Cardinals continue to leave door wide open for Manning

Kevin Kolb’s status with the Cardinals in 2012 is uncertain. If Kolb was definitely returning to the team next year, Cardinals G.M. Rod Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt would declare from the mountaintops that he’s their starting quarterback and will be back with the team.

Instead, the Cardinals are leaving the door open to go after Peyton Manning. So there are no perfect answers when it comes to Kolb’s future and the Cardinals are trying to answer the assembled media here at the Combine the best way they know how.

As the picture to the right shows, Manning is looming over the Cardinals quarterback depth chart at the moment.

Whisenhunt indicated that the team has not discussed Kolb’s option bonus (due March 17) internally, but admitted that the team is always looking at “opportunities” to “get better as a team.” G.M. Rod Graves recognized that the situation could change if certain players become available.

“We’re all looking to get better,” Graves said. “If those opportunities present themselves, so be it. But otherwise we’ve got an outstanding group of quarterbacks right now and believe we can win with those quarterbacks.”

Right now is the key phrase. Graves used it repeatedly because he recognized the quarterback market could change. PFT asked Graves specifically about the decision to pick up Kolb’s option.

“Right now, you have to work with the information you have at hand. And right now as I look at it we fully expect Kevin is going to be with us and we’ll honor that contract as it is obviously,” Graves said. “And we’ll see what every day brings forward and make our decisions accordingly. Right now, we’ve got three quarterbacks that did a great job for us . . . right now, as it stands today, we’re not anticipating anything different.”

The Cardinals know there is a gap between when Peyton Manning is likely to be cut (by March 8) and when Kolb’s option is due. During that window, an opportunity will likely present itself.

We’d be surprised if the Cardinals didn’t explore that opportunity to get better.

(Photo courtesy of Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.)

31 responses to “Cardinals continue to leave door wide open for Manning

  1. anywhere but washington….it would be a shame to have to watch the great peyton waste the last few years of his career in the divsion that his little brother rules.

    bring it on giants haters

  2. And don’t forget, the Cardinals won more games with Skelton at QB than they did with Kolb. So it’s not like the Cards would be taking that big a risk by cutting Kolb and taking a chance that Manning will be completely recover. They would still have Skelton.

  3. Cardinals would be completely stupid to go after Manning. They just gave up a kings ransom to the Eagles to bring in Kolb. Now they want to dish out 10s of millions of dollars on someone that may not be able to play at all? I guess that may still be an upgrade on Kolb.

  4. He’ll go anywhere but the AFC East. I’m sure he feels Tom Brady has already ruined his chance at going to the SB enough.

  5. Wasn’t the trade for Kolb a top 5 corner, pretty high second round pick and then some? I don’t see how whoever from the Cards signed off on that still has a job.

  6. If the Cards wind up cutting Kolb, I’ll laugh and laugh and laugh. They will have given up DRC and a top-45 draft pick for a guy they only kept a season.

    I don’t think their offensive line is strong enough to protect a QB like Manning. Warner took a lot of hits and survived, but Warner didn’t have a history of neck injuries. Also, Warner wasn’t a starter for his entire career and had a lot less general wear-and-tear. The Cards weren’t able to keep Kolb healthy for an entire season last year, and without major upgrades on the O-line, Manning will get killed.

  7. Aside from Fitzgerald what else can AZ offer Peyton? They keep writing this story like its something that could actually happen lol. Miami maybe because of Brandon Marshall, Bush, Daniel Thomas their O line and their Defense. Washington maybe because of their Defense and the money that they have to go after other free agents. Hell even Seattle but the Cardinals no way. Hell even Cleveland has a better chance of landing Peyton. They only way Peyton signs with the Cardinals is if they offer him 30 million a year for 3 years guaranteed and he knows that he is not playing more then 2 games this coming season.

  8. jdandcoke says:
    Feb 23, 2012 1:40 PM
    anywhere but washington….it would be a shame to have to watch the great peyton waste the last few years of his career in the divsion that his little brother rules.

    bring it on giants haters

    Why would you add the last sentence?? Noone would have known you rooted for the giants until you wrote that. Looks like somebody needs attention. Buy a dog!!!

  9. How about AZ stops passing on young QBs in the first round and draft someone. You can’t just keep targeting the big name overrated QB every off season.

  10. skinsrollyou says:
    Feb 23, 2012 1:53 PM
    I’ll admit, Eli the best qb in the division. But he is and never will be his brother you dumby. Oh and he your giants lost to my skins twice this year. Ha!

    Obviously you are too young to be familiar with the saying “he who laughs last, laughs hardest.”

    Those regular season wins mean nothing once the Giants were crowned both Division, and World Champions.

  11. He’ll go anywhere but the AFC East. I’m sure he feels Tom Brady has already ruined his chance at going to the SB enough.


    1-2 against the Patriots in the playoffs. The last loss came in 2004. Colts won last time they met in the playoffis. I don’t think he’s scared of the Patriots.

  12. Payton should have to prove he is ready to play before any NFL team wastes the time and money to get him.
    Leading everyone along the path lacks character. Put out some tape on your workouts and let everyone see if you still got it.

  13. No sympathy for Peyton Manning in this corner. He could easily defuse all these rumors by simply stating that his health remains an issue. Then, the media would be speculating over his retirement, not teams interested in his services.

  14. I’m so glad that my team doesn’t panic when a player doesn’t start his career off like gang busters. NFL football isn’t like the internet where you click your mouse and you achieve instant gratification. Not all QBs are like Newton. Sometimes, players must be nurtured and allowed to grow within the system.

    The Cards just gave up a ton for Kolb who is still young, learning and has upside. Same can be said with a bunch of other teams whose young QBs are still learning. To that I say, give them a few years to mature. If so, you just might end up with your own QB that struggled early on but matured into a 2x SB MVP.

  15. skinsroll – Relax with your 2 wins. Before that, we beat you about 27 times in a row. Until this year, you were our second and third bye weeks.

  16. Of course the Cardinals have the money to pay Peyton. They will cut Kolb, and they traded their draft picks, so that’s 2 wads of cash on hand. Perfect!

  17. At least Whisenhunt shows loyalty to his own guys. oh wait…

    No matter your opinion on talent – or potential – Whisenhunt proves year in and year out that he does not stay loyal to the guys in his locker room. He made the call to trade for Kolb, now after an injury filled season he’s ready to dump him. Can’t imagine a player in todays NFL will fight tooth and nail to go the extra mile for this guy.

  18. Whisenhunt also stuck with Warner when the fans wanted leinart, making your loyalty argument invalid.

  19. ottoman, there’s another way to look at this – from a team perspective. It’s all about improving the team if you can. I realize the players don’t see it that way. But it’s not a “loyal or disloyal thing” but rather trying to do ANYTHING to put the BEST product on the field. Frankly, as a fan, I appreciate that.

  20. What does Arizona have to offer Peyton that the others don’t??

    Quite a bit actually:
    On top of having a Hall-of-Fame wideout in Larry Fitzgerald, warm-weather, the opportunity to play 12 out of the 16 games next season inside a dome, plus a system that would cater to Peyton, i.e. Kurt Warner. Couple that with the up and coming defense under Ray Horton and I’d say the Cardinals serve as the best bet for Peyton to finish his career

  21. Manning will be in AZ. Then, all the Cards haters will really have to get used to that. And for those who are mocking the Cards for taking Kolb, and possibly letting him go after one season, do you have a better suggestion? What? keep him if Manning is available? Please.

    Sour grapes from those whose teams are not likely to get Manning.

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