Mayock provides Combine preview

We gave you a taste of Mike Mayock’s appearance on PFT Live in the Rumor Mill Tuesday.

With the Combine about to get started, we may as well include the entire interview here.

After all, Mayock knows a lot more about the draft than anyone writing on this site. Or anyone in the media period. Here are Mayock’s thoughts on the top quarterbacks, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, and the lack of intensity at the Pro Bowl.

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12 responses to “Mayock provides Combine preview

  1. Mayock the expert huh?

    “Cam Newton will be a bust! I’d draft Blaine Gabbert over him, heck I’d draft just about any other QB in this draft over Cam Newton”

    Good call buddy

  2. @dacapt704

    Being wrong once or twice does not completely destroy a guy’s credibility. These guys analyze hundreds of players every year (at least the good ones do). There’s no way they could be right 100% of the time. Mayock is still the best.

    It’s still too early to render a verdict on “Dual Overhead” Cam Newton, btw. To justify being selected 1st overall, he’ll need to have several more seasons like the last one and, like it or not, there are still serious questions about his character and leadership abilities, which are kind of important at the QB position and could indicate some problems on the horizon.

    “I want to get everyone else playing on MY level.” Well, buddy, saying that in an interview is not how you go about it.

  3. Mayock is a total media creation.

    You just cannot defend his evaluations of QB’s. He is so far off on his QB evaluations that it’s silly. He would draft Aaron Curry over Matt Stafford. He would draft Gabbert over Newton. He actually BRAGGED that he called Aaron Rodgers slipping in the first round because Rodgers was way overhyped. So to sum it up, Rodgers, Netwon and Stafford would have been passed on by Mayock for Smith, Gabbert and Curry. The Curry pick is the most alarming because how could anyone justify taking an OLB over a premier QB like Stafford.

    It’s one thing when you are talking about later in the draft, but it is alarming that he cannot even get the #1 pick right.

  4. @visible4

    And Mel Kiper said JaMarcus Russell was the next John Elway. The QBs in the draft each year are a crap shoot, and if you don’t know that you really shouldn’t be saying anything. Mayock is better than anything they have on BSPN, or anywhere for that matter.

  5. I recall the 2009 draft when Mayock had Bronco picks Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers among his top five players overall. Said that Ayers would be the best defensive player from the draft in three years. Three years later Ayers is mediocre and Moreno might not make it through training camp.

  6. uh remember him being the only one wanting cutler over leinart and young? you obviously omitted that little nugget in your ‘research’

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