Run the 40 at work, send it to NFL Network

Every year, Rich Eisen of NFL Network runs the 40-yard dash in his suit and tie at the Scouting Combine.  This year, you can, too.

Sort of.

Starting today, folks can run the 40 in their places of business, videotape the effort, and send it to NFLN.  The best ones will make it onto the air.

Upload via any tool and tweet the link to @richeisen, @nfl, and/or @nflnetwork.  (Throw in @profootballtalk too and we’ll retweet the good ones.)

So have fun.  And watch out for cars.

21 responses to “Run the 40 at work, send it to NFL Network

  1. Not sure what my 40 time is, …but I’m benching combine weight …which is 224 lbs …. me thinks!!! .

  2. Sounds like a good way for the common man to get into trouble at their… places of business.

  3. Doesn’t seem like a smart idea. You’ll get guys who will blow out a ligament or two and then try to sue their work or the NFLN. Which is exactly why commercials have in fine print ( do not attempt, professionals on a closed track). etc

  4. as long as we’re at it, we had a burner WR a year ahead of me that ran a 4.32…too small for D1 ball but played at Wabash College…dude was fast! and white! (not trying to play the race card, but white guys can burn it too! just not me…my best ever was 4.8, which is why I played DE 2nd string)

  5. Well figuring in the time i stop for cars, and have to re-start the run because the person filming me running ruined the shot by laughing their a$$ off i think i could run a clean 25 second 40

  6. contra74 says:
    Feb 21, 2012 4:00 PM
    I love his commitment to return and play but Im worried he is rushing this too soon. I played football all the way up to the NCAA level and have seen the setback that ACL tears have on any athlete.

    Please post your tapings of running the 40 to be viewed and screened by life long vikequeef twit, contra74. The former high school football player and self-proclaimed football expert who now dwells in his mom’s basement, will give his personal worthless assessment, wanted or unwanted, on your 40 time and running technique all free of charge.

    As you can read he has a unique insight because he has “seen the setback that ACL tears have on any athlete.” I’m guessing that includes ACL tears on wheelchair athletes also since he does specify “any athlete.” WOW, what an expert he mush be!

  7. Troy i think is referring to the league going to 18 games a season. He’s right. If that happens u water it down even more.
    That office race is great. I love that show. Beat it!!!

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