Trent Richardson had knee surgery, won’t do Combine drills


Every year, an injury surprise pops up in connection with the Scouting Combine.  This year, the first surprise comes from Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

According to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, Richardson suffered a knee injury in practice preceding the BCS national championship game last month.  As a result, he had “minor” arthroscopic surgery on the knee, and Richardson will not participate in on-field drills in Indy.

Richardson, who rushed for 96 yards against LSU despite the injury, nevertheless plans to participate fully in the Alabama Pro Day workout on March 7.

26 responses to “Trent Richardson had knee surgery, won’t do Combine drills

  1. Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time before the Combine becomes just an interview and medical exam event.

    All workouts and drills will be done at 25 different Pro Days where players can run on fast tracks and QBs can throw to receivers they know.

    I see it coming.

  2. Taking any RB in the top 10 has diminished in recent years. Knee surgery and not doing the Combine will further drop his draft stock and the value of his rookie contract by millions of dollars.

  3. I wouldn’t take any running back in the first round no matter who it is. Just look at the top 10 backs last year, I think AP is the only first rounder.

    I love Trent as a back, but to me it’s just a waste when some 5th rounder is the next big thing

  4. He just scared Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert away most definitely. After Montario Hardesty and Brandon Jackson there is no way Trent is a Cleveland RB.

  5. maybe this clown can ingest more steroids, looks like a typical roid freak to me, oh wait, he looks more like a lil wayne wannabe with those dreadlocks, what a buffoon. maybe he tore up his knee cruising around in his yukon he drove around campus given to him for free from dwarf nick saban

  6. Hey if he slides out of the top ten I hope kc takes a flier even with the knee injury he would still make a great combo back with the return of Charles.

  7. I hear the whistling sound of his draft stock dropping, but who knows when the crash at the end will occur. It could be a long fall, and the landing might be painful. Lamar Miller just made some money.

  8. Ok ok… Sooō… Whoever makes the mistake of passing on a post arthroscopic knee surgery (like the band aid of the surgery world) running back who runs a 4.4 40 and benches 475 pounds… In college…(he will be like a turbo charged James Harrison…. Only on the offensive)… Well… They will probably…seriously… No doubt… REGRET that decision! Mark my words, most boys play college ball and become men, Trent came in as a man and will enter the NFL as a very well feared man… Til then… Let’s hurry up and get to some March Madness!

  9. Naptown must be fat and out of shape and mad about it… Most people like that assume you need steroids to have muscles… Ignorance….sigh

  10. Getting a knee scoped to clean up loose cartilage is nothing. No torn ligaments, no worries. It’s a 2-3 week recovery people, relax! He’s not sliding at all.

  11. Please don’t let “NaptownWarrior” speak for other hoosiers. That comment is embarrassing for all Indy residents.

  12. May cost him some money, but the farther he falls, the better team he ends up on = more overall success = bigger FA contract down the line.

  13. RBs with 1000 yard seasons in the last 5 years:

    1st rounders 50%
    2nd rounders 25%
    3rd-7th rounders: 0%
    UDFA: 25%.

    I know it’s hard for fans to accept this, but you only get good RBs by luck (and having a dominating OL) or by drafting them high.

  14. He’d probably be thrilled to “slide” a bit, even if it costs him in the short-term. He’ll end up on a better team, in a better situation. If he falls very far, it will simply be the rich getting richer. Why would he want to play for the teams like the Browns, Bucs, or Skins anyway?

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