Retirement mentioned as possibility for Matt Light

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The Patriots have an enviable situation at tackle next year.

They have 2011 first round pick Nate Solder returning after a solid rookie year. They have Sebastian Vollmer, who has played very well when healthy. And they have Matt Light under contract for only $3.5 million, which includes a workout bonus. Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald hints that Light’s return is far from guaranteed.

“While it hasn’t been said officially, the expectation is that Matt Light will not be back next year (with retirement definitely possible),” Rapoport writes.

That’s the first we’ve heard that Light, 33, could consider retirement. That decision wouldn’t be shocking at his age, but it would be very surprising if the Patriots considered cutting him.

Light enjoyed a very strong season in 2011. The Patriots paid Light roughly $8 million last year, so why wouldn’t they bring him back  for $3.5 million next season?

Rapoport answered a separate tweet by saying he believed Light was leaning towards retirement. We’d guess that Light will be playing in New England or sitting on his couch in 2012, because it’s hard to imagine the team releasing him.

13 responses to “Retirement mentioned as possibility for Matt Light

  1. I’m conflicted by this circumstance. Matt had a great season and no doubt a locker room key. I’ve also suffered some agonizing lows when he plays bad though.

  2. Or maybe Light is trying to squeeze more money out of the Pats and is just using retirement as a power play?

  3. Matt Light has been a great player, a great teammate and a great locker room presence throughout his career. It would be a mistake to let him leave at those numbers. He not only protects Brady’s blind side, he and Koppen are the type of guys that keep the diva side of Brady grounded in the regular world. It would be tough for Brady to lose Koppen, Light and Branch all in the same year.

  4. I hope this isn’t true, he had a phenomenal year and has always been a better than average LT. But if he is pretty sure he may not return it certainly would explain why he would be at that post SB party and giving a toast to the season and the 2011 Pats as was reported he said.

  5. Just look at the two year deal he signed last year.

    It’s a one year deal, 8m, with the second year only to make it cap friendly (1m base, 7m bonus). The second year never was supposed to be earned (at least they need to renegotiate)

  6. If Light doesn’t retire, they keep him. Koppen is gone because Connolly is MUCH healthier and a better overall player.

  7. Light had one of his best seasons this year and hopes he decides to come back but as was said above he has had some tough games, probably due to injuries but the jury was out before last season.

    Light is a shoo in for One Patriots Place HOF after retirement.

  8. Good for them as far as their OL goes.

    Now let’s see them fix that crappy “D” of theirs…

  9. I like Matt Light, but if he gain weight in retirement (which is likely) he should changed his name to “Matt Fat” or “Matt Heavy”!!!

  10. I’ve been calling for Light’s replacement for a couple seasons. He’s been less consistent the last few seasons, and I chalk up his better play in 2011 to having legitimate competition with the presence of Solder. Light has been a fantastic member of the Patriots but, like all things New England, when your play starts to suffer it’s best to move on…before you’re moved…

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