Ryan Braun case highlights differences between MLB, NFL drug policies


New NFL Coaches Association executive director David Cornwell joined PFT Live on Wednesday to talk about his new job.

In his old job, which to a certain extent he’ll continue to do, Cornwell represented players who were appealing penalties imposed for violation of league policies.  And he handles not only football players but athletes in other sports.

One of his clients is Ryan Braun, the reigning NL MVP.  The appeal of Braun’s 50-game suspension is pending, and I took advantage of the opportunity to pick Cornwell’s brain about Braun’s case.

Though Cornwell wouldn’t say much (OK, anything) about the specific arguments made on Braun’s behalf, Cornwell explained that baseball’s drug-testing program provides multiple possible defenses for players who may have ingested a banned substance unknowingly or for a legitimate reason.  For NFL players, none of that matters.

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