    Improve that pass rush, get QBs forcing the ball into that talented young secondary more often, and that INT number is only going to improve.

    Get that kind of defense: Tough against the run, getting in the QBs face in passing situations – and a mediocre QB can get you places. Just look at Alex Smith. Not saying Seattle can’t use an upgrade from Tavaris Jackson, but I think if they wanted a 36 year old QB with injury concerns, they’d probably have just resigned Matt Hasselbeck when they had the chance last year.

    They haven’t panicked and gone after Kolb, Palmer, or any of the other high-priced (in terms of money and picks) free agents. Whitehurst was a project that didn’t work. Jackson was/is a stopgap measure, which is why he’s on a two-year deal. About the only “mistake” they’ve made is not drafting Andy Dalton, and that’s pure hindsight (especially given Dalton may yet prove to be a one-year wonder).

    If Schneider likes Flynn…and he had plenty of opportunity to check him out…then he’ll be made an offer. If not, I very strongly doubt Manning is part of the agenda, and the team will look to the draft. Personally, I’d rather see them go after Flynn and use the draft to shore up the pass rush, improve speed and depth at LB, add some depth at RB (or a replacement for Lynch if he’s not resigned), or to address other needs.

  14. This is possibly just a way of trying not to tip their hand and or maybe they are trying to down play the market. Anyone with half a brain knows that Seattle’s quarterbacks are horrid and they should be panicking. Whatever their decision hopefully there is no TJack part deux that they fall in love with.

  15. Super funny that everyone is ripping on the Seahawks. I know they had a tough start, but that isn’t a bad football team. That defense is going to be good again and if the offense takes a few more steps they are going to give a lot of teams trouble. Lynch better be franchised or signed long term.

    BTW, they aren’t going after Peyton, the Seattle Media and fans can dream, but it won’t happen.

  16. McGwire was forced on the Hawks by a useless, meddling owner with no football sense. Mirer lit it up his rookie year, then fell apart. He was by no means a reach, a bust…yes…reach…no.(thanks Bears for trading a #1 for him)

    T-Jack was always a stop gap to step into a system he knew after a year with no OTA’s, a young, inexperienced line, and an obvious never was going to be at QB in CW. He performed ok given those circumstances and his injury.

    JC and PC have dumped low talent(half the roster), under performing(Curry), beyond their ability to contribute(tatupu) players and have aggressively filled it with young, fast, strong, up and coming players. Manning doesn’t fit that type of player especially given the fact that it is still not known if he can play EVER AGAIN, not just this year.

  17. seacolt213..duanethomas is a union hack who likely lives in union a paradise like Jersey or Chicago where the master agreement rules and merit and non corruption be dmnd

  18. The fact that Tarvaris was under center when the Seahawks finished the year by winning 5 of their last 8 games is all you need to know that sticking your “neck” out with the kind of cash Petyon or Flynn will demand would be a riduculous move. Sure they’re going to have to bring in one more QB to fill out the roster, making a draft pick like Weeden or Cousins a likely bet, but with Tarvaris, a rock-solid running game and the best young defense in the game, the Seahawks will make the playoffs next year.

  19. I’ve had season tix for about 25 years, and have been debating whether or not to renew next year, for a number of reasons. I love being part of the 12th Man but it’s hard to debate the fact that the price of 2 season tickets and food/booze/parking costs more than a huge flat-screen TV, plus beer and catered BBQ for the whole season. My tix last season were about $5k for two freakin seats, plus I spent about $400 on parking and another $600-$800 on booze and food, for about $6k total.

    I swear if our only answer at QB next season is Tarvaris Jackson, I’ll be down at my local electronics shop buying that new 80″ flat-screen AND a new couch to watch it from. There is ZERO chance I’m paying money to watch T-Jack play another season as the Seahawks starting QB.

  20. I think going after Jason Campbell is a good idea. Carroll says he wants competion at the position. Campbell looked good in Oakland before getting hurt. He might not be the best of all time, but he will be cheap and light a fire under T-Jacks butt to win or he will be replaced. I think he is better than T-Jack and would probably win the starting job, and he’s DEFINATELY better than Whitehurst.

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