Steelers will move Marcus Gilbert to left tackle

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The Steelers have a lot of questions on the offensive line. But they hope they already have their left tackle of the present and future on the roster.

Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert told 93.7 the Fan in Pittsburgh that the team will move Marcus Gilbert from right tackle to left tackle next season. That’s not a good sign for Max Starks, who tore his ACL and is an impending free agent.

Gilbert, a second round pick in 2011, looked competent while starting most of last season at right tackle. The team expects Willie Colon to return from injury and play right tackle. Jonathan Scott would be the swing tackle.

The team could invest another draft pick at tackle, but Gilbert and Colon look like the presumptive starters next season. Pittsburgh has been looking for a winning combination on the offensive line for a while now. Cutting down on the team’s sacks is an organizational priority this year.

Any improvement will have to come from new coordinator Todd Haley and the new arrangement of offensive line pieces.

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  1. Too bad for Big Max…when he signed around week 4 last year the team finally started winning and it wasn’t a coincidence.

  2. They definitely need to add better players to the OL, but I’ve always maintained that the OL isn’t as egregiously bad as it seems.

    Terrible play calling (hopefully a thing of the past) and the QB’s unwillingness to get rid of the ball in a timely manner (also hopefully a thing of the past) made the OL seem much worse than it really is.

  3. Gilbert had a very good season for a rookie starting at a need position for the Steelers. This is great news for the long-term future of the Steelers offensive line. Now get us a road grader at guard in the first or second round of this year’s draft and we’ll have gone a long way toward solving a glaring weakness in Pittsburgh. I can’t imagine he’ll slip far enough, but David DeCastro out of Stanford would certainly look outstanding in Black and Gold!


  4. Good move, but the last few years have shown that they desperately need some depth on the O-line. They’ve been doing this with duct tape and wire too long.

  5. Oh, if I only had a time machine we’d have Faneca at guard again!

    I think that’s the real story, anyone following the Steelers last year knew it was only a matter of time before Gilbert shifted to the left side.

    Starks still might come back as a UFA and sign a minimum tender to backup. but I doubt the front office would make such a move.

    And as for the comment about the QB getting rid of the ball sooner, I think having more reasonable plays – instead of the “bubble screen of ineptitude” or the “scramble for a half hour and chuck it deep” – that’s probably going to be the biggest impact on the line performance.

  6. “Steelers will move Marcus Gilbert to left tackle”


    I don’t see how moving guys around will solve anything.

    It’s the same crappy 4 guys they need to replace.

    Who’s gonna play right tackle?
    Are they gonna bring in Melissa Gilbert?

    Betcha she couldn’t do any worse than what they got now…

  7. This was actually first reported on January 19, when the Steelers coaching staff told Gilbert in his exit interview that he would be moved to LT. You’re just a month late with the story, but thanks anyway.

    Coming off an ACL injury, Starks is unlikley to be ready for the season, and given his past conditioning issues, is unlikely to be in shape. This is a solid move for this season and the future.

  8. The brain trust must feel Gilbert has the strength and quick feet to make this move. Would love to see better use of the running game with a no-huddle, quick passing attack utilized for much of the game. We may not see much of the no-huddle at the beginning of the year if the new OC makes major changes to the offfense. I still have hopes we can somehow land Peyton Hillis.

  9. This is really a no-brainer. Gilbert is the most athletic tackle on the roster. He was a little too inexperienced for LT as a rookie. He reminds me a lot of Marvel Smith – 2nd round draft pick with excellent size and athletic ability who started his career at RT and moved to LT.

    The Steelers are a LG away from having a very good offensive line. But as someone else pointed out, depth is an issue.

  10. Oh god…

    PLEASE invest in a solid lineman this year. I know Ben has his faults, but please give him a line that can protect him and the offense will produce a lot more than they did last year.

    They need to dump all the contracts of the washed up vets and crappy OL like Kemo, Colon, etc and bring in some real talent. It’s no surprise that top QB’s like Brady and Brees have great protection and the Lions OL played their best in years when Stafford had a career season.

  11. Am I alone in thinking Gilbert is soft. He was on the sidelines just about every game. He doesn’t seem tough to me at all.
    I say dump Kemo, move Legursky to LG, kick Colon inside to RG, keep Gilbertat at RT & draft a left tackle 1st or 2nd round.
    I don’t think Gilbert will make it on the left side.

  12. Lots of change here. Retooling the O-line, re-tooling the entire offense, new O-coordinator, Ben resisting change. Ben needs to get his butt on board with the program and stop being a whiny prima-donna complaining about Arians getting canned. Too bad Ben. Suck it up, shut up, get with the program, and do what’s necessary for the team.

  13. We need more than depth at offensive line. We need some starters.
    The Steelers have issues at other positions. We need another good corner and our defensive line had aged. Having said that I really beleive that they should look for offensive linemen in at least the first round and maybe three in the first five or six rounds. Maybe a veteran in free agency.
    I still beleive the O-Line is one of the most important positions in football. It all starts up front!

  14. Gilbert still has question marks like getting his ass kicked by a good bull rush and his work ethic isn’t the best but he still has the potential to lock down the position.

  15. Mad respect to Starx, but he has to understand that this Steel Machine has to make moves as needed for the future of the franchise. A.O.D – Adapt or Die, because the players change, but the Game remains the Same! I’m sure he’ll be back at One Hunned soon, and I wish him the best recovery! Believe it’s not personal!

  16. Looks like Max Starks is probably gone. I don’t blame the front office, though; if his rehab is going to take the entire off-season, and he’s had problems controlling his weight in the past, then that doesn’t bode well for his immediate future, and we saw what the offensive line looks like without a good LT. With that said, I think that if Starks keeps the weight off (or gets the weight back off), then the Steelers could sign him again to be the swing T, and I’d rather have him as T depth than Jonathan Scott. Hopefully that’s how it turns out.

    I’m more worried about the Gs than the Ts. The Steelers have to have the worst pair of Gs in the NFL. They need to draft a G no later than the second round, preferably a LG so the left side of the offensive line is rock solid, and also to get rid of Chris Kemoeatu once and for all. (They had Jonathan Scott and Chris Kemoeatu starting on the left side the first four games last season? No wonder the offense looked like crap!) The only other critical position in the draft is ILB.

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