Kansas City radio host says Chiefs, Condon have spoken about Peyton Manning

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The news of lingering neck problems that eventually would result in season-ending surgery for Peyton Manning first arose via a couple of Indianapolis radio hosts.  And so it’s fitting, we suppose, that the first semi-concrete report regarding Manning’s next destination would come from a Kansas City radio host.

Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports writes via Twitter that he is “[h]earing” the Chiefs and agent Tom Condon “have spoken twice” about Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and that Fescoe is “told” the financials are a “good fit” for the Chiefs.

Technically, no team may talk to Peyton or Condon until the Colts release Manning.  But tampering happens all the time at this time of the year, and it becomes nearly blatant at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Manning makes sense for the Chiefs for various reasons.  They have more than enough cap space, a relatively strong defense, a great young running back in Jamaal Charles, and competent receivers (who’d look a lot better with Peyton Manning throwing the passes).  Last year, even after Charles, safety Eric Berry, and tight end Tony Moeaki were lost early to torn ACLs, the Chiefs pulled it together and nearly pulled off a second straight AFC West title.

The fact that the Chiefs play in the AFC West would make Peyton’s path back to the postseason easier than elsewhere.

With the AFC West teams playing the AFC North and NFC South teams in 2012, eight or nine wins will likely once again result in a playoff berth.  Apart from the Ravens (home), Bengals (home), Steelers (away), Browns (away), Falcons (home), Panthers (home), Buccaneers (away), and Saints (away), the Chiefs play the Bills in Buffalo and, yes, the Colts at Arrowhead Stadium.

And so, 19 years after the Chiefs acquired Joe Montana for a late-career second act, it’s time to add the Chiefs to the list of teams that possibly could provide Peyton Manning with a place to chase another Super Bowl title.  Or two.

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  1. You would be an absolute fool to think that the current Chiefs roster, with some changes at the offensive line, wouldn’t cruise to an AFC West title with a healthy Manning at the helm.

    Come on, who wouldn’t want to watch Manning vs. Luck, with the Arrowhead crowd in full force, on national TV? Huge ratings right there.

  2. Last report I heard was that his arm is now just a wet noodle. Although a wet noodle is probably still better than Cassel.
    SO question of the day “Is a 75-80% Manning better than a 100% Cassel?”
    I would have to say yes.
    But taking old guys that are past their prime and hoping they still have some gas in the tank is no way to build for the future.

  3. Fescoe was the guy who in early 2011 incorrectly reported that Todd Haley stripped play-calling duties from Charlie Weis, based on rumors overheard at a pizza parlor.

    I’d give more credence to this latest rumor about Peyton once more solid evidence is available.

  4. @jjackwagon

    75-80% Montana with a roster of no-name receivers was pretty dang good.

    And you’re right about signing veterans. The Chiefs have Ricky Stanzi, a great college QB with an NFL skill set and great intangibles, on their roster. Who better to teach him the trade than Peyton freakin’ Manning?

  5. As a Chiefs fan, i would be elated to see this happen, but sadly the Cheaps don’t spend money and Fescoe is just trying to grab some national attention.

  6. A team contacting a player or his agent is only partially against the rules. For it to be considered tampering, the league has to receive substantiation that the interested team has said they’re interested either publicly or privately. Or, if the contact with the player or agent causes a contract dispute between the player and the team that currently owns his rights.

  7. This could be a good fit for Peyton Manning. Strong D,defensive HC, good offense when healthy in the weakest division in the NFL. Besides playing outdoors if healthy would make the Chiefs a strong AFC contender.

  8. Bob Fescoe is a mope. The only other KC host that could be a worse source of information is Jack Harry. He was probably “told” from someone he overheard talking in line at Quick Trip.

  9. jjackwagon has it right.

    The last Chiefs’ win quarterbacked by someone they drafted was in 1986! Todd Blackledge(decent commentator, lousy QB).

    Steve DeBerg, Dave Kreig, Joe Montana, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, Rich Gannon, Trent Green, Damon Huard, Tyler Thigpen, Brody Croyle & Matt Cassell have all started for the Chiefs over the last 23-years. All on the downside of their careers or on the never-gonna-be-an-upside.

    Much as I respect Peyton Manning, when will this franchise draft & develop a real quarterback?

    This is more “Carl Peterson”-like, do just enough to win the division & the fans will fill the stadium again. I really think those times have passed in Kansas City.

