Mayock thinks NFL needs to make a decision on the Pro Bowl

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Mike Mayock of NFL Network and NBC joined PFT Live on Tuesday.  Mayock, who’ll be covering the Scouting Combine like the swaddling clothing of a newborn, worked the Pro Bowl last month for NBC.

So I asked him which event will more closely resemble real football — the Combine or the Pro Bowl.  As to the latter, Mayock was candid.

“Doug Flutie and I looked at each other after the first snap, like, ‘What are we gonna do with this?'” Mayock said.  “I was really stunned at the pace of play early.  It picked up for a while.  And I think the NFL has to make a decision.  You either say we’re gonna make this thing more competitive or we’re need to take a step back, because the intensity of play was not acceptable for at least half the game.”

He’s right.  And regardless of whether there’s anything the league can do to increase the intensity of the game, the league needs to decide whether it wants to try to make the Pro Bowl have something more than an amateur-hour effort, or whether the game needs to simply go away for good.

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47 responses to “Mayock thinks NFL needs to make a decision on the Pro Bowl

  1. I rather them do a skill competition than the pathetic effort they showed. Either that or scrap it. No one want’s to see an over-glorified 7 on 7 with minimal effort.

  2. End it. It has been a non-contest for years. Why risk injury for the small amount of money that can be gained?

  3. Like others, I say a skill comp would be a better idea. Something like the old Network Challenge thing where the two teams from the previous Super Bowl got together and faced off. You could have the DL and OL do a tug of war thing; wide recivers and backs to a 400 relay, etc etc. The pro bowlers all get their props and recognition, but nobodys got to block or tackle. Certainly would be better than the NFLs version of WWF they debuted this year. That was pathetic. Also, move it back to a week or two after the SB so all of the stars can be there

  4. He is right. I just watched 5 mins. of it and I thought I was watching flag football. They should implement something like baseball did. Play the pro bowl after the season ends and Whoever wins, make them the home team, for the next year Super Bowl.

  5. The starters should have a skills competition, and the second or third strings should play the actual game for they have something to prove.

  6. Get rid of it. Nominate players for the “Pro Team” of that year as an honorary thing and leave it at that. No one wants to play and get hurt when the game means nothing. Not even if they made it the first game of the preseason would it be any better.

  7. Time to eliminate the Pro Bowl…and the worthless preseason games. I watched the Grey Cup. It was several orders of magnitude better than the Pro Bowl or any NFL preseason game.

  8. Make them play in a concrete field with land mines. Have guard towers with snipers in them for anyone who punks out on tackles..Then make them play with no shoes and heat the concrete up.. No gatoraide or water. Just Beer. And make it cheap beer like Hams mixed with PBR…

    Problem solved.

  9. Nominate players for it, but don’t play it, give them the honors without subjecting them or us to that game. It is worthless. I tried this year, I did, but I could only handle a couple of minutes of it.

  10. The Pro Bowl was never intended to have anything riding on it, so why are we all getting bent out of shape because they players are acting like it is a scrimmage? Do you really expect them to go all-out for a meaningless game?

    Keep it as-is. It’s not hurting anyone and the players like getting the paid trip to Hawaii.

  11. I think the pro bowl game is a waste of time, the game between the champs and college all-stars at the beginning of the pre-season was better than that and that game sucked too. Nobody misses that game of course that was a few years back; I am a old dude as you can see.
    I personally love the CFL I think it is a better game in a lot of areas than the No Fun League (NFL) and so was the xfl if it was managed right but what do I know.
    Put some kind of College all-star game with coached from the nfl coaching the teams like they do with the senior bowl or something like that, or old players retired players playing a game of touch football something in that nature.

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  12. If the TV audience stops watching it for a couple of years, ad money will dry up and maybe, just maybe the NFL will just drop it.

  13. JD Master MInd says:Feb 22, 2012 8:33 PM

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  14. I would still like the winning conference to get the first selections in the third or fourth round of the draft. Coaches would then be scrambling to win this game!!!

  15. Maybe allow two fans to be the kickers in the game. Of course they would need to write an essay to be selected.

  16. All these people talk about being “subjected to the game” or otherwise imply because its played they have to watch it.

    The attitude is “I don’t like it, they should cancel it.” Well some people are watching. The rating is not zero. So if enough people are watching to make it a profitable event, what does anyone who doesn’t like the game care if it is played or not? Just turn on a different channel that day.

    You will survive if something is broadcasted and you dont watch it.

  17. They should just do a big banquet in Hawaii with highlight clips of each player. It would be far more entertaining.

  18. “Play the pro bowl after the season ends and Whoever wins, make them the home team, for the next year Super Bowl”
    oh yeah ! because being the home team in the superbowl means you have advantages of some sort to aid in winning the game, should your team ever make it there. “We’re wearing aqua baby, we play 550. ball in aqua, google it !”

  19. End the Pro Bowl or make it matter. Give the winning conference an extra challenge in the Superbowl, or have a winning-conference-only eighth round in the next years’ draft.

  20. @joesixpack….dude you got that right. NO DOUBT i would be more interested in that than the joke that the pro bowl is. maybe thats an idea for the cfl. at least you would get a large total north american audience.

  21. well if mayock says they need to make a deal then the NFL must do it. I trust the NFL will do it right much more than mayock

  22. Let NFC and AFC have a golf tournament in match play where each conference picks the 4 best players from the pro bowl selections and the winner wins the coin toss for the next SB.

    This way Romo could possibly win something for once?

  23. I’m going to create all kinds of hate & discontent with my proposal, but here goes:

    Scrap the Pro Bowl as we know it, and replace it with a midseason equivalent to MLB’s All-Star game. The winning team determines the Conference team that gets to host as Home in the Super Bowl.

