14 of 15 NFL scouts prefer Luck to Griffin III

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Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III has closed the gap with Andrew Luck, but the Stanford product is still the favorite in the eyes of NFL scouts.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports spoke to 15 scouts, and 14 of them preferred Luck to Griffin.

Griffin’s size and college system were held against him. Luck is the safer choice, and scouts often play it a little safer than decision makers like general managers and coaches.

“We’re splitting hairs because they are both great kids,” one NFC personnel man told Cole. “But I’ll say this about Luck: The minute he took over at Stanford, he looked the part.”

That’s probably the biggest knock against Griffin. He doesn’t fit the prototypical quarterback mold, which makes life a little more uncomfortable for the teams that draft him.

This isn’t a situation like Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf, where one of the players is a “character” concern. It ‘s hard to remember two prospects more widely respected, responsible, and intelligent than Griffin and Luck.

There is a similarity to the ’98 draft, though, in another way: Like Manning and Leaf, Luck and Griffin will always be tied together in NFL history.

61 responses to “14 of 15 NFL scouts prefer Luck to Griffin III

  1. Every year 31 of 32 teams miss out on Victor Cruz or Tom Brady, and sometimes all 32 miss out so this is favorbable for Griffin. I’m young, but my experience in life has taught me that almost anytime there is a landslide decision on things that require sepculation you need to sprint in the other direction. #NASAisPhony

  2. I think they are both going to be good. Obviously 2 different styles. Luck will be more in the Dan Fouts/Peyton Manning mold and Griffin really has no comparison (Michael Vick with accuracy and a functioning brain, maybe). Luck is probably more NFL ready, but I still think Griffin will start Day One. Both are smart, good leaders, make players around them better, etc. I would still draft Luck over Griffin, but I’m not crying if I get “stuck” with Griffin.

  3. I don’t think it’s close between the two. Luck may be overrated, but he is still a level above Griffin as a prospect. If nothing else, you know that Andrew will be low maintenance. Griffin makes you roll your eyes and palm your face.

  4. Gabbert better than Newton even after that rookie year. I hate the term hater but you are one, and I also hate the term Insanity (Myth of Mental Illness, 1961 New York Times), but anyone saying that is both of those things. Newton is gonna set the NFL on fire, same with Griffin. Rodgers is gonna be playing third fiddle in no time.

  5. Both guys have the potential to be great…why not let the individual teams decide who wants whom and then let the players prove themselves on the field. No reason why this has to be portrayed as a win-lose situation. Both guys will make plenty of money once they are taken in the draft and both guys will be given the opportunity to show what they can do at the NFL level.

    And for those who are making this a “race” issue…get over it. In this day and age, any team that would let such a factor get in the way of picking the better player deserves to lose. I doubt that any of the 32 franchises is that stupid, though many of the fans of those teams that post here are.

  6. Both quarterbacks are tremendous prospects and if nothing else, Luck gets the nod because he is familiar with a pro system.

    Of course, a lot of the same scouts probably had doubts about Cam Newton last year.

  7. Both guys are going to get drafted, get paid well, and have a chance to lead a team. While being first is nice, it doesn’t matter all that much.

    Given what I have seen, if I’m Mr. Colts GM I would take Luck. Luck plays in a pro-style offense and his game will translate better to the pros than RG3’s game. It might be that RG3 has the higher ceiling though, but I don’t know…Luck has a lot of Peyton in him. Luck will certainly enjoy success earlier; RG3 is more of a project.

  8. It’s all about the system they go to. We see it year after year; a player rocks in one system and leaves for free agency then tanks. Another player is booed out of town and then makes the Pro Bowl with some other team.

    The way these two kids look they’ll be fine as long as their coaches understand how to utilize them best.

    I love RG3’s attitude about his upcoming combine interviews. He & Luck should interview his prospective employers as much as they are going to interview them.

  9. Luck’s a pocket player and RG3 tends to scoot a little more.
    Equally impressive stats for both, their senior year.
    If it was my call I’d take Luck because he’s probably going to stay healthy longer, but you never know.
    And like @wvuandsteelers posted “but I’m not crying if I get “stuck” with Griffin.”

  10. i want to see them both be successful…for the browns and the redskins. what i would really love to see is luck demand a trade from the colts right after they draft him. i’d like to see them both be big time ballers and neither of them playing for a d-bag owner like irsay

  11. 14 out of 15……..uh huh…..have to love how people can say whatever they want, and have no accountabilty behind it…..i guess these are unamed scouts, and unamed teams..

    I would like to know which scout it was that did not have luck rated higher…..One could only think it would have to be AJ Smith

  12. Who is that 1 dentist who didn’t pick Trident. 4 out of 5 Dentist and or 14 out of 15 scouts…………I’m gonna go brush my teeth

  13. RG3 is getting wayyyy too much hype for a kid from Baylor nobody heard of a year and a half ago. Don’t misunderstand, my team has Rex Grossman, I’d be happy if he falls to 6, but if Matt Barkley, Landry Jones etc. were coming out I’m not so sure he’d be so highly touted…and there’s been so many guys touted by the media that have been busts, I wouldn’t give up a slew of picks for him.

