Carl Nicks expects to make more than teammate Evans


We wrote Monday how the Saints would love to use the franchise tag on guard Carl Nicks, if the team can get Drew Brees signed to a long-term deal first.

The biggest reason that the tag would be great for Nicks: He’s going to cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Carl Nicks told Rich Gannon and Jim Miller on SiriusXM NFL Radio Tuesday that Nicks wants and expects to make more money than teammate Jahri Evans, who signed a seven-year, $56.7 million contract in 2010 that made Evans the highest paid guard in the league at the time.

(Logan Mankins signed a deal with an $8.5 million average since, making him the highest paid guard.)

Nicks’ logic is airtight: Two years have passed since Evans’ deal. Nicks is also coming off a year where he outplayed Evans, although Nicks was too polite to say that. Nicks said he has not talked contract with the Saints yet.

We can’t imagine the Saints can afford to pay Nicks that much money with Evans already on the books and Brees about to get a monster contract. The only way the Saints can possibly keep Nicks will be to sign Brees before March 5, then use the tag on Nicks.

Based on Nicks’ comment Tuesday, we don’t think he would be too pleased to play on a one-year contract this season.

24 responses to “Carl Nicks expects to make more than teammate Evans

  1. Nicks is a great OG.

    But he’d better be BETTER than great to justify that contract. When Hutchinson signed with the Vikings, he single-handedly created a running game (this was before AP got there) – and Nicks had better do the same.

  2. Every decent team is going to lose players to the bottom feeders. It’s a fact of life in the NFL.

  3. Nicks is dreaming. If it wasn’t for Drew Brees’ quick-trigger nobody on the planet would know who Nicks was. He’ll sign the tender and he’ll like it. Nicks is NOT more important than Brees. He’s NOT more important than Colston. i wouldn’t have given Evans that kind of money either. In fact, since he got that huge deal his play has dropped off a smidge. The Saints need to concentrate on 3 things, Brees, Colston and DEFENSE. Last time i checked Nicks can’t play defense. And he better watch his mouth cuz the new era Saints will NOT be strongarmed or intimidated by any player. Even Drew is waiting in line. Geaux Saints!

  4. wich one of the these two guys was used as a blocking sled right into breese’s lap against JUSTIN SMITH??? thats the one who deserves the dough!!

  5. Way to go Carl. I hope that Brees signs the tender early now just to force you into a one year franchise tag. What a great “team mate”

  6. Bad teammate??? If you outperform your coworkers at your job, wouldn’t you want to make more??? This is his chance to earn the money he deserves and set up his family. Get a clue people!!!

  7. My gut feeling is that Nicks is a gone pecan. Sucks too, because he’s a monster at guard. Just have to trust that the Saints FO will do what they have to do to make a seemless transition on the line.

  8. The Steelers have done really well drafting big talent the last 5 or so years. So they got big play on the cheap but now that great drafting is coming back to bite them b/c now they are pushing cap space. I have faith they will figure it all out AND draft wisely again (please some OL help) and they will have to let some real talent go. But in the end it is the team and whether you want to take a chance on fame (SB ring) & a little less money OR more money and less of a chance at fame (No SB ring)

    The Saints are nothing without the offense but it sounds like they need to make a decision but it sounds to me that either Nicks OR Evans would be acceptable. So draft a a new back-up in the later rounds

  9. For the record, I am a proponent of performance based contracts (barring verifiable injuries). I don’t know how this affects the cap but it certainly gives a player a reason to perform at his highest level EVERY year and not ONLY in his contract year!

  10. Does Nicks make the Pro Bowl without Evans?? Goodwin made the Pro Bowl while at the Saints but left for 49ers where he know considered to be part of a less than adequate O Line.

  11. Nicks is truly great, but the Saints are going to destroy their roster if they attempt to keep him. Both options – the franchise tag or the long-term deal – would break the bank and the Saints would not be able to retain top talent in other areas.

    Let Carl Nicks go.

  12. What the hell do the Steelers have to do with this? It’s fans like sixburgh that give the rest of steeler nation a bad name.

  13. Nicks is a freakin monster. Anyone saying he doesn’t deserve league leading money doesn’t have a clue. He is so good, I would choose him over Colston.

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