Brandon Jacobs expects to return to the Giants

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Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has won a pair of Super Bowl titles in seven seasons with the team.  And he intends to try to make it three out of eight.

“Well, I have spoken to my agent and I do expect to be fully back with the New York Giants next season,” Jacobs told Jim Miller and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday, via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “These guys in the front office, they’ve been doing this for years.  They know what they gotta do.  I want to be back.  But they actually know what has to be done if they want me back.”

What has to be done is simple.  Jacobs’ cap number needs to drop.  And he needs to take less money.  Due to earn a $500,000 roster bonus next month and a $4.4 million base salary in 2012, Jacobs costs too much to continue to be a No. 2 option on the depth chart.

Garafolo mentions that Jacobs doesn’t want to leave the New York area.  Thus, if the Giants move on (and if Jacobs prefers not to move out), Jacobs could indeed be serious about the Jets, despite his past remarks about Rex Ryan.

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  1. Such a beast.. he was delivering pain on so many runs this year. Some lateral running which is not his game, but those pile-driving vertical runs just separated DB shoulder after shoulder.

  2. .

    Adding Jacobs will allow the Jets to havea “in huddle mediator ” to work through any in game issues between “Chihuahua Eyes ” Sanchez and Santonio “oh captain, my captain ‘ Holmes.


  3. I just do not see how he is beneficial to the Giants. He needs to take A LOT less money, and I could see his pride getting in the way of that. I’d rather have a running back off the scrap heap every week that needs to fight for those extra yards to save his job. This guy is done.

  4. This guy’s problem is that he thinks he’s better than he really is. He also has a real problem with not shooting his mouth off and burning bridges. Being a blowhard has really given the Giants all the leverage here by telling Ryan to “shut up” and now claiming he wants to stay in NY, whether it’s with the Jets or Giants. Funny thing is, he thinks he can leverage getting starter money out of the Jets in order to hold the Giants hostage on a slightly larger and longer guaranteed deal. I could see Jacobs waiting around for a contract well into the summer and the Giants retaining Ryan Grant (who can do a lot of the same things) for much less.

  5. I have a family member that works very high up in the Giants’ front office. Says Jacobs is and always has been a total jack hole. He hasn’t said it outright, but the feeling I got from him is that they are looking for any out with him. Unless he takes a huge paycut, like 50%, he’s gone.

  6. How come a lot of players say how much they want to stay, as long as the team takes care of them? I mean they want to stay as long as the money is right.

    Why can’t they just say, hey I want my money, or I am out of here?

    Oh wait, that makes them look like the bad guy. And they wonder why fans turn on them.

  7. None of you see his worth to the Giants because you all root for teams that have not won 2 SBs in 4 years! Go back under your rocks and secretly pray that the Giants release Jacobs so you can all come out, change course and say just how great it would be to add a team leader, great lockerroom guy, great body-blow RB, great blitz pickup back and 2x SB champ to your pathetic teams.

  8. I don’t mind Jacobs. He took a cut last year, and they can easily back-end that money like they’ve done with Webster twice in four years. If he gets a 2-3 year deal, the last year can be spread out in tiered bonuses.

    To the clown who made up the lie about knowing someone in the front office, you’ve been exposed.

    Jacobs will be back. Osi and Kiwi I’m not that certain of.

  9. The money can be spent to shore up other positions. We don’t need him… 4.4 mill for 600 yards ??? I would think we can spend it on keeping Osi and Kiwi… we need them…for his size there should only be ONE direction…Straight ahead.. He CANNOT run to the out side…he is just not fast enough.

  10. They’ll keep him for the $500,000 they owe him. His is not worth 1/2 of the 4.4 Million. Make that not worth 3/4 of that. And what team wants a one dimensional back, with a bad attitude, who is only good for 50 yards a game, maybe.

  11. I don’t know why they’d give him anything other than minimum wage. His effectiveness clearly dropped last year and if the Giants system can get to how it was before 2011, he is easily replacable. Plus he’s very rude to player’s wives.

  12. elimanningbobblehead – Keep up. Jacobs has already agreed to take a pay cut from the 4.4 he’s owed. Osi is signed for 2012 at a manageable 3.9M. I think Kiwi is signed for 2012 as well. The only issue is whether the Giants value Jacobs and will offer him something that he can live with.

    Don’t forget….Bradshaw isn’t durable and he averaged the same ypc as BJ last year. The line was in flux and should improve next year. Plus, there are no cheaper/better alternatives out there.

  13. Brandon is great at picking up the blitz and allowing Eli more time to hook up downfield. There are runners out there that don’t pick up the blitz. Brandon is also a team player. I expect him back and as a second option of 50 yards per game it will be what the G-Men need. At the price we are payiong him, he is worth it.

  14. Here’s my case for keeping him. If you want to argue against me, provide me facts and not hate – 1) In a passing league and with a team that lives and dies by its QB, you need a big time blitz pick-up back. BJ is the best blitz pick-up back in league; 2) Softens defenses which is big reason why Giants are good 4th Q team; 3) should be better next year with more cohesive and better OL (AB had bad numbers too); 4) great lockerroom guy; 5) gives Giants identity of toughness on offensive side of ball; 6) team guy who has taken paycuts before; 7) put ego aside to let AB be no. 1 back; 8) team leader; 9) has low miles for 30 yr old; 10) knows the offense inside and out; 11) stays out of trouble; 12) 2X SB Champ.

    These guys don’t grow on trees. Ware blows chunks. AB is not durable. Eli’s life is not going to be entrusted to rookies. Nobody better/cheaper on the market.

    3yrs 7M is fair.

  15. Jacobs can be a loose cannon, but he actually is a decent guy to have. He’s excellent at blitz pick-ups and “chipping” DE’s when going out on routes. That being said while he can run hard and be used to wear down defenses, he can try to do too much in terms of trying to dance when he really isn’t elusive, bounce runs to the outside when he isn’t able to outrun defenders to the edge, etc.

    That being said if the Giants can keep him at a good bargain price then go for it. If he really does put a priority regarding staying here not just for himself but for his kids’ schooling, then he should cooperate. We shall see.

  16. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Feb 22, 2012 11:37 AM

    To the clown who made up the lie about knowing someone in the front office, you’ve been exposed.


    How have I been exposed? You either believe me or you won’t. I’m not posting his name or email on this or any other website, if that’s what you want.

    You have such a narrow mind.

    Is it really too hard to believe that out of the 310,000,000 people that live in the US, someone who visits this board can’t be related to someone in a high ranking NFL position???

    Everyone has relatives, right? NFL players and execs have to be related to someone, right?

    The only one exposed here is you, sir, for having a feable mind.

  17. Most overrated player in football, should be setting up pins in a bowling alley… Or playing for the jets.

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