Brady Quinn “disappointed” with “completely inaccurate portrayal”


There were a lot of interesting quotes in Mike Silver’s hilariously titled Year of Magical Stinking article about Tim Tebow in the latest GQ. Brady Quinn’s comments about Tebow’s humility have attracted the most attention.

I thought it was refreshing to hear a player speak honestly for once, but Quinn isn’t enjoying the sudden attention. Quinn backpedaled Tuesday on Twitter faster than Blaine Gabbert on a 13-step drop.

“The comments attributed to me in a recent magazine article are in NO WAY reflective of my opinion of Tim and the Broncos,” Quinn wrote. “Tim deserves a lot of credit for our success and I’m happy for him and what he accomplished. Most importantly, he is a great teammate.

“That interview was conducted three months ago, and the resulting story was a completely inaccurate portrayal of my comments. I have addressed my disappointment with the writer and have reached out to Tim to clear this up. I apologize to anyone who feels I was trying to take anything away from our team’s or Tim’s success this season.”

At least Quinn didn’t say he was misquoted. Because he wasn’t misquoted. He said what he said. Part of what Quinn said pointed out some aspects of Tebow’s leadership style that rubbed him the wrong way. Big deal. Why does it matter if he said the quotes three months ago or last week?

Before Quinn complained publicly, Silver tried to point out that Quinn’s words weren’t supposed to come off as bitter.

“The people ripping [Quinn] 4 his comments in GQ have it wrong. He was honest and not bitter at all. We talked for 50 minutes and he was respectful. . . . He was put in a uniquely weird position that would have rattled most quarterbacks. I thought he handled it well. He’s a standup guy,” Silver wrote.

We didn’t think Quinn’s quotes were that offensive in the first place. He said something about his situation and Tebow’s humility that others have surely thought. There was a time in the NFL when players were far more openly critical of their own teammates, much less players on other teams.

This is what happens when adults speak honestly.

(At least that’s what I hear. I can’t wait to be an adult.)

51 responses to “Brady Quinn “disappointed” with “completely inaccurate portrayal”

  1. Decline the interview then, some people are just too dumb. If you know you are vulnerable at that point respectfully decline or less the truth shall come out and the subsequent backlash.

  2. “Quinn backpedaled Tuesday on Twitter faster than Blaine Gabbert on a 13-step drop.”

    My co-workers were just asking what I laughed about! Nice!

  3. Of course people are ripping Quinn…he criticized someone that worships god. We can’t have that now can we bible thumpers?

  4. Next years storyline will be about Quinn’s resurgence and how the Broncos blew it by not giving Quinn a shot to play. Quinn can play.

  5. Brady Quinn is going to be a starter in this league. It may not be right now, but I have a feeling some team at the right time with the right coaching staff and scheme in place for Quinn he can be a good QB.

  6. It matters how Quinn said what he said, and it matters whether they were stand alone comments or part of a broader interview or…wait for it…context!

    Besides, you posted to quotes today. But the quotes aren’t new news. That’s why it matters that he said them 3 months ago!

    Yet another example of why people can’t stand bloggers, especially inaccurate, misleading ones who can’t post a coherent article without at least one gramatical, contextual and/or informational mistake, and then justify it by claiming that the target of their article is “backpedaling.”

  7. It doesn’t matter what Quinn thinks about Tebow or how Quinn leapfroged him on the depth chart. I doubt many of that team care either. It does make Quinn look like a little sissy though. The whole billboard comment? I’m sure he’s a stand-up guy, but that is just sour grapes.

  8. This should have come out like this, sorry.

    Rosenthal, why rip him like this if you respect him?

    Quinn backpedaled Tuesday on Twitter faster than Blaine Gabbert on a 13-step drop.

    Even the author thinks it’s been misreported or at least needs clarification.

    Either do a hatchet job and admit it or don’t do what you’re accusing him of yourself. No wonder athletes hate the press.

  9. “completely inaccurate portrayal of my comments…”

    As defined by when the reporter writes down and then publishes the foolish remarks you never should have made in the first place.

  10. Brady became sorry for telling the truth right after he got a call from his agent who splained to him the consequences of not being a total suck up in this league.

  11. Ah man…I thought for sure this article was about how Brady Quinn is “disappointed” with the “completely inaccurate portrayal” of himself as an NFL quarterback. Guess I will have to wait for the next story.

  12. The Blaine Gabbert thirteen step drop comment was not funny if you watched him play, he has no Wide Recievers and the RT, LG was horrible in pass blocking. He payed well in his situation in my opionion but I know a lot of people will disagree with me on here

  13. If Quinn were never given a chance, I would sympathize with him. He has blown too many opportunities to be resentful over being passed on the depth chart.

  14. Bottom line of this story, it’s about Brady Quinn. Then maybe TEBOW. Then the broncos. Why throw out a Blaine G diss? Just to get the commenters rolling I assume. *Sigh* GO JAGS

  15. During the lockout, Tebow was at award ceremonies, Quinn was back in Denver with his teammates working out. Tebow was on TV, Quinn was back in Denver working with his teammates. Tebow was at Golf outings with famous people, Quinn was back in Denver working with his teammates. Tebow is punk. Remember Terrell Davis? He showed class by not doing commercials or TV during during his rookie season. Of coarse Tebow showed no class or similar humility during his rookie season. What a punk!

