Silver says Quinn’s comments were taped


Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports has a knack for getting people to say interesting things on the record.  As a result, Mike Silver often is accused of misquoting people when the interesting things they say get other people talking.

As a result, Silver makes sure that people actually said the things he says they said.

Regarding the claim by Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn that his comments questioning the humility of Tim Tebow and the decision to give him the starting job after Kyle Orton was benched reflect a “completely inaccurate portrayal” of Quinn’s remarks, it’s important to note that Quinn never specifically said that he didn’t say what Silver says Quinn said.

That’s because Quinn said what he said.

“The interview was taped,” Silver told PFT on Tuesday night via email.  “Brady has a copy of the audio file.  I agree that his tone was not bitter and that the entirety of the (50-minute interview) presented a balanced perspective toward Tebow.”

That’s charitable of Silver, even though it could support an argument that Quinn’s comments were “taken out of context.”  But that wouldn’t be accurate.  As we’ve explained in the past, taking words out of context means isolating a quote in a way that, absent the full content, alters its meaning.  Here, the words stand alone.  And while Quinn said plenty of good things about Tebow, too, an actual or perceived insult tends to have a bigger impact.

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  1. I hate that this is a story. And I don’t mean that as a slight against Silver or against PFT whatsoever. I just think it’s funny what people focus on. No other team could pull this much attention for an interview with the guy who started the season as the 2nd string QB talking about the guy who started the season as the 3rd string QB.

  2. Is this REALLY all you guys have to “report” on at this time? Geez. I know it’s a slow time, but enough with the concocted soap operas already! Get on with the combine and let this stuff drop, will ya?

  3. ask Silver what he thinks about washington poaching Cal’s (his ol’ stompin grounds) best recruiter, and all their top recruits – he had a mini-breakdown about it here in Seattle on a local station. That stuff is all on record too – his quivvering voice trying to say it didn’t matter much to him but following it up anyways with a tirade about how dirty and corrupt the Washington program was. Two can play at the ‘gotcha’ game, Mike. Don’t be a crybaby.

  4. I agree with what Quinn said about his humility and praying when the cameras are on him. It’s kind of unnecessary. Tebow is a good kid but nobody likes when a high profile player is pushing his religion all the time.

    That being said, Brady Quinn hasn’t been relevant in 4 years. This is way overblown.

  5. Regarding the claim by Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn that his comments questioning the humility of Tim Tebow and the decision to give him the starting job after Kyle Orton was benched reflect a “completely inaccurate portrayal” of Quinn’s remarks, it’s important to note that Quinn never specifically said that he didn’t say what Silver says Quinn said.
    At least Silver knows how to structure a sentence…

  6. Im guessing silver wont be dedicating any don julio shots to Quinn anytime soon. One of my favorite sports writers for sure

  7. Hah. Quinn and Silver are both bitter hacks. And if this story has any importance to them, it certainly doesn’t to Tebow. He has more important things to worry about– like starting for an NFL team, something Quinn will never do again barring injury.

  8. Silver wrote a column? I thought he was still bashing the Raiders for firing Hue Jackson.

  9. I am not a fan of either Quinn or Tebow. Quinn has shown in the past few years that he has absolutely no potential as a starter, where Tebow has proven that he will do whatever it takes to improve his game and that one day he just may earn the right to be the undisputed starter of some N.F.L. team. Quinn should learn to keep his mouth shut and cherish his backup role before he ends up throwing passes to T.O. In Canada (another guy who couldn’t keep his mouth shut)!

  10. Can we reverse the trade for Peyton Hillis and send him back to Cleveland?

    That would serve him right, having to play in the place where quarterbacks go to die.

  11. I dunno guys, I agree that Silver has a reputation for being a snake, but simply taking his side because he taped the conversation I think is foolish.

    People don’t trust the guy anymore…. he is reviled within the league and there is a reason tha tthe only guys he can get to sit with him for an interview are guys like Brady Quinn.

