Grigson says Colts haven’t made decision about Manning, Luck


The first day of the Scouting Combine featured a variety of coaches and General Managers meeting with the media.  On such session occurred with new Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson.

Grigson, who has had the job for roughly a month, faces two key decisions:  (1) what to do with Peyton Manning; and (2) what to do with the first pick in the draft.

As to the former, Grigson said the question of whether he’ll remain with the team won’t be resolved until March 8, the date on which a $28 million option bonus comes due.

“Exactly, March 8,” Grigson said.  “It’s an on-going process.  It’s something that obviously is not going to be a rash thing.  We’ve taken our time.  I know you guys would like to know more.  Everyone would like to have this nailed down, but there is a lot of variables and factors involved.  There’s a great player involved that’s near and dear to us and to the organization.  We want to do it the right way, do what’s best for the organization and for Peyton.”

Grigson said he hasn’t seen Manning throw.  New coach Chuck Pagano said the same thing, and Pagano made it clear that the communications between the Colts and Manning are being handled by owner Jim Irsay.

Grigson also said the Colts didn’t ask Andrew Luck not to throw at the Scouting Combine, contrary to a recent report from Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star.  And even though the Colts can begin negotiating a contract with Luck as of Friday, Grigson said that won’t be happening soon.

“No, that whole thing, it doesn’t make much sense to me,” Grigson said.  “We are here at the Combine to evaluate players, and that is what we are going to do.  We are going to base a lot of our decisions based off of this week, so it really makes no sense to me to come to any type of conclusion on anybody, regardless of position, before you have your full evaluation done.”

Grigson may not have his evaluation done, but we’ve got a feeling Irsay has completed his own evaluation.  And that Luck will be the pick.  The only question is whether he’ll be signed before the time comes to send his name to the podium in New York City.

25 responses to “Grigson says Colts haven’t made decision about Manning, Luck

  1. These guys kill me, ongoing process. Sure it is, like they really don’t know what their going to do. Let me Joe Fan go out on a limb, cut Manning and draft Luck. Just a hunch.

  2. I love that picture. Irsay already looks like the drunk at the end of the bar. Why not sign a GM that looks like the guy who is sitting right next to him?

  3. Watching to see if Peyton could throw should have been the 1st thing he did after being named GM… I’m getting tired of this head in the sand excuse BS. They know if he can play or not and if they will keep or cut him.

    So they want us to believe what? Their plan is watch him throw one football on March 7 and use that to decide whether or not to keep one of the greatest QB ever to play?

  4. Did he talk about Trent Edwards? Someone has some serious explaining to do…

    (Not to Eagles fan though, they are totally cool with it, think it’s a smart, savvy move from their do no wrong front office, you know, because they are the almost team of the last decade…”He’s the next Jeff Garcia” [good point because Garcia was a nobody like Edwards until he became an Eagle], “He just needs a great line, coach, WRs, fans, and weather”…can we add punter to that as well?)

    Maybe he will be a linebacker…he’s bigger than all of their starting linebackers, that’s why they signed him…he’s moving to linebacker!

    I’m worse than a Redskins fan…(I have nothing against the Eagles, accept that their fans offered comments similar to the quotes above…seriously???!)

  5. Man I’m not a colts fan, I have neutral feelings on manning I guess, but I’d sure love to see the colts drip him and take luck, then I’d love to see peyton play solid for another 3-4 years, whoop on the colts, and luck be mediocre and overhyped like he is, while rg3 and tan have better careers !

  6. Either way there screwed there team is 1-11 without him and will probably be 3-13 with luck I’ma be the first to say luck will be a bust because colts have horrible linemen luck= David Carr

  7. Is that what we call it these days? The action of doing what you decided? They already have a plan which means they have decided what to do. If a happens we do this, if b happens we do that, hey Grigson, that is called making a decision. Waiting on a timeline to act on that decision, is not a decision. Thank you.

  8. If the new GM and the new coach haven’t seen Peyton throw, that tells me that neither one of them will have any input in the decision. With that kind of logic I suppose Grigson and Pagano are going to wait til draft night to look at film of Luck and RG3.
    With all the holes to fill on that team, I do not see any possible way to dedicate about 51 mil of the 120 mil cap on one position.
    I know what the delay is all about. Irsay is trying to figure out how to tweet Peyton one final slap in the face and ask him to accept the veteran minimum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. “…the question of whether he’ll remain with the team won’t be resolved until March 8…”

    Finally the truth comes out, not that I couldn’t/didn’t predict that a long time ago.

  10. Grigson does NOT look like a GM and I cringe when he takes questions from reporters, he just seems to have a “what should I say so Irsay doesn’t fire me” look on his face the whole time. 2 yrs maybe 3 and he’s gone.

  11. What a circus enviroment. These guys are really looking like Bozo the Clown! Just do what you have to do! Not that you care at your level but you look like a bunch of liars and are losing fan support. Let him move on and we should move on too. Good luck Peyton! You will have a great future without the three ring circus

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