Luck not planning to throw, may do other drills

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There’s been some uncertainty as to whether Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will throw passes at the Scouting Combine.  Many quarterbacks shy away from doing so, given the unfamiliarity of the surroundings and the wide assortment of receivers who’ll be trying to catch the ball.  For every quarterback, it’s much easier to have a successful Pro Day workout, since it happens on his campus with receivers he’s known for a long time.

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star told PFT Live on Wednesday that Luck reached out to the Colts for input on whether he should throw, and that the Colts advised him not to.  Joe Schad of created the impression, via comments from quarterbacks coach George Whitfield, that Luck had not yet made a final decision.  (Schad has since clarified his report to indicate Luck won’t throw.)

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Luck indeed isn’t planning to throw, but he may do the other Scouting Combine drills.

But if the Colts are pulling his strings (apparently because the Colts eventually will be calling his name), there’s no reason to do anything at the Scouting Combine.

If nothing else, the situation provides a bit of uncertainty as we prepare for the games of the underwear Olympiad.

29 responses to “Luck not planning to throw, may do other drills

  1. If you are the Colts you don’t ask him to skip drills. They are about to make a significant investment in both money and a pick. I know they’ll work him out privately, but don’t you want to see him at the combine? Doesn’t make sense, but neither does signing him this early. Why would the colts take the risk by signing him this far in advance of drafting him? What if he got hurt BEFORE they drafted him, but after they signed him???

  2. I still dont see why QBs are so afraid to throw at the underwear Olympics…

    I mean, isn’t that what you will be doing in the pros…? Throwing to guys you don’t know?

    What’s next, a RB who won’t run the shuttle drill or D-Lineman who wont hit the pads? Geeeeshhh…

  3. WOW! So a team is telling a college prospect NOT to throw at the combine! It is hypocritical then for teams to complain about athletes not doing things at the combine!

  4. Good call dude. The last thing you want to see a QB do to show off his skills is throw the football.

  5. Probably not a bad idea. The more time Newton spent with Whitfield last year, the worse his throwing became in the workouts. Cam had a better completion percentage playing against NFL defenses than he did throwing without pressure on an open field prior to the draft.

  6. why wouldn’t you throw, you’re a quarterback, you should be used to throwing and the colts should want to see him throw so they can assess how he does under these circumstances…

  7. He doesn’t need to throw but the Colts might want to, you know, have him pass a physical before handing over things like a $28 million guaranteed bonus.

  8. ProDolphinsTalk says: Feb 22, 2012 5:37 PM

    Joey Harrington 2.0.

    if your pathetic hapless dolphins had just been slightly more pathetic and gotten the first pick, you’d be singing his praises and calling him the next Manning…. your homerism is blinding your judgment.

  9. The Colts have already had their once in a lifetime player. It’s going to be so fitting when their so called second once in a lifetime player falls on his face. Besides any team that goes 2-14 just b/c one player goes down doesn’t deserve jack. Pathetic.

  10. You guys aren’t getting it.

    The point of a player attending the combine is to increase his value, right?

    Andrew Luck’s value cannot increase. He’s going #1 overall, no matter what.

    So why show up- because someone dares him to?

  11. Wow this season draft feels very much like last year. Only difference is, a black QB was the better choice but the predominately white folks in the NFL sporting world didn’t want him so they set out to distroy him however they could. Just like Luck with RG III, Blaine Gabbert, another white QB, was perceived to be the “more safer” QB of the 2011 draft and was being pushed to go ahead of Cam.

    I ‘m guess Luck doesn’t have to throw or do anything since his many fathers in the media have chosen him over RGIII based on nothing more than his Pro-Style offense.

    I’m sure like Cam and his so called inaccuracies, RG III will be picked apart before the draft is over, while we’re expected to believe that Luck’s weaknesses are no big deal, just like Blaine Gabbert. I guess because those in the media know, unlike, RG III and Cam, the team is made to believe that they have to RESPECT their QB. Unless, the QB looks like them.

  12. luck wont be throwing the ball in indy either..b.c there wr cire is depleting and there line is heath sshula..

  13. These future NFL cry babies kill me! If you are the best show up with the best and prove it and stop hiding behind your own private work out!

  14. there really isn’t a reason for Luck to even show up… it’s not like he’s Tebow and he’s trying to fool a sucker team into a big contract under the old CBA…

  15. Isray early in the season inferred they were going to suck for Luck… they had the gall to actually do it… and now Luck is getting the standard #1 pick contract no matter what…

    and the Colts thus cheat all the teams who really deserve a shot at a great pick… and get away with it… it’s the most unfair event to ever happen in the draft….

  16. There really should be a lottery similar to what the NBA has for the 1st pick of the draft. It was so obvious that the Colts purposely tanked their season.

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