Brandon Spikes has surgery on right knee


Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes emerged from Super Bowl XLVI with a knee that required surgery.  According to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, Spikes has gone under the knife.  (Or the needle or whatever they use when they do arthroscopic surgery.)

The procedure cleaned out cartilage.

There currently are no details regarding whether and to what extent the procedure will limit Spikes in the offseason.

Spikes missed eight regular-season games, and he started each of the team’s three postseason games.

9 responses to “Brandon Spikes has surgery on right knee

  1. This kid is an absolute stud. If he stays on the field, he’s an impact player that changes the defense. A little slow and unorthodox, doesn’t always play within the system, but always around the ball making plays. Playmakers on D are what the Pats need.

  2. He can’t be any good, Belichick drafted him.

    Gronkowski, Vollmer, Chung, and Spikes, all picked in the second round by Belichick as he rebuilt the roster after three Super Bowl victories, an unbeaten regular season, and a painful Super Bowl loss.

    What do you know? The Patriots make it to Super Bowl again (SB 46) just four years later. Last year’s second round picks, Raz-I Dowling and Shane Vereen contributed little in year one but look to come on strong in their sophmore year with the Patriots. A number of middle and late round picks, including Hernandez, are playing well above expectations; not to mention all of the “off the street” free agents. Other NFL players are publicly stating they want to play for the Patriots. Another bounty of draft picks on the board for 2012 as the young and improving Patriots retool.

    They must be cheating. No, Belichick is a football god, Brady the son, and Gronk the spirit. That’s a trinity that every team would want.

  3. Very injury prone in college. He has such potential as an angry ray lewis type (but slower). Good luck with the leg, Spikes! Go Gata!

  4. I bet the Pats weren’t happy with his tweeting about this. That’s how the news broke. 🙂
    He’s a total beast though and when he and Chung are on the field the Pats D has a huge injection of toughness and enthusiasm.

  5. Notice, sadly, how many of these posts about Pat’s D players include the phrases “when he is on the field” and “when he’s healthy.”

    Unfortunately, with some of these new guys, the answer is “not often enough.”

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