  12. Get out of the spotlight, get in the workout room and film room, and get with a team – there are plenty of teams that are a concussion away from disaster – you could still be a decent back-up.

    Move on from this, Q.

  13. “Listen to the fans and you’ll soon be sitting with them” is great advice and the Bronco’s are in a real mess because did just that.

    However, ANYTHING that jackass Silver says is most likely bullcrap.

    How Silver got his job and why anybody listens to him, I have no idea.

  14. This was obviously a setup. Who the hell cares what a guy who hasn’t played in years says? Silver just wanted him to bad mouth Tebow. Dumb cat. Like a politician, he never said those things. Gotcha, Brady. You’re on tape, idiot!

  15. Why did he wait 3 months to release the interview? Oh, because that is when GQ needed an article from him so he dusted off the old recorder to find what was on it. If it was a non story at the time, it is a non story now.

  16. I must have read a different article. Nothing Quinn said about Tebow’s performance on the field was false, for anyone with common sense and a real perspective on Tebow. Several (or more) wins were luck. The defense carried the team. God has better things to do than determine the outcome of football games. However, a big difference between Tebow and Orton is that we know Orton rarely played well in the fourth quarter from behind. Tebow was unafraid (and wanted) the ball in his hands when it really counted. Right now, Tebow pretty much sucks as a quarterback. But if he can get good off-season training, maybe he has a chance to be good. At least he doesn’t choke in the fourth quarter nearly as much as Orton did. But I also wouldn’t turn down Andrew Luck or RGIII if a miracle happened akin to the Elway trade all those years ago. So, God, if you really do mess with the outcome of football games, then maybe you could work something out for that to happen.

  17. I’m not a big fan of Silver’s style, but Quinn has only himself to blame here. Quinn clearly wanted to unburden himself, and like any good journalist, Silver knew how to get him talking. For a smart guy, Quinn made a dumb move, one that may hurt him as he tries to find himself a new team this off-season. (First rule for backup QBs – be a good team guy, and don’t be a distraction. Second rule – see the first rule.)

  18. packerhater says:
    Feb 22, 2012 8:37 AM
    Ok packerhater and all of you other Packer bashers. Here’s another reason to hate Quinn and his comments.

    He’s A.J. Hawk’s brother-in-law.

  19. I commented yesterday that the conversations for big publications like GQ are always taped. But it did not make it through the approval police.

    It’s funny that any of you blame Silver for what Quinn chose to say in an on the record interview! Look, Quinn did get shafted because the Broncos season looked to be doomed and a vocal minority of fans wanted Tebow. So, even though Elway thinks Tebow sucks, he let Foxy throw him out there.

    Funny problem is that the D got better and a string of luck hit the Broncos in the eye. Of course Quinn was resentful!

  20. Quinn: “You got that on tape?”
    reporter: “Yes.”
    Quinn: “I hate it when that happens.”

  21. So if Quinn was asked to list a few good things and a few bad things about Tebow, and they decided to just post and talk about the bad things he listed, that’s not taking it out of context?

  22. Comments taken out of context to generate attention during a slow news cycle! This site knows a thing or two about that!

    It makes it easier for them when people read the headlines and form their opinion before reading the articles. Or sometimes forego the whole article thing altogether and just read the headlines.

  23. Too many athletes think “My words were taken out of context” means “I wish I hadn’t said that”.

  24. I think the way Profootball Talk has exaggerated this non story is the poorest example of journalism that one could imagine. This is a good example of defamation of a character and stirring up negative attention by taking something out of context.

    If I were an athlete I would steer clear of this interviewer and anyone related to ProFootbal who are maximizing something to the detriment of Brady Quinn.

    Has anyone thought to write about what a great teammate he is and how dedicated he is even when not given a chance to play his entire time there despite doing well in Preseason.

    This was sensationalized because it involved Tebow. It is disgusting and now is all over ESPN, Sports Illustrated etc etc.

    Why not have Brady on instead or with the author. Or are you trying to exaggerate the story even more by having Silver on ,on Friday.

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