  10. Irsay has to be loving this. “I’m going to be able to dump that huge ass contract AND pick up another draft pick because an agent can’t keep his mouth shut, thanks Chiefs!”

  11. If ya ain’t cheatin’ ya ain’t tryin’…and it ain’t tamperin’ if ya don’t get caught…

  12. “Enjoy him for 1.5 years of good play and Don’t develop a QB! Reeeeal smart long term strategy

    With Love,
    -The AFC West”

    The only team in the AFC West who could make a comment like that is San Diego. The Raiders are doing the exact same thing already with Palmer, except they gave up two high draft picks in the process. Meanwhile Denver is stuck for at least another year “developing” a RB under center.

  13. emoney12 says:
    “””I wonder if Peyton will negotiate a dome and turf in his contract. That’s the only way this combination will work out.”””


    I seem to recall a ridiculous performance by Manning at Arrowhead in a playoff game.

    Seems the turf and steady rain did not hinder him too badly when he won the SB either,

  14. Bob Fescoe? Are you kidding?? I’m a regular listener of 610 Sports and Bob Fescoe is a joke. I doubt he can even tell you who won the super bowl. If Nick Wright said it, you could take it to the bank. Fescoe probably heard it from a caddy on the golf course.

  15. What’s the big deal. Tom Condon used to play for the Chiefs. I’m sure he was just chatting with some friends from his old team.

    Tampering schampering.

  16. Fescoe’s a liar. Rex Ryan to me he is winning the super bowl next year with Manning as his quarterback.

  17. Fescoe and the Jim Rome wanna-be Nick Wright are all part of the Junior Varsity radio station..610. If you want legit sports news in KC, you listen to the Border Patrol with Steven and Nate.

  18. Every time I click on thumb’s up or thumb’s down icon, it erases my click back to where it was before I clicked. Censorship?

  19. I would much rather have RG3 and go thru some growing pains than have a guy who is getting up there in years and is one hit from being on injured reserve again.

  20. First Joe Montana, now Peyton Manning.


    Maybe one of Count Basie’s descendants can write a KC jazz/blues song:

    “I’m Gonna Finish Ma Career In Kansas City”.

  21. the chiefs are used to choking in the playoffs whenever they get there, so peyton manning would fit in perfectly

  22. Bob Fescoe is a less reliable source than the random guy from Houston who said “Someone close to the Mannings told me that Peyton would definitely want to play here, maybe.”

  23. I’ve been saying from the beginning that KC was the fit.

    Young, talented defense…check.
    More than complimentary running game…check.
    Cap space…check.
    ‘Players Coach’ ala Dungy, Caldwell….check.
    GM in ‘gotta save my job’ mode…check.
    Owner who needs to revitalize a fan base…check.
    Weak division, easy playoff path…check.

    It all makes way too much sense.

  24. supremeomega says:Feb 23, 2012 5:29 PM

    Enjoy him for 1.5 years of good play and Don’t develop a QB! Reeeeal smart long term strategy

    With Love,
    -The AFC West

    You’re right, KC should do what the rest of the AFC west has done at QB and draft a Jamarcus Russell, Tim Tebow, or Phyllis Rivers. Or better yet they could trade their entire draft for a washed up Carson Palmer! Getting a top 5 all time QB is just ludicrous compared to those brilliant strategies.

  25. “thepatriotsaregay says:
    Feb 23, 2012 6:07 PM
    Sadly this will never happen. Cassel and Pioli are practically gay lovers so there’s no way they fire Matty….”

    You would be gay too if you went to 5 of the last 11 Super Bowls and were favored to go again in 2013.

    If you mean the other definition of “gay”, you seem to have a fetish on the subject.

  26. Hey if he is healthy will take him but I don’t belive he is. Kc is a good fit for manning for all the reasons listed before. Let’s think guys his options would be Washington, Arizona, Miami, Seattle, and maybe the browns. Give me those options and kc with that young d and good running game plus great home crowd sounds awesome. Plus u guys who want to hate this team was destroyed by injuries last yr plus an inept coach and still almost won the divison. With or without manning they should be the odds on fav to win the divison.

  27. Everyone says its stupid to get him instead of a young franchise QB. KC can’t afford to trade up high enough to get RG3 so they will have to wait a year or two till there is one available or they get Stanzi developed if they think he can be the man. Until they can do that Manning would be a good fit and mentor for a young QB. Matt Flynn might be a good gamble also.

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