  16. Quinn is an idiot who was always overrated. I’ll never forget that stupid commercial he did talking about the thickness of the playbooks between ND and in the NFL. Then he talked about “going to class all day and [playing football]..that’s how it works at Notre Dame.

    What a d-bag.

  17. Who cares if it was 3 months ago or yesterday ? Quinn’s history in Denver anyway , free to pursue his life as a career backup elsewhere !

  18. Question: When is it appropriate to shoot off your big mouth out of frustration, jealousy and bitterness about a teammate, especially when you yourself have had a profoundly ordinary career as a backup, and haven’t won anywhere near the number of games as Tebow as a pro or college player?
    Answer: NEVER!!!!!!

  19. Why is anyone listening to Brady Quinn? He was a bust long before he was ever drafted. At what point will the NFL realize that Notre Dame does not create QB’s. At least not since Montana

  20. Didn’t I hear that the coach wants to bring in two new QB’s to compete with Tebow this coming season? He didn’t say with Brady Quinn he said Tebow. I guess that means Quinn can be the fourth string QB or if he is lucky, he can regain that coveted #2 spot he keeps losing.
    Doesn’t sound like he is in their future plans anyway. I hope he likes playing indoors on a 50 yard field.

  21. It is so ironic that Qunn criticized Tebow for not being humble when it was Quinn , while competing for the Browns QB job in camp, got caught and then admitted to sending the defense the offensive plays to make the other QBs on the team look bad.

    The correct response from Tebow might simply be that I may be the worst QB in the league not named Sanchez but at least I am not a cheat.

  22. You can’t blame Quinn for not winning in Cleveland. Honestly, who can win there? He got to start for two games in 2009 before Eric Mangini benched him. And he was 1-1 as a starter before that season.

    I think he’d be good if someone else would just give him a shot. Some of the Broncos players said Quinn got a lot better and outplayed Tebow in training camp.

  23. brenenostler says: Feb 21, 2012 6:40 PM

    Some of the Broncos players said Quinn got a lot better and outplayed Tebow in training camp.

    That is not saying much. Pretty much any QB in the league not named Sanchez could outplay Tebow.

    While I do agree with you that Quinn has never really gotten a chance I think its doubtful at this stage of his career he will ever be anything more than a back-up.

  24. Quinn, you had your chance in Cleveland and blew it. You couldn’t even beat Denver in 2008. You weren’t exactly in Tebow’s shoes in 2008, but everyone was screaming your name to start over Derek Anderson. You dropped the ball. At least Tebow took it and ran. It wasn’t pretty, but at least he won.

  25. If you think Tebowmania was overhyped it’s nothing to compare to ND QBs. Maybe he and Claussen can open up a taco stand on the beach in a couple of years.

  26. People read GQ?

    Even crazier…people that watch football read GQ?

    I thought it was just a magazine for Doctors offices and restrooms for a metrosexual’s condo

    Farve wears Wranglers…only magazine that will interview him is Field and Stream

  27. Quinn should still be sitting there waiting to be drafted. He’s not a bust. He just sucked from day one.
    I did see him put a GREAT series together at the end of the 1st half here in Cleveland when Braylon and Kellen both dropped passes right in their hands and we only got three points.
    Then they trotted Derrickhead back out there and the rest is history.
    Quinn did get jobbed by Cleveland but he does need to shut up too. He needs to separate himself and he hasn’t done that as a second stringer.

  28. Anybody who’s ever been interviewed by a journalist and then read their own words out of context in print can relate to this. Been there, done that, and never will trust them again. Journalists are members of the lizard family.

  29. Wait. What’s that guy opening his mouth for, to begin? And, WHO in the world is listening or bothering to quote the failure?

    I’m not defending Tebone, as I think he is a tool bag. But he DID win some games for the Donkeys. What’s the Dr. Quinn chick done since she was on that show? Just travel from city to city, as a third or fourth string QB.

    When did his opinion matter to the press?

  30. Mike said’ “I am just hoping for a Quinn vs. Tebow cage match. Jesus will be the ref of course.”

    Lol. Tebow is twice quinns size. Tebow might love Christ, but he’d knock Quinn out and maybe rape his lifeless body just for fun.

  31. I’ve learned that it is a mistake to make a mobile comment to this site. They almost all get deleted.

  32. nathan702nelson says:
    Feb 21, 2012 8:04 PM
    You want an accurate portrayal? Here’s one Quinn: Adrian Peterson should have won the heisman instead of you.


    So…Quinn didn’t win the Heisman. Just FYI. Accurate portrayal.

  33. I have interviewed Quinn, and he is a good guy. I’m sure the chat he had with Silver was a good-natured one and that he was accurately quoted. There is something, though, about seeing your words in print that make people squeamish. This is no big deal. If I were Quinn, I’d say nothing more in public about this….

  34. Becarefull what you say today, because tomorrow you may have to eat those words.

    Really, who cares besides Jags fans. I would be a proud fan if my QB could backpeddle 13 steps. Gabbart, I dont think made the playoffs, did he?
    Saw him on that Monday night game against Canal Point Elementry and Gabbart was running, ducking, skipping with his long hair blowen in the breeze. Looked like something out of a three stogges movie. 13 step Blaine. ROFLMAO,,,

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