Cowboys can’t sign Robinson until he hits open market

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With free agency less than three weeks away and Cowboys fans nervous about bringing back receiver Laurent Robinson, there’s a reason to be even more nervous.

As Todd Archer of points out, because Robinson signed a one-year deal under the minimum salary benefit that entailed a significantly lower cap number, he can’t sign a new deal with the Cowboys before the free-agent market opens.

This means that Robinson is required to become a free agent.  And it creates an unusual chess match for the Cowboys.  If they tip their hand about Robinson’s value, his agent can then shop those numbers to other teams.

Indeed, even if there’s a verbal deal in place before 4:00 p.m. on March 13, Robinson can walk away and sign with another team.  So the Cowboys will be careful.

“The conversation with [Robinson’s agent] goes more like, ‘What are you thinking and then we’ll think about it,’” executive vice president Stephen Jones said, per Archer.

Of course, the Cowboys could lock Robinson up via application of the franchise tag.  But no matter how badly the team wants to keep him, $9.4 million would be way too much based on one good season for a guy who previously had been a career journeyman.

So look for Robinson to hit the market.  And possibly to hit the road.

14 responses to “Cowboys can’t sign Robinson until he hits open market

  1. That would be a loss for the Cowboys..Miles Austin is great..but look at his injury record..Dez still needs to show he can be the guy..I hope we can lock up Robinson..

  2. He only goes away if some other team decides to pay him ‘starter money’. I am hoping that doesn’t happen, but, with the NFL you never know.

    Robinson has already stated he wants to be in Dallas and, if he has another offer from another team, unless it is multi-millions more than Dallas can pay, he’ll stay in Dallas.

  3. The Cowboys need to bring Robinson back he was the most consistent WR for them last year. However there is a fine line on overpaying him hope to see the star on the side of his helmet in 2012

  4. Sounds like the Cowboys will be smart on this one which is good. Yes Robinson was very good last season but this team has much more needs on defense. Too as another mentioned the WR market is flooded this off season with much more proven recievers.

  5. Robinson isn’t really a career journeyman to me. he had a decent rookie season in Atlanta, got injured the next season, then got traded to the Rams and had 3 solid games (+1/2 of a game) the next season before missing the rest of it due to injury, and then he had one bad year on the Rams. Only knock on Robinson to me is his injury history. Last year he avoided it entirely, if he somehow managed to figure out what he was doing wrong and why he kept getting hurt, this guy has the potential to be a true #1 receiver imo.

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