Mathis could be target for Titans


We’re still almost three weeks away from free agency, but it’s about time we started hearing rumors about where certain free agents could land. (This is the Rumor Mill, after all.)

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean provides some fodder by listing three players he “heard” could be potential targets for Tennessee: Colts defensive end Robert Mathis, Bengals safety Reggie Nelson, and Ravens special teamer Haruki Nakamura.

Mathis headlines the group. Tennessee needs pass rushers and they know Mathis well after facing him twice a year since 2003. Wyatt describes Mathis as a much more affordable option than Mario Williams. (Of course, Mathis is a much older option too.)

Nelson rehabbed his value in Cincinnati. His former secondary coach is now coordinating the Dolphins defense, so Miami may also have interest. Tennessee could decide to use the franchise tag on safety Michael Griffin, which would make signing Nelson unnecessary.

The Colts have a tough decision to make with Mathis. Spending big money on an aging pass rusher doesn’t make sense for a rebuilding team.

10 responses to “Mathis could be target for Titans

  1. Here’s hoping the Packers take a run at Mathis. If they lose Wells they can draft Konz and use the money on this pick up.

  2. Keeping Michael Griffin would be a total waste.

    It would be just like the Titans to go after aging players.

    I still have hope that with the new GM the Titans will have a great draft and rebuild our defense with FUTURE players that are hungry and play hard.

  3. Buyer beware on Mathis. The numbers are impressive, but there are a few factors that give me pause:

    1. He’s been playing across from Dwight Freeney. That helps a lot.
    2. He’s 30. Once he loses that burst, his value drops massively. It’s coming sooner rather than later.
    3. At 6-2, 245 pounds, he’s smaller than most 3-4 LBs, let alone 4-3 ends.
    4. Indianapolis has done a fantastic job of making good players out of marginal talents, thanks to its scheme. See pretty much every LB who has every started for them.
    5. Can he hold up against the run?

    I hope he’s wrong, and that I look back on this post with great shame. But I would be very nervous if my team gave him a big contract.

  4. It has been reported that Mathis & San Diego have mutual interest. I’d look for him to wind up there along with Tyvon Branch.

  5. Oh pretty please let them go after Nelson. That guy is one of the worst tacklers in the league and is victimized by any WR with a halfway decent double move. All the physical skills to justify his 1st round selection. No drive. No brains. No heart.

  6. Mathis seems to be too small to play for DC Jerry Gray.
    Gray likes to have bigger guys on defense.

    Nelson’s a possibility, as is Nakamura. But money will
    determine whether or not any of these guys get signed…

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