Amendment to Rams’ lease only covers 2012 London game


The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission amended the Rams’ lease to allow the team to play one “home” game in London this year, but the lease does not address the Rams’ plans to play future games in London.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that as part of the deal to play the Patriots at Wembley Stadium in October, the Rams agreed to pay seasonal workers at the Edward Jones Dome their hourly wages for the lost game and allow the building to be used more often for conventions during football season.

However, the amendment to the Rams’ lease only covers one game, this year. The Rams say they plan to play in London in 2013 and 2014, and maybe for many more years to come, but St. Louis says the Rams’ current lease doesn’t allow that.

The Rams and St. Louis are also negotiating over planned renovations that would make the Edward Jones Dome a “first tier” stadium, as mandated by the lease. The Convention and Visitors Commission has given the Rams its proposal, and the Rams will respond by March 1.

8 responses to “Amendment to Rams’ lease only covers 2012 London game

  1. Great, the Rams are paying the minimum wages for the vendors and parking attendants. Now how about the wages (including tips) for the waitresses/bartenders/etc at the establishments downtown for the lost football weekend? Crazy for these teams to want billion dollar stadiums but yet want to give away the home games which allow at least a small portion of the cost to go back to the local economy.

  2. The Rams don’t want to give away home games – the league does. But it seems that the Convention and Visitors Commission forgets that the Rams are looking for any excuse to relocate to LA. The ‘Tier 1’ Ram minimum requirement may have suddenly become captains chairs for every seat – complete with beer bongs.

  3. BTW, for those who put emphasis on the benefit of home games to the local economy: Goodell probably rolls that reasoning into his plan for an 18 game season to accomodate international games without negatively impacting the local economy.

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    All waitresses and bartenders within a 100 mile radius of St.Louis should be mandated to turn all tips and gratuities over to Rams management upon receipt . No exceptions.

    It’s the responsibility of all waitresses and bartenders to ensure that all millionaires and billionaires retain their status.

    Seeing that you must be new to America, welcome .



  5. I hope this serves as a wakeup call to all those who say an NFL franchise does not bring it much revenue to a city. Worried about one game per season? Muliply the losses by eight. Ten really if you include pre-season.

  6. I am very concerned about the talk of moving to L.A. They need to make a deal on those stadium renovations pronto! Unless those @zzh _ _es want a new stadium. That’s over the top.

  7. There’s simply no logic behind having the Rams constantly play in London. It hurts them competitively by taking away a home game every year and it hurts the city economically. And in return, Goodell would have you believe there are going to be tons of Rams fans running around England? It’s nuts.

    If they’re going to continue playing in London, there should be a rotation of teams guaranteeing nobody has to go more than once in a five-year period or something like that. (Personally, I don’t see why any team that’s already played over there should have to go back until every other team has done so. That would be fairest competitively and would allow English fans to eventually see every NFL team.)

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