Jets won’t rule out Peyton Manning, or any other quarterback

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Jets coach Rex Ryan has been steadfast in his support of quarterback Mark Sanchez, and he spoke in favor of Sanchez again today when he met with reporters at the Scouting Combine. But when asked to rule out the Jets going after Peyton Manning, Ryan declined.

Instead, what Ryan said is that while he believes Sanchez will be a star, he also said the Jets “will look at any possibility that’s out there at quarterback.”

By rule Ryan can’t talk about Manning until the Colts cut him, but Ryan wouldn’t close the door on the Jets going after Manning once the Colts do cut him.

“We will do what’s in the best interest of our organization,” Ryan said. “That means we’ll . . . look at all the possibilities.”

One of the major questions that came up after the Jets concluded what Ryan called a terrible season was whether the Jets’ locker room has as much faith in Sanchez as Ryan does. In an appearance on the NFL Network set after his press conference in Indianapolis today, Ryan insisted that the Jets will have a tight-knit locker room in 2012.

“I’m not going to promise anything about a Super Bowl,” Ryan said. “But I promise we are going to be a football team and we are going to be tight. There’s no doubt about it.”

But there’s at least a little doubt about whether Sanchez will be the leader in that tight locker room.

42 responses to “Jets won’t rule out Peyton Manning, or any other quarterback

  1. The Jets can’t be certain, even if they are interested in Peyton, that they’d get to sign him. With that said, it would behoove them to refrain from emasculating their current QB, until absolutely necessary (and that day IS coming).

  2. Reasons Peyton Manning won’t play for the New York jets:

    1)Peyton Manning wants to play for a team that is a strong contender for the Super Bowl
    2)New York is Eli’s town
    3) jets are the red headed stepchildren of New York Football
    4) Outdoor stadium
    5) Not to mention the team that plays north of New Jersey which has his number.
    and more

    Keep dreaming jets fans the 44th will be here soon.

  3. no wr no rb no te thats all i have to say u satupid fat @#$%!!!!!. the redskins will get him at least they have a rb a te an will get anybody they want in freeagancy at wr or any position money aka snyder talks….. an im not even a redskins fan.

  4. With the lack of confidence the Jets have in him, how, pray tell, is Sanchize going to have a successful photo shoot the next time GQ calls?

  5. God do I could not care about this football organization any less if someone paid me and I tried to. Besides Namath you guys have no history to lean on. Namath is a Pittsburgh guy too so youre welcome.

  6. jimmysimpson55 says:Feb 23, 2012 4:10 PM

    Thumbs up if you are sick of this fat glutton running his mouth.

    Thumbs up if your sick of this type of comment on every Ryan Bro’s or Jets story….we get it, hes fat and he likes to talk.

  7. Rex just can’t help himself.

    Even when he’s trying to refrain from commenting the guy still shows his hand.

    After 3 full season he’s learned next to nothing from Belichick.

    His blabbering mouth will certainly get him fired at this rate. Its a shame because he is one hell of a defensive mind.

  8. “But I promise we are going to be a football team and we are going to be tight. There’s no doubt about it.”
    still can’t get himself out of the “I guarantee” business. as long as Santonio is in that locker room, it’ll be a team divided.

  9. I’d like to see Peyton go to the Jets. The Cards are no where near a SB team and neither are the Redskins, and if you think different then your lying to yourself. Miami could be interesting but not a contender. Honestly if Peyton went to the Jets with their defense and run game not to mention Santonio Holmes and Plex that makes a great QB/WR tandem. Who knows, maybe Wane follows him there. Your either ignorant or a 14 year old homer if you don’t think Manning and the Jets would be SB contenders

  10. @jimmysimpson55 –I think its refreshing to have honest personalities in the league…I get tired of all the “coach speak” where they talk but say nothing other than cliques and pre-written press releases….

    Nothing wrong with a man who will say whats on his mind and not care what the public thinks. If a coach DOESN’T aim for the “Bowl” every year then he is not a coach I’d wanna play for

  11. “I, I, I….me, me, me….”

    I can’t think of any other head coach in all of the NFL who opens his mouth as much as Rex does. The oddest thing is that I don’t know his opinions/predictions are ever solicited, either. He just decides on saying something about himself or the Jets because…I dunno, because it’s Thursday?

  12. don’t worry jets fans cuz i garantee peyton won’t become a jet. peyton told me he’s afraid rex would follow his feet around the locker room….

  13. Rexxy said Sanchez will be the QB as long as he’s there…

    does that mean Manning in NY means a new HC?…. Jets fans can only hope……

  14. i dont agree with Jabba the Jet and that leopard aint gonna change his spots. its only a matter of time before he shoots his mouth off and guarantees something and then says it wasnt a guarantee. he cant contain way how

    furthermore…he can Rule Out Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers because that aint happening either

  15. Manning will not play for the Jets. He is all about organization. The Jets are dysfunctional. The town is Eli’s. Not only would they play in the same city, but in the same stadium. Nahhhh. Ain’t gonna happen.

    If he plays again, Miami makes the most sense at this time.

  16. The Foot Whisperer is trying to use Manning as leverage to goose Sanchez? Tell him it won’t work. The Swamp Boy is done. He was done last year and knew it. He ripped off the Colts for $24 for doing nothing and he’s trying to chump someone again this year for even more.
    Greedy Swamp Boy. Stupid Foot Whisperer.

