Willie Colon restructures deal

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The Steelers continue to-rework contracts of their veterans in an effort to find some cap space for 2012.

The latest player to adjust his deal: tackle Willie Colon. $3.8 million of Colon’s $4.5 million salary was converted into a bonus that was prorated over the next four years of his contract.

In most situations, Colon would be a candidate for release. He’s only played one game in the last two years because of his injury. The Steelers gave Colon big money last offseason, however, and cutting him now wouldn’t make financial sense. The Steelers are relying on Colon to start at right tackle next year.

25 responses to “Willie Colon restructures deal

  1. “The steelers are headed for the basement. Bengals on the rise and the Ravens are becoming more consistent.”


    That’s what Warren Sapp said after week 1 last year. The Steelers will simply reload like they always do. The Bungles will always be the Bungles. And the Ravens ARE consistent. They always get bounced out of the playoffs in years where they are expected to contend for it all. And they’ll re-sing Joe Dilfer for too much money and set their franchise back years with a mediocre “franchise” QB.

  2. medtxpack-

    Ravens are becoming consistent? Seriously dude they swept us for first time in years. They consistently let their fans down year after year by making a deep run if thats what you mean (obviously you dont). Other than that you can be realistic and respect what the Steelers have done and probably will continue to do for the next 8 years of this decade. I understand financially we are burdened but if we can succeed this offseason will certainly will be sitting comfortable in the future. Please dont let your bias cloud your judgement bc you sound like a tool.

  3. Great great … I am happy about this.. He is a good Ol , just needs to stay healthy and right now we can use all the help we can get !! I would really like to have a healthy Starks come back as well as we draft a few to groom and get our OL straight for years to come………

    I wonder why PFT is not reporting this little nugger…
    Not only did Art Rooney II say he had nothing to do with the hiring of Todd Haley, but the Steelers president also was a bit surprised that coach Mike Tomlin wound up hiring him as his new offensive coordinator.

    “I think the bottom line is, Mike was comfortable that’s who he wanted to come in,” Rooney said Thursday afternoon. “It may be fair to say that when he started the discussions and Todd’s name was on his original list, I don’t think he expected that Todd was the guy he was going to wind up hiring. But as he had more conversations with him, he became more comfortable that he was the right guy for the job.”
    Rooney also goes on to say that although he knew Todd Haley as a kid, he didnt speak to him his adult life and had nothing to do with the hiring and stated that it was ALL Tomlin and his decision.

    Now for weeeks PFT was saying the opposite and putting out crap… I think PFT and the powers that be need to put that as a HEADLINE and then make sure to state in the article how wrong they were and that they made a mistake…. Amazing how stupid people look when actual facts come out and the truth is told.

  4. BC Ottograham is the most successful professional football player before the superbowl era. Im a fan of football born and raised in Pittsburgh. Im a fan by default by will certainly give respect where its deserved.

  5. Not all of us in Pittsburgh see life through Black and Gold glasses. Nor are we all yinzers. Save that for the 724 area code folk. If you want to have a football discussion say something intelligent. Until then continue to knitpick at others usernames to get your rocks off.

  6. Agree with Otto Graham. Fans of the game respect great players who play (and played) it well, regardless of team.

  7. Look up Willie Colon’s effectiveness in his last healthy season. You can find the stats that list all offensive linemen in the NFL. You will find him quite high, and that is why he was re-signed coming of injury, to a nice contract I might add. Also why they will keep him. He is young, nasty, and mobile. He gets to many movement penalties, but other than that, he is good. Nice move Colbert. Again.

    I see, if they are not gone yet:

    Aaron Smith – maybe
    Casey Hampton – maybe
    Foote – maybe

  8. More restructuring!


    Salary cap hell, here they come!

    2013 is gonna fun for us haters to see…

  9. Gotta love how all these “restructures” are making stooler fans praise their front office.


    They should not have to restructure contracts. Eventually, the cap crunch will come to fruition. The Pittsburgh front office is tampering with the future success and the fans are eating it up.

    As a Raven fan, I’m loving it! Keep it going Kahn / Colbert.

  10. ravenator, the Steelers have played the cap game quite well through the years–and we have the trophies to prove it. We praise our front office because they’ve earned it.

    Colon isn’t my favorite guy, but he was better than above average the last time he played. I’d have liked to get rid of him, but as Gregg says, we’re just not in the position to do that right now. And if he plays as well as he did before his injuries, he’s really an asset to the team.

  11. The Front office knows what their doing. They’ve been successful at it for 2 decades. Don’t see anything changing this decade….. Fix the Oline Mike T and we’ll be unstoppable on Offense. Restructure and Reload baby!!!!

  12. The new television contracts will be kicking in the next two years making the cap around 150 give or take… I dont see where is a problem by doing this with guys you are keeping around for another 3- 5 years. Chances are this is alot of guys last contracts…The will do as they always do … restructure… draft replacements and then in a few years new draft picks will be ready… is funny to me how people question one of if not the best organizations in footballs front office who have been doing this successfully. We will get our NT ILB CB or OL of the future with first pick and possibly two if Wallace leaves… Im cool with that…he can be replaced and the Steelers are built to last…We dont win or lose because of one player..we have very good back ups waiting and will be a team in the hunt for a long time… As a fan I am cool with that. We are definately spoiled !!

  13. Ravenator you can “love it” all you want for now. Wait till next year we will see whos “lovin it” then

  14. All the commentary about how “restructuring contracts for upfront bonus cash hurts the future salary cap numbers” is coming from a bunch of high school drop outs who don’t understand basic math. All they are doing is giving them the money now they are already promised & spreading the cost out over the length of their contracts. It only hurts if they have to cut those players before their contracts end. Obviously, that’s not their main concern…for good reason.

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