John Fox says he’s very comfortable with Tim Tebow

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John Fox reiterated in a press conference at the Scouting Combine today that he wants to bring in two new quarterbacks. But he insisted that he doesn’t lack confidence in Tim Tebow.

“At the end of the day, we’re very comfortable with Tim,” Fox said. “He did turn us from a 4-12 team to a playoff team.”

Fox says his comments about bringing in a couple of new quarterbacks were more about the reality of the roster than about doubting that Tebow can get the job done.

“Typically we go to camp with four quarterbacks,” Fox said. “If you do the math, we have two, so that means we need two more. That can come from a lot of varieties of areas. All we’re trying to do is find the best human talent we can that we think fits what we believe to be a championship football team with the Denver Broncos.”

Fox also said there are no hard feelings with Brady Quinn, who questioned Tebow’s humility but later said his comments had been misunderstood. Fox seems to believe Quinn’s clarifications of his comments this week.

“I know their relationship,” Fox said. “I know [Quinn] was a great teammate and I know Tim knows that. We still like Brady Quinn.”

And Fox still likes Tebow, too.

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  1. why wouldn’t he be? he was an integral part of getting them to the playoffs…

    improve the roster elsewhere this draft (DT, CB, RB) and give Tebow one full offseason and see what he can do in 2012.

    If it doesn’t work out the crowds will be appeased and Denver can go for Landry or Barkley next year. Win Win.

  2. I’m uncomfortable reading yet another Tebow story, thought maybe the offseason would give us all a little break from that. Free Agency needs to start ASAP

  3. Whether you like or don’t like Tebow, you still need solid backups. Some folks act like they think Tebow should be the only QB on the roster. That’s nuts. QB’s drop like flies every year in the NFL. You must have a decent backup who can step up and play at an NFL level. Some teams do this. Some teams, like this year’s Bears, fail to have a decent backup and the season goes down the toilet.

  4. i love how it was tebow and his 46% completion rate that turned the team around. nobody talks about how dominant von miller and that defense was. i’d be pissed if i was them, they kept tebows mistakes in the game and he gets all the credit.

  5. John is correct “he is a very good runner”
    Denver needs to get away from the college tebow-option offense.

  6. He will definitely be benched at some point this year. 2 for 8 isn’t going to get you wins against that schedule.

    Plus, if they do add two more quarterbacks, Tebow will be the fourth best QB on the roster. If Fox and Elway want to stay employed, they’ll be left with no choice but to move on. Then the question becomes how quickly can they install a real NFL offense in place of the high school offense that they ran all last season to cater to the worst passer to set foot on an NFL field in the last 30 years.

  7. Coming from a Dallas fan: Tebow doesn’t throw very well and the whole praying thing… take it as you will… I’ll say this about him though. The kid comes every Sunday to compete and I have to admit, even if he’s not very accurate (really not accurate), the dude is a stud in his own right and he somehow finds a way to get touchdowns. It’s going to be interesting to see how he does next year. It will be a make or break year for him I think. Either way at the end of the day, I like the dude. The kid is a competitor… That’s what makes the NFL so special.

  8. Oh John you jokester guess that means you’re comfortable with hemorrhoids as well, I mean come on with an average to above average QB you guys might have gotten further in the playoffs…to say you’re comfortable with an above average running back playing as a below average QB in down right insanity…

  9. (disclosure: long-time bleeding orange Bronco fanboi not in Tebow’s camp)

    In an attempt to be objective, I see the just-concluded season as actually 6-10 not 8-8 as the Miami and Chicago wins were pure luck via total implosions by the Fins/Bears. Thus, the true improvement was 2 wins from 4 to 6. Next year, the Broncos have the second toughest schedule on paper (AFC North and NFC South, plus New England and Houston or seven playoff teams, plus up-and-coming Carolina).

    The Broncos need a fair amount of help on both sides of the ball — offensive playmakers, LB, DB and, of course, under center. Happy the Broncs haven’t been mentioned into Peyton circus but without an upgrade at QB, 6-10 may be a pipe dream next year.

  10. How can you say an average QB would have taken them to the playoffs when Orton was 1-4? There are intangibles that Tebow brings to the table that cannot be denied – the whole team started playing better when he was the starter.

  11. Elway and Fox need to simply SHUT up about this.

    The mixed messages make them look incompetent. Anybody who is actually ‘comfortable’ with Tebow’s VERY poor passing is crazy.

    How about this:
    “We appreciate all Tim has done, and credit him with improvements. He’s our current starting QB. That said, Tim must improve his passing skills to be a long term starter on this team. We will always explore all options in the best interests of the Team.”

    It gives respect for Tebow, but is realistically responsible. Is that REALLY so hard?

  12. @hellswitch-

    I can agree with what you said regarding his competitiveness, but to say he “finds a way to get touchdowns” is inaccurate. The Broncos’ offense was horrendous from the moment he took over. They didn’t score many field goals, let alone touchdowns, with Tebow at the helm.

  13. The reason they started playing better with Tebow is because he brought a spark to the team Kyle Orton lacked. The guys like Tim Tebow. He’s positive, motivative, and selfless. And one late 4th quarter TD motivated the entire team to always hang in there and believe they could win.