  14. All the scouts and experts seem to be singing from same sheet music on RG3, so I guess he must be legit, but one thing that concerns me (as a Browns fan who realizes that RG3 might be our QB this fall) is that RG3 is to some extent a one-year wonder. Todd McShay was quoted recently as saying that, a year ago, he had RG3 pegged as a third-round pick. Then RG3 has a great 2011 and suddenly he’s a superstar. Kind of scary. Other college QBs who were one-year wonders: Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith. Hopefully RG3 will be great, but I’d feel a little better about him if he had more than one good year.

  15. The JaMarcus Russell alarm sounds in every draft warroom when RGIII is considered. Especially since RGIII doesn’t have the size to absorb hits. The Colts GM would not risk his career by choosing RGIII over Luck, but all the ‘blackfans’ who watched NFLN show on Doug Williams think RGIII is the next [i/coming]. He is not. Someday, a black QB chosen in the late rounds may make some noise in the NFL, but high draft position is conducive to creating a black diva who will be too distracted by celebrity to work hard enough to succeed.

  16. @bozosforall: GMs are only concerned with the track record for black QBs. It’s not very good. Regardless of their measureables, GMs have to be concerned with their maturity and off-the-field lifestyle that interferes with their dedication to their craft.

  17. Most of you are still just as delusional as last year… Nobody questioned Newtons ability other than his accuracy… the question was if he was going to be a problem considering all the issues he had in college of the field, (but as long as you win who cares). People didn’t know who he was, hence the hate. turns out the Panthers made the right move so far.

    People liked Gabbert because of what he could be in 3 years, not the player he already was, he had 3rd round talent but huge potential, and I don’t think that just goes away because of a rookie season. He just wasn’t ready. Gabbert is why this spread in college is ruining QB’s, he has to evolve or he has no future. I still think he could be something (but I just like the underdog)

    the other guy from last year I want to see is Mallett, I was hoping he’d get a chance somewhere that he actually had a chance to play. I wonder if a team will try to trade for him

  18. Scout Says: “But I’ll say this about Luck: The minute he took over at Stanford, he looked the part.”

    He looked the part???

    The minute he took over?? As in before he proved anything?

    I wonder why….

  19. never fear, al sharpton and jesse jackson will be quickly on the case to proclaim all of the NFL scouts as blatant racists favoring andrew luck. the naacp is investing with its own scouts to prove this fact

  20. tommythek says

    That kid from LSU that Oakland drafted probably had the best skillset in the last 10 years.

    Are we suppose to forget his bad work ethic? He was lazy like Vick, but Vick won games without studying film.

  21. One question … how many Athletic-American QBs lead their team to the playoffs?
    And no … Tebow does not not count … God helped him?
    I know the majority of the media had the dream team winning the SB with their great QB before the season even started. … how did that turn out for you?

  22. I’ve said this before – one major difference is the lifespan of each player. Luck can be your QB for 15 years, RGIII will last about 8. The body can’t stand the NFL pounding that long and RGIII sacrifices his body.

  23. Agree on Gabbert. The Manning brothers were 4-19 combined as rookies in the league. Eli didn’t win his first NFL game until the day before he turned 24. Drew Brees went 2-7 with worse passing stats than Gabbert in his third season, when he was 24. Chargers went out and used the first overall pick on a QB the next season. Blaine was 21 and had the same passing numbers as Vince Young did in 2006 as a rookie. Vince won OROTY and went to the Pro Bowl that season. Go figure.

  24. The spread in college is popular because college coaches are LAZY. They just put it on the QB to run around. They don’t develop QBs. RG3 is getting looked over. Those who sleep on him will rue the day they did not pick him. Luck is good but he did not play good teams. He is good but will get exposed big-time in the NFL. I’m a Colts fan. We will take Luck. He won’t be half as good as Peyton. RG3 will ball wherever he ends up. Luck is just going to get rushed into “being Peyton Manning” and fail at it. Luck needs to go to a team when he can carve out his own legacy. The Colts need to trade the pick and try to win another Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. Pick up David Garrard and let Peyton ease back. David would ball in Indy, win some games, showcase his skill with a REAL team. Trade the Luck pick, get a SS, shutdown corner. Pick up a game breaking RB. That would make sense…but we’ll pick Luck and ruin the kid, smh. Can we pickup Jeremy Lin or Yu Darvish with that no. 1 pick, I’m just sayin…

  25. I have no idea why people put any stock in what these scouta have to.say. You never know how someone’s game is gonna translate to the pro level. Like someone said.earlier, every year these same scouts overlook a Victor Cruz, Tom Brady, or Arian Foster.

  26. not suprised Luck is the better player but he is not that once in a life time player that you think he is. Griffin III is just a bust his system and size isn’t ready for the pro level there an obvious choice here thats luck but if turns in to a Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning duel from 1998 thats fine

  27. dee6634 says: Feb 22, 2012 12:25 AM

    Well, we can assume at least 14 of the 15 scouts interviewed are probably white.
    Ya, because black QB’s don’t get their shot in today’s NFL, please.

