Quinn’s comments hurt his marketability

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It’s now a given that Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn said some unflattering things about Tim Tebow, including most notably a question regarding Tebow’s humility.

Though some think it was improper for Mike Silver and/or GQ to lift a few limited quotes out of a broader 50-minute interview, the reality is that anyone who talks on the record needs to be careful about everything that’s said.  It happens all the time.  People babble on and on and on about a given topic, and if they say something inflammatory, that’s what draws the headline.

Still, Quinn’s reaction, with equal parts anger and genie-rebottling, makes sense, for reasons articulated during Wednesday’s PFT Live.

I could type out the basis for that belief now, or I could paste below the video of the argument.  Since:  (a) I’m lazy; and (b) I have a vested interest in getting you to watch PFT Live, you won’t need two guesses to figure out this riddle.

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32 responses to “Quinn’s comments hurt his marketability

  1. he hasn’t done much…. but that doesn’t change the reality that is central to his comments:

    Tebow showboats his faith to stay relevant in spite of his lack of ability to play QB.

    Quinn isn’t the answer, but when you have a QB that is last in the league in yards and TDs per game… he doesn’t deserve the job….

  2. tebows over rated and a terrible quarterback hed make more of an impact as a runnin back id rather have quinn on my team over tebow anyday

  3. Given his place on the depth chart, I’d think Quinn would be more worried about his playing time than his marketability.

  4. How much marketability does a failed in Cleveland, second string to a Wing T fullback quarterback have?

  5. After changing from a teal tank top, Quinn put on his pink cashmere cardigan asking if they were done.

  6. Don’t shed too many tears for Brady’s marketability. I mean look at that poor schmo in the picture wearing #8. You couldn’t sell that image in a food stall at the Farmer’s Market. Quinn has it easy.

  7. You know what I think hurts his marketability more?

    Not being able to beat out awful-to-sorta-awful QBs like Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye, Bruce Gradkowski, Ken Dorsey, Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.

    He should call Troy Smith and suggest starting a bowling team.

  8. Any article of Brady without a picture of his sister wearing her half-Aj Hawk/half-Brady Quinn jersey is a colassol failure.

  9. What business would actually hire Brady Quinn to an endorsement deal? Your local neighborhood lemonaide stand and its 8 year old owner?

  10. Marketability?
    The guy was below Tebow on the depth chart of a team that desperately needed a quarterback.
    I don’t think he could drop his marketability below zero, could he? Do they allow negative numbers in that case?

  11. I agree with the questions about Quinn’s marketability.

    But I also would like to present a passage of Scripture for our beloved brother, Tim Tebow:

    “When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, who love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners so that others may see them. … Go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret.”

    Ever read any Matthew, Timmy Boy?

  12. I can’t speak to Quinn’s guilt or innocence when it comes to the comments that he may have made, but after listening to an interview that Silva gave on yesterday, I’m convinced that he (Silva) skewed/twisted the story in order to capitalize on the Tebow buzz.

  13. Sometimes we shouldn’t say whats really on our mind, and what we all know is true.

    Unless you can win 6 or 7 in a row, in the fourth quarter and rally teams to victory.

    That being said, he’s still a decent back-up QB, that got robbed. Commenting like this shouldn’t hurt his marketability, but Tebow has so much media play, it just might. Fortunately, the Patriots dropped a building on him in the playoffs and brought the whole thing into perspective. 2012 will be very interesting, cause if, Quinn stays in the division as a backup, he’ll do anything short of cutting off his arm to beat Denver.

  14. Brady Quinn was way overdrafted. He was part of the offensive system of Charlie Weis and a great 6’5″ fast receiver/athlete in Jeff “the shark” Samardjiza to bail him out.

    I never saw Quinn having the intangibles. He is just a backup type and really always was.

    One intangible that is vitally important is having our teammate’s back. As a QB, you don’t run your mouth about things that effect another teammate esp. the guy you play behind. You stay out of petty stuff.
    But you see, that is another reason Quinn is like 7UP, never had it, never will. Put it another way, can you see Tebow talking like that about another teammate? For that matter, anyone?

    Get it Brady? Didn’t think so.

  15. Brady Quinn screwed himself when he held out in his rookie season. He could have gone to camp and had a chance to beat out Derek Anderson. Instead, DA had a decent camp, and BQ never recovered.

  16. Xenu D. Alien says: Feb 22, 2012 11:15 PM

    It’s like how another door ding affects the resale value of a ’78 Pinto.

    That line above is so solid, you win! I laughed out loud.

  17. Quinn learned a tough lesson. Mike Silver is not his friend. He used an old quote from a ,what, pre-season interview?,and sensationalized it at just the right moment to knife Brady in the back. In the music business, when they ask an opinion on someone, you always say “I hear he treats his Mother well…”.

  18. Tebow does flaunt his faith, the kid is a Christian. The thing with.quinn is he is jealous that Tebow is the starter and he is not so live with bust Quinn you just flat out suck an your a loser

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