    His leadership just sparked the whole team.

  14. I agree with that. The offense sucked bad. I was just saying he actually did carry the team in many respects. Regardless of the QB situation, they have a lot to do to get back to the playoffs and actually be a real contender. I get where you’re coming from though.

  15. I love seeing the predictions of Tebow being benched next season. Better yet, I can’t stop laughing when I see someone saying he won’t even be the starter going into the season. Did you see how poorly Orton had to play before he was finally benched? Tebow will have plenty of wiggle room this season, as long as he keeps filling the stands. That’s the bottom line.

  16. El Capitan says: Feb 23, 2012 12:28 PM

    why wouldn’t he be? he was an integral part of getting them to the playoffs…

    improve the roster elsewhere this draft (DT, CB, RB) and give Tebow one full offseason and see what he can do in 2012.

    If it doesn’t work out the crowds will be appeased and Denver can go for Landry or Barkley next year. Win Win.

    Tebow…an integral part of getting them to the playoffs? You DO know that statistically, Tebow was the worst performer on that team…right? Making 3 or4 plays PER GAME (usually the latter half of the 4th quarter only) isn’t good at all! Had it not been for that defense, the Broncos would be lucky to have won 2 games under Tebow.

  17. Finally some public endorsing by the Denver Broncos! They have to realize that their defense was 24th in points against and Tebow was a valuable piece of the puzzle that helped this whole team get to the playoffs. Tebow is legit, like it or not!

  18. What do you expect Fox to say..not like he has a choice. Tebow has had his year of hype, next year will be enough tape on him to know how to play Denver, I MEAN Tebow.

  19. @ebbycalvinlaloosh … I’m a Bills fan, But to say the offense didnt score under Tebow would be a lie. he accounted for 18 touchdowns himself in 11 games. That doesnt include mcgahees 4 rushing touchdowns or any of the other running backs.

  20. The kid has athletic ability to burn, but in the end even his backers will eventually come to the conclusion that smart NFL people have — that he’s not a QB who can be effective in a passing league.

    That said, he can be a terrific NFL player. The Patriots use Aaron Hernandez everywhere and find mismatches he can take advantage of. Tebow would be great in that role, if he and his choir can just eat a little dog poop and realize QB is not his spot.

    There are 16 D-coordinators spending time every day figuring out ways to stop Tebow and the goofball option offense that will never produce a title.

    Spread him out wide, line him up in the slot, hand off to him on 4th-and-goal from the one or two. But get someone in who can throw the ball.

  21. In my own unbiased opinion (Giants fan) ….

    Tebow is the most overrated NFL quarterback to play in recent memory. Never have I seen a team get so lucky to win so many games at the last minute. Though Tebow gets pretty much all of the credit, that really isn’t right. Sure, you can argue that Tebow was clutch in the final minutes (when the opposing defense is exhausted and/or in prevent mode)… but what about the other 55 minutes of the game? Tebow is horrendous for the vast majority of the time he is on the field, you can’t ignore that. That really means the Bronco’s won in spite of Tebow, not because of him. (Give the defense some credit… they deserve most of it).

    The Broncos luck will not last forever, they will struggle mightily early on and I predict Tebow will be benched before the season is half over. Face it folks, Tebow is not an NFL caliber QB, and he never will be. That’s the reality of the situation. Ignore it, or accept it. Your choice.

  22. @mainevent7567

    The Broncos offense averaged 16.63 points per game in Tebow’s 11 starts. That is not good. They led the league in 3-and-outs, which are brutal on a defense. Britton Colquitt was second in the NFL with 101 punt attempts, behind only Donnie Jones of St. Louis, who had 104.

    As for Tebow “accounting for” 18 TDs in 11.5 games, that’s an average of 1.56 TDs/game. For reference, Ryan Fitzpatrick accounted for 1.50 TDs/game. Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo both averaged 2.0 TDs/game. Sanchez is not good, nor was the Jets offense, and he averaged 28% more TDs per game than Tebow. Aaron Rodgers averaged 3.2 TDs/game.

    Verdict: Even with the contribution of running TDs, Tebow was decidedly unspectacular. In terms of pure passing, he was awful. Overall, the Broncos offense was only as good as Tebow, and that’s not good enough.

  23. You all are judging Tim Tebow off of ONE season! You are acting like he’s already reached his ceiling and will never get any better than he is.
    I’m pretty positive that it doesn’t hurt to have a full offseason, full training camp (reps with the starters), and just the distraction of everything that was on the Denver Broncos organization last year definitely didn’t aide in his development.
    I can GUARANTEE you that Tebow is going to be a better QB this year. And I’ll even go as far as to say that he locks up the job for the next 5 years!
    Stop acting like all of you know who Tim Tebow is by seeing him play 12 games with a 1-4 football team last year. PLEASE Denver, build around Tim Tebow. There are PLENTY of other areas that need improvement. Oh and Julius Thomas…. please end up being the next Shannon Sharpe/Antonio Gates for us.

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