    You’re on the same level as “hooterdawg”.

    Two dumb racists.

  28. @joetoronto.

    Black qbs get there shot..russel,campbell,cunningham,vick,garrad,moon,tavaris, mcnabb etc..they just suck..or did all those teams pay money to hold them back..dude your the ignorant racist..

  29. So that tells you take RG3…NFL scouts are a joke..Rarely do they ever base anything off production..If a guy can run fast, jump high, then he must be good…Just look at the large # of undrafted free agents who make teams and the large # of high draft picks that are busts…

  30. Newton vs 5 dogs (TBx2, Min, Ari, Was) – 67% comp., 10 TD 1 INT 269 ypg – vs the other 11, 57.8% comp. 11 TD 16 Int, 246 ypg.

    Let’s not pretend Newton is a world-beater just yet. He beat up on a few teams and didn’t do jack vs two thirds.

  31. Ya’ll drive me nuts on race. Blah, blah, blah.

    Any way, common sense dictates Luck is the better pick. Could Griffith end up better? Sure.

    But Luck is far taller and further, Luck’s mobility is seemingly discounted as it is compared to Griffith who is unusually fast for a QB. Luck can really move out well on his feet.

    Bottom Line is Griffith is 6’1″ at best. Maybe 6′
    If you look at history, there are not many successful short QB’s vs tall QB’s. And you have to look at the system. Stanford has a pro style offense. Baylor, well look at the famous run and shoot QB’s in the past that have bombed? David Klingler, Andre Ware, Colt Brennan, on and on.

    How many great short QB’s have there been since 1970? Not many. Drew Brees is 6’1″ and he is probably the best.

    If anyone in this forum owned a team and had the first pick in the draft, it would be extremely hard to not pick Luck. Everyone can talk, but if it was you, you would have to pick Luck. I love Griffith the person and I hope he is awesome in the NFL, but he is still short for an NFL qb.

  32. pibhighfootballrules says: Feb 22, 2012 7:44 AM


    Black qbs get there shot..russel,campbell,cunningham,vick,garrad,moon,tavaris, mcnabb etc..they just suck..or did all those teams pay money to hold them back..dude your the ignorant racist..
    Read what I said again, doorknob.

    I was saying the same thing, geez.

  33. hooterdawg /babyhorsemorgan / naptownwarrior / raideralex99:

    You all should really remove your closed minded, I wish it was as simple as the 50’s, those black guys scare me, racist, fear glasses before reading anymore articles. So I am to believe that black quarterbacks have maturity concerns, off-the-field issues and a lack of dedication to their craft because of lets’ just pic some big names … maybe Joe Gillman (11th round), Quincy Carter (2nd round), and JaMarcus Russell(1st Round), but white quarterbacks do not have these problems and are safer picks unlike Ryan Leaf (1st round), Todd Marinovich (1st round), Art Schlicter (1st round) or Eric Ainge (5th round). Oh yeah there’s no black quarterbacks (all 5 = C Newton, D McNabb-iffy, M Vick, T Jxn & J Freeman) in the playoffs so we should skip drafting them. But hey those white quarterbacks sitting at home where just on bad teams… don’t count. You all really need to stop equating “black quarterbacks” to less intelligent, run fast and first quarterbacks.

    I think Griffins knock is height and mostly the SYSTEM HE PLAYED IN, IN COLLEGE. And I think Luck gets the nod because of his height and most important the SYSTEM HE PLAYED IN, IN COLLEGE.

  34. Maybe if the same folks in the media who go out of their way to demand that the various football teams go out of their way to built a great offense around their kids like Luck, then maybe black QBs like Cam and RG III will have as long a life in the NFL as the Andrews Lucks, and his kind.

    Also, please spare me the fustration of the race game when all you folks do is play the race game without shame. It always feels like 1950 on this site when it comes to a black player being up against a white. You folks find all kinds of reasons, just like you predescessors did, for justifying why the white kid should go before the black kid.

    Back in the 50’s, it was way more overt. Whites were simply see as better than blacks and should always be seen that way. Today, it’s just a lot more BS complete with, let’s pretend this black kid skin color have nothing to do with our decisions. Even worst is all the fake behind screaming of how much they hate the “race card” being played when that is all they see is other people’s race compare to their own.

    Just ask Jeremy Lin.

  35. @whatswiththehate / cloudchamber2992 … seriously you cannot argue with the facts … drop back QBs win the SB period.
    Please answer me one question … fans hate on all players including Brady and Peyton are they racists? Fans who hate on Ray Lewis or Warren Sapp or Craptree or TO are not called racist and nobody cares. The only person who you CANNOT make a negative comment on are Africian American qbs because if you do … you are called a racist … give me a break.
    Remember before the 2011 season started Dalton was labelled are the worst starting QB in the NFL … Tebow was a failure before he even stepped on the field … calling down players is a fact and sad part of sports. Trying to defend someone and making a million excuses for a player is even sadder.

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