LaRon Landry is the Hulk

On March 13, Redskins safety LaRon Landry will become a free agent, unless the Redskins apply the franchise tag.  And if the Redskins apply the franchise tag, I sure wouldn’t want to be the one to tell him.

Landry, who always has been large, has grown to almost comical proportions, based on photos posted on his Twitter page and found by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.

Injuries limited Landry to eight games in 2011 and nine in 2010, and it’s unclear whether the Redskins or anyone else will be ready to give him a long-term, big-money deal.

Again, if he’s not going to get paid a lot of money, I sure wouldn’t want to be the one to tell him.

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  1. Being cartoonishly muscular worked out well for David Boston, I’m sure it’ll work out for LaRon Landry…right?

  2. bigjdve says:
    Feb 23, 2012 5:24 PM
    I think that they should test him for PEDs.

    Then it might not be an issue.


    I sure wouldn’t want to be the one to tell him his test results.

  3. Any MMA lightweight would kick his a$$. There’s a reason real tough guys don’t look like that guy. Instead of going for core strenght, which doesn’t show, this knucklehead went for the beauty pageant look.

  4. Damn I hope he’s not on roids. I like him as a player but he’s looking a lot like David Boston in that pic.

  5. It helps to be really buff when you can’t cover anyone. The days of single-purpose safeties in the NFL are over. With more spread sets and TE/WR hybrid players,coupled with the shackles the NFL continues to load onto the defenses with the rules having a safety who can’t cover is a huge liability.

  6. Being “the hulk” is part of the reason why he’s injured so much. Lay off the PED’s, Landry. Maybe you’ll get a full season in.

  7. after further review…damn. it isnt shopped. hes built like a LB instead of a safety. we need to get rid of him already.

  8. PEDs? Forget that. Test him for nuclear radiation. Maybe he’s taking “workout” tips from David “too big for my bones” Boston. Anyone remember that creature?

    Sumptin’ ain’t right wit dat boi.

  9. I hope he’s playing linebacker next year. I don’t see how that much bulk is going to help him at safety (even if it is strong safety).

  10. I don’t know why he would do that. To me, and knowing he’s had injuries I think the possibility of injury is much higher. Kind of like David Boston dude. Just too much for a football player.

  11. Being that large affects how well you can move. He looks ridiculous. He will be less of a player at that size. Skins will re sign him. I hope.

  12. How about less drawing attention to yourself, and focus on football and getting your injury healed. This is why the skins will not resign you. I warn all teams about this guy. He will be hurt within the first 4 games of the season, if not during training camp. Don’t let that photo fool you, like it did all the fans here in Washington last year.

  13. Maybe more game film study and less weight training would help. Of course, now we see why he dives and shoulders the ball carrier and doesn’t wrap up….

  14. No need to test.. if there is ever any doubt, there’s no doubt.. Any when it doesn’t look human, it ain’t. But to be honest.. i dont care either way.

  15. @karlpilkington – why an idiot?

    It is a legitimate statement. I would prefer to think that he isn’t, however he is bulking alot for someone who has a bad Achilles.

    With his upper body strong, how much has been doing with his leg?

  16. from that angle his upper arm looks bigger than his head. ped’s or not, thats pretty impressive…..still, he looks way too massive to be an effective db.

  17. “profootballwalk says:Feb 23, 2012 5:39 PM

    Any MMA lightweight would kick his a$$. There’s a reason real tough guys don’t look like that guy. Instead of going for core strenght, which doesn’t show, this knucklehead went for the beauty pageant look.”
    Why do you have too sound so tough?
    I mean would you make comments like this to his face? Or maybe since you know so much about training, go get a job with an NFL team.
    Let us know how that works out.

  18. Hmmm, that tub in his hands sure looks like some sort of supplement. Than again, no normal gym-goer doesn’t take at least a pre-workout. Good diet, hard training and……EURO TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. profootballwalk says:
    Feb 23, 2012 5:39 PM
    Any MMA lightweight would kick his a$$. There’s a reason real tough guys don’t look like that guy. Instead of going for core strenght, which doesn’t show, this knucklehead went for the beauty pageant look

    #1 You’re jealous.
    #2 MMA lightweights and football lightweights can both kick your puny excuse making ass.

    On another note, I’ve competing and watched numerous natural bodybuilding competitions… and that’s anything but natural.

  20. This picture has been all over the place in the DC area today. And for the record, while he is that big, this particular picture is fake. He has a number of obvious tattoos on his right arm that have been forgotten by whoever did this. Secondly, his coverage is pretty damn good for a gigantic, in the box strong safety(And hes’ 220 pounds, by the way, normal weight for a SS). Sure, he got burnt pretty bad one time by DeSean Jackson on National TV, but if we kick every DB Jackson has burned out of the league, eventually teams will be playing Terrelle Pryor and Vince Young in the backfield.