    No more of this political Olympics-esque b/s with constant rotation between all of like five cities. A Superbowl in Lambeau because the NFC won? A Superbowl in Buffalo because the AFC won?

    Let the home team really have an advantage. And let the Pro Bowl actually mean something.

  24. Funny, I’ve always said the same things most have mentioned in here, but still find myself watching the game. This season, as fluffy as it was, became a nice wind down after watching the NHL All-Atar Game. A skills competition sounds great, but we should be careful of what we wish for. I’ve been for ending the Pro Bowl all together, but I have a feeling when it’s gone, I’m going to wish it wasn’t. When it was played after the Super Bowl, it helped ween us slowly down to the realization that the season was over. It may be a fluff bowl, but it’s better than nothing.

  25. @ autumnwindindc: That would be a cool idea, if it wasn’t for an even a greater fear of injury than we already have. Losing a star player during the middle of the season in a potentially meaningless game, would suck. I’ll also point out that the Super Bowl is such a huge event right now, that there is just too much preparation involved for the host city to only have two weeks notice. Indianapolis spent millions to host the big game, and were preparing for it ever since they won the bid.

  26. How about incentives? Pay out extra bonus money for individual statistical production like fantasy football.

  27. I thought it got exciting when the AFC wanted to prove (and did) that Cam Newton is a blowhard hack. That alone was worth the slow and ridiculous first quarter gameplay. Remember, you can’t spell ICON without CON.

  28. I remember when the winners earned 10k & the losers earned 5k, and the players actually played to win. Bunch of divas these days wanting to be elite celebrities instead of elite athletes.

  29. Make it like the Blue-Gray game and have the teams align based on their NCAA Conferences rather than AFC vs NFC. Don’t invite All Pros, accept appicants who actually want to play in the game.

    There would be passionate play because players aren’t stars avoiding injury – they are hungry “future stars”. There would be stereoscopic fan interest from both NCAA and NFL perspective. So Christian Ponder would start and be representing FSU and the Vikes. You would tap into and hype SEC vs Big Ten tensions. You would build the NFL brand from a bottoms-up approach rather than top-down.

  30. The smart business thing to do is to do nothing. In this current era of the NFL Pro Bowl, the game is sold out every year, the players that actually show up play the same way every year and people complain every year BUT Hawaii makes it’s money as do the players, the networks and the NFL at large. It’s an annual car accident people say they don’t want to watch but most do every year anyway. Accept it for what it is or watch something else.

    I choose to skip it every year and don’t feel I’m missing out on anything. Besides, I don’t want guys from my team playing balls out and getting hurt over a meaningless game.

  31. bearsstillsuck says:
    Feb 22, 2012 7:50 PM
    “…the second or third strings should play the actual game for they have something to prove.”

    Prove what? They’re Pro Bowlers!!!

  32. cmstrick says:
    Feb 22, 2012 10:24 PM
    End the Pro Bowl or make it matter. Give the winning conference an extra challenge in the Superbowl, or have a winning-conference-only eighth round in the next years’ draft.

    So you want Pro Bowl caliber players from your team going all out, greatly increasing the risk of getting hurt in the Pro Bowl in order to secure an extra challenge for, more than likely, another team…or to get an eighth round draft pick?! Yeah, every GM in the NFL just had a mysterious feeling of nausea after you hit “submit”…

  33. They need to up the money or make it a winner takes all kind of event or these guys are never going to play all out. I have been to a couple Pro Bowls and it is really about the week of events and partying that makes the Pro Bowl week cool. Just another thing that Goodell is doing to make me not like football as much.

  34. The players love money. Many of them commented how the extra $50,000 for winning ($25,000 for losing) is nice — especially after an extravagant Hawaiian vacation.

    So let’s do this…

    Take away the $25k prize for the losers. Loser’s shouldn’t get rewarded anyways — especially on a professional level.

    This leaves $75k for the winner’s share. But, the NFL’s rich. So we’re going to bump that prize to $100k. This makes it very easy to market to players.

    Win the Pro Bowl and receive ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Lose the Pro Bowl and receive NOTHING — the NFL will still pay for hotel, airfare, and food.

    If that doesn’t get them to compete. Then scrap it. Keep the voting, but nix the game.

  35. Everyone on here says get rid of it, but judging by the ratings it got this year, chances are most of you watched. All you phonies need to shut the hell up and quit complaining about nothing, if you don’t like it, change the channel.

  36. It wouldn’t bother me if they played 2-hand touch or flag football. It would be nice to see guys out there having fun playing different positions. Have the guys play without coaches. Perhaps, just a suggestion, have more cheerleaders and dancers!

  37. Flag football and a skills competition.

    There’s still pride and the spirit of competing with flag football, but the players won’t have to worry about injury.

    No one in our football-crazy household watches the Pro Bowl, but we’d watch that.

  38. How about making the “Pro Bowl” the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl – play one quarter of football – each team gets minimum of two possessions, no restrictions on hitting, blitzes, etc. Each player must play in the game. 15 minute game. Each team gets paid the same – winner of the game has a $10k per player donation to the charity of their choice and winning team players (and one guest) get to go to hawaii for a week paid for by the NFL.

    Half-time shows are rarely good and the pro-bowl players could be introduced at half-time before the pro bowl game starts and receive huge recognition for their efforts

  39. Get rid of the pro bowl. Or turn it into a flag football game, at least, they wouldnt have to pretend. The NFL season games will soon look like the pro bowl with all the law suits coming down the road for head injurys, ie Dave Dureson.

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