  17. If the Jets abandon Sanchez Wrecks Ryan might as well pack his bags

    The Jets had a very promising rookie QB – but Rex ruined any chance Sanchez had of developing by guaranteeing the young QB would win the Super Bowl

    Then he compounded the mistake by doing it yet again.

    If you look at Rex’s record his first season would have ended 8-8 if not for the Colts pulling all their starters.

    Last season would have been 6-10 if not for two games that were basically handed to him – opening game Cowboys being one.

    Since I can’t stand the Jets I hope they keep Wrecks forever. But any Jet fan should want to be rid of him.

  18. @joesixpack

    Oh, so it’s because of Rex Ryan’s mouth that Mark Sanchez shows difficulty reading defenses and throws too many interceptions? This is news to me, thank you.

    …do you seriously believe what you write or what?

  19. “ampats says:
    Feb 23, 2012 4:14 PM
    Reasons Peyton Manning won’t play for the New York jets:

    1)Peyton Manning wants to play for a team that is a strong contender for the Super Bowl
    2)New York is Eli’s town
    3) jets are the red headed stepchildren of New York Football
    4) Outdoor stadium
    5) Not to mention the team that plays north of New Jersey which has his number.
    and more

    Keep dreaming jets fans the 44th will be here soon.”

    AMPATS arent you tired of being the Giants bitch yet ? like The Yankees were Pedros daddy…AMPATS whos your daddy ??

  20. I won’t get into the reasons as they’ve been explained very well on this post, but Peyton Manning has as much chance of playing for Rex Ryan as Jerry Jones has of saying, “For the last 16 years I’ve been a failure as a GM.”

    I’d say the top destinations for Peyton are:

  21. If anyone out there is a friend of Mark Sanchez, get him a copy of the Eagles song “New Kidd In Town”…..They’ll always love you until someone new comes along.

  22. @ nyjalleffingday

    Ask around the NFL and I doubt you’d find a single coach who would say that a head coach guaranteeing that his rookie QB will win the Super Bowl that season helps that rookie QBs development

    The Packers and other teams take their time developing QBs, letting them sit behind veterans as much as possible, sometimes for years.

    Rex Ryan guarantees a QB who left college early will win a. Lombardi. Then does it again the next year.

    I know to Jets fans that’s the sign of a genius coach, but I promise you, the rest of the NFL thinks he’s an imbecile.

  23. I don’t understand how the 49ers are never on any of these lists.

    They have a decent amount of cap space and have a very good team. Peyton would push them into an elite tier all by themselves.

  24. Beyond the fact that he definitely wouldn’t want to play for the Jets, the man is having difficulty throwing footballs to this very day, and even if he does heal to the point where he can play at even half of his skill level without pain, how could the man stand up to the barrage of hits he’ll be sure to take even if the Jets solve the Wayne Hunter problem? Not a smart football investment. I’d stay faaar away.

  25. Rex is kidding himself if he thinks the Jets can win big games with Sanchez, the guy has shown in big situations he usually fails either by throwing an int. or fumbling or just not moving the ball. I think Rex feels it’s the right thing to do as far as backing Sanchez, but if the Jets are smart and they want to go all the way they have to get another QB.

  26. @joesixpack

    Oh, so you do actually believe what you’re writing, that’s unfortunate.

    Mark Sanchez is just one of the latest in a series of quarterbacks for the Jets that has the world placed on their shoulders from day one. The brutal media and fans will run you out of town if you’re not immediately successful, the pressure is massive, guarantee or no. Jets staff & personnel typically don’t last more than four or five years. I don’t want to hear this garbage about how Sanchez was doomed by a prediction. Do Rex Ryan’s words guide passes into the arms of defenders? Do Rex Ryans words cause Sanchez to stare down receivers? Does his words cause his reads and down field progression to be poor? No, they don’t, you’re ridiculous.

    You identified the cause of the problem in your next paragraph, fool. The Jets took Sanchez after one year of starting experience, and then immediately became the starting QB, and he was then groomed by Matt Canavaugh, who has never once been successful developing a quarterback, and for some reason remains employed to this day, and Brian Schottenheimer, who couldn’t get a clue even if it popped out of his playbook and punched him in the face, all while his HC that doesn’t know anything about offense played a hands off role, until he would inevitably screw up too bad because he was coached by two inept morons. It had nothing to do with Rex believing his TEAM could win the Super Bowl, Sanchez is only one part of a TEAM. Stop pretending that you know what you’re talking about.

  27. nyjalleffingday

    Do I believe that deciding to start a rookie QB in a high pressure NFL situation in one of the most intensely scrutinized sports market in the nation may impede his long term development?

    Absolutely. Every NFL coach would likely agree.

    Do I believe that having an idiot head coach who adds to that pressure by guaranteeing that said rookie QB will end a 40 year Super Bowl drought that very year is an imbecile who is making a bad situation much much worse?

    Yes I do. And every NFL coach would likely agree.

    Do I think that said idiot head coach who didn’t learn his lesson and compounded the mistake by repeating it the following year has had a dramatic negative impact in that QBs development?

    Yes I do. And with the exception of Jets fans and the current Jets head coach, everyone else does too.

    When Rex guaranteed Sanchez would remain the starter, I have a feeling that may have killed any confidence Sanchez had remaining… Because we all now know what a Rex Ryan “guarantee” means.


  28. @joesixpack

    You are insinuating that Mark Sanchez would be an overall higher quality player had Rex not his guarantees, and then later completely contradicting your argument by then saying his guarantees mean nothing. You truly are a very smart person.

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