  21. Just what NFL teams want out of their safety…reduce your speed with mass,,,great, I’d let that wack job walk. He’s clearly mental

  22. With the fact he was injurED. These CIRCUMCISIONS leave ShanaHAND in a HARD place. He won’t get LUCKY and HIT the BIG money. I don’t cared how much Enzyte he takes. He won’t be smilin 4SKINS.

  23. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    Good luck covering Jackson and maclin with all that extra bulk. Who knows? Maybe they’re grooming him to take fletchers sport as MLB.

  24. Thats not a real shirt. Someone painted that on him like those sports illustrated photoshoots. Like those photos…cant…seem…to….look…away

  25. I sure hope he spent some time strengthening his tendons and his joints, one so they dont get wrenched apart by the muscles moving when flexed during a game, and two so he doesnt get INJURED again! Lol way to heal an achilles by making it support more weight. I really, really hope he stengthened those tendons and joints.

    If he did, i think it is fair to say that in theory this guy is going to be eating people alive and apologizing to peoples grandmothers.

  26. Better players work on flexibility, explosive speed, and core strength rather than looking like a body builder in a t-shirt. Those guys are so inflexible that they couldn’t even touch their toes.

  27. Being huge rarely translates into increased talent in the NFL. Some of the best SS and FS in the league are average-sized NFL players (Polamalu, Reed, Manning, etc.) With this increased weight, I guarantee he added a good 0.1 to 0.2 seconds to his 40 time and decreased his flexibility significantly, which equals less agility. Good luck with that LeRon…

    Watch out for that drug test. LeRon’s drastic growth makes Barry Bonds’s sudden growth seem like it took a decade.

  28. First off, the David Boston comments are misplaced, as Landry is a hard worker, a real team player, and a fairly high character player (albeit maybe not a Walter Payton Man of the Year). I think the guy just really likes to work out. Second, and most importantly, the word is “re-sign”, not “resign”: Richard Nixon “resigned” following Watergate; The Redskins may not “re-sign” Landry due to injury concerns.

    And third, this photo is getting an article because it was tweeted and posted all over everything today by DC area sports reporters. This is not an overnight change. Landry has been growing steadily since he was drafted. Evidently it has now reached the point where his size deserves its own articles and accusations of steroids. These must be the worst steroids ever, because it’s taken four years for people to notice and accuse him of taking steroids.

  29. If his body isn’t built to handle that much muscle mass and weight then he will almost certainly see a decrease in his ability to perform on the field.

    This happens frequently to college lineman that try to bulk up for the NFL. If their body type isn’t designed for the extra weight they simply never develop the quickness and skills to compete.

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  31. I hate to disappoint the author of this article and the readers, but if you actually click on the link to the original article in the Washington Post you would know this picture is fake.

    Look at the two pictures in the original article. Sure Landry is ripped in the second photo, but does anyone find it strange that the picture above is missing all the tats on his right arm?

    Derp a Derp

  32. Hes’s not as big as that picture makes him out. He has way too much weight on such a small frame though. Probably why he is always hurt. Some of the best safeties all time were big. Guys like Steve Atwater, Kenny Easley, David Fulcher, John Lynch, and Rodney Harrison were all 215-235.

    Boston was like 265 when he played for the Bucs.

  33. He was 210 at the most when Jacobs trucked him. He runs a 4.4-4.5 40 time at the worst even if he is 230+ pounds now. I would have liked to see him complete a whole season at strong safety the past 2 years. That guy looked like a stud and headed to the probowl when they moved him back to SS, but then of course gets injured. He is used mostly in the box, I like that he is bulked up. He shouldn’t be the last line of defense and thats why Atogwe is the free safety on the Redskins. If the Redskins didn’t suck so bad so often maybe some of the people in here would remember how good he looked more recently, rather than getting beat deep playing free safety three years ago by teams #1 and #2 wideouts.

  34. I had GREAT seats last season and I noticed something – though Landry was injured he wasn’t watching and studying the opposing teams with his teammates. I’d think someone serious about football would be alongside coaches listening to the X’s and O’s as the games unfolded. He did look great in his tshirt though. I am very disappointed that he won’t likely return to the form he was in 2010 where, prior to the achilles injury, was making a case at being among the best Safeties in the league…

  35. Wish people would do a little research before posting. The picture of him with the hat on is him looking in a mirror(look at the writing on the hat). The tats are on his left arm.

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