Vikings look to undertake roster overhaul


Veteran guard Steve Hutchinson seems to know that his time in Minnesota may be up. That will likely be the case for a number of Vikings veterans.

Tom Pelissero of points to guard Anthony Herrera ($3,583,335) and cornerback Cedric Griffin ($4.65 million) as two other veteran players likely to get the boot this offseason.

If Hutchinson is also cut, that would give the Vikings roughly $23 million in cap space to play around with. The team is also likely to let veteran tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and linebacker E.J. Henderson walk via free agency. Defensive tackle Kevin Williams could be asked to restructure his deal.

Minnesota didn’t embrace the reality last season that the team was rebuilding. They signed Donovan McNabb in an effort to compete with the Packers and Bears, and instead Minnesota competed for the top pick in the draft.

Look for new G.M. Rick Spielman to admit the obvious with his moves this offseason. Minnesota is a team with a lot of roster holes that is a lot closer to the bottom of the league than competing for a title. It’s time to shed some roster deadweight and spend that cap room on young talent.

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  1. Shiancoe back to the Giants… that’s easy conceive given the teams injuries at the position and team familiarity with him.

  2. Just a few starting receivers, defensive backs, offensive linemen, a linebacker, a defensive tackle, and a tight end is all we’ll need to compete.

  3. The Vikes have a lot of rebuilding to do. The once steller linebacking core got old as did the defensive backfield. Winfield misses more games than he plays in.
    With a solid draft, letting go of the old ones, getting a few good free agents, that rebuilding process begins.
    I look for the team to be better next year but certainly not playoff contenders.
    There big problem is the Lions and Bears got good too. There’s four sure wins you can’t count on anymore.

  4. the only bright spots are Jared Allen, Percy Harvin, and Kyle Rudolph.

    Peterson is a giant question mark now. if he rushes to get back, he’ll tear his knee up for good. he better take it slow if he wants to play for 5-7 more years.

  5. bring in Brandon Carr at CB let Chris Cook play and bring in younger CBs from the draft. draft Matt Kalil start him move Charlie Johnson to guard where he originally played. Kyle Rudolph will make us forget who Shiancoe is. erin henderson to take his brothers spot. bring in either Steve Johnson,Pierre Garcon or Manningham (all young receivers) at WR and let CP7 (Christian Ponder) start the whole. May not be as simple as this but hey its a good way to start a SB team.

  6. purplengold says:Feb 21, 2012 9:55 AM

    Just a few starting receivers, defensive backs, offensive linemen, a linebacker, a defensive tackle, and a tight end is all we’ll need to compete.

    * So you’re saying there’s a chance! – Lloyd Christmas

  7. Most of roster falls under two categories is their problem: old and slow or young and talentless. They have some good players, but they have a long way to go. If I were them, I would build up offense. They have some pieces their already, make them an explosive unit and just do patchwork with the defense. I think it’s their quickest way to winning.

  8. I hope they don’t cut Herrera. He’s a solid guard who is still relatively young. We shouldn’t have to rebuild our whole offensive line in one year. Let Hutchinson go, draft Kalil, move Charlie Johnson to left guard, and let’s play!

  9. Hey Purplengold:

    You pretty much nailed the Vikings need, receivers, defensive backs, offensive linemen, a linebacker (actually 2-3), a defensive tacke and tight end.

    What you forgot was coaching and a front office!

  10. i still have a hard time letting go of Cedric and Hutch. Hutch has been impeded by injuries the last couple of season as well as dealing with terrible LTs next to him that he had to constantly cover for. Ced is a tough cut also. he was terrible for the first half of the season but he started to look a little more like the Ced of two years ago the last few games. i think it helped him to sit out a couple games, reload and absorb a little to get some of his confidence back. with the vikings terrible DBs letting Ced go puts us in a bad situation even with depth.

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing the team try to redo some of these contracts. Griffin might make a good safety, but after two reconstructed knees, any team putting him at corner would be a questionable move at best.

    Beyond that, the Vikings needs to be VERY active in free agency, and then be open to trading down to pick up extra draft picks. If they could trade down and stay in the top 10 of round one, and pick up an extra #2, they add three new starters in the draft.

    This team has a lot of holes, but still has a good number of quality players: AP, Harvin, Rudolph, Allen, Williams, Greenway. Some of the younger players will have to step up this coming season, especially Ponder or Webb.

    Sometimes teams can turn things around in a hurry. Hopefully the Vikings can do that this year.

  12. I’m all for it. It’ll be sad to see some of those guys go, especially E.J. because he always plays hard. But it’s time for the Vikings to get younger, more talented, and deeper at positions across the board.

  13. I think Donovan McNabb was the only offseason move that was Rebuild Denial. All other moves were long term draft stuff, particularly at QB. And we now know that was a Frazier decision, and he no longer has that power, so problem solved.

  14. The great teams dont have 2 or 3 players they have to drop every 5 years when there plans keep falling apart… Sad to say this I know O line is important but I feel getting a WR in the draft is a huge way to start this over… No short cuts in making a great team.. IE redskins Raiders draft and pick up cheap FA build them up..

  15. Did somebody just say the Vikings need a TE? At least know your facts before making statements. They have Rudolph and Reisner that will be there main starters next year… that’s why they’re letting Shiancoe walk.

  16. tylerdurden0 says:Feb 21, 2012 12:07 PM

    The Vikings colors remind me of Dimetapp
    Or Nexium….. which should come in handy when watching the Vikes!

  17. EJ Henderson and Cederic Griffin are both solid players but too often injured.

    Hutchenson is, well, a great player and will be missed.

    Herrea was also on the roster bubble but is a quality depth player whose salary will get him cut.

    McNabb was a move by Frasier that Speilman wholly disagreed with, and the result was a high draft pick and Fraiser giving up roster control to Speilman.

    That said, the Vikings still have a lot of talent, and may very well suprised people this year. They have several all-pros like Chad Greenway, Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. They have some promising youth like Kyle Rudolf and Toby Gerhart. They also have a promising young QB in Christian Ponder, which is the first time I’ve been able to say that without adding a “but…” at the end of it, since they drafted Tommy Kramer in 1979.

    In other words, while this team certainly isn’t going to make a Super Bowl run in 2012, they aren’t far away from being competitive, which is more than most teams considered to be rebuilding can say.

  18. I’ll miss Hutch.

    He wanted to knock you down every play, but he’d help you right back up.

    Great player. Great person. It shouldn’t be so hard to find guys like that.

  19. And yet they keep Cook on the roster. i dont get it.
    EJ was a good dude, but im not sad to see him go if they let him walk.
    i dont know what has been wrong with the LB’s the past 10 years, but they have never been something to write home about, they seem to be talented players, often chasing down players after a 10yd gain. is it the defensive front, are the CBs just that bad? its hard to believe either one is true. my guess is that the entire defense is mediocre across the board except for the obvious 3.

    would greenway be a better fit at middle?

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