“Manning to Miami” movement begins

It was inevitable, we suppose.  In an era that features fan-purchased billboards lobbying for backup quarterbacks to play and head coaches to be fired, it was only a matter of time before the mob attempted to impose its will on a football team regarding potential personnel moves.

According to Local10.com in Miami, a billboard touting the ManningtoMiami.com website has popped up near I-595 in Fort Lauderdale.

“This site has been created to help influence Peyton Manning and the Miami Dolphins that ‘Manning to Miami’ is a movement and marriage that the entire South Florida community is behind,” the home page at ManningtoMiami.com declares.

Owner Stephen Ross likely needs no arm twisting.  He’s reportedly “infatuated” with the prospect of bringing Manning to town.

I’ll provide my take on the situation at noon ET on PFT Live.

(Photo credit:  ManningtoMiami.com.)

75 responses to ““Manning to Miami” movement begins

  1. with the Franchise tag in Green Bay still available for Flynn (sign/trade) the Manning temptation becomes more and more intriguing.

    unfortunately, without drafting a QB in the first round or looking for a long term option, my Phins will continue to be in a bad spot for years to come…

  2. Or maybe this is a grand plot to prevent GB from franchising Flynn.
    Tis the season of cloak-and-dagger stuff in the NFL

  3. Fair enough. But if Ross gives the go-ahead to sign him without being 100% of his health, will fans be forgiving? Or will they bemoan managerial irresponsibility? I understand that Miami made a huge mistake in passing on Brees, but the only thing worse than making a huge mistake is letting it blind you in the future. Buyer beware. Proceed with caution.

  4. I live in Miami, and I hope it happens. Would be awesome around here- these fans are STARVED for a QB since Marino.

  5. As a Patriots fan it would be a bit painful to have Manning in the division, but it sure would make for a few fun games to watch.

    In any case, I hope Manning gets healthy and back on the field. The NFL isn’t as good with him out.

  6. This is ridiculous.

    As a Dolphins fan I don’t want Peyton in Miami, he’s damaged goods!

    I want to be excited about the future of the Phins but how can I be excited about someone that could go down any minute with a career ending injury.

    He needs to retire now before he does something stupid!

  7. I hope Miami or Washington pick him up. If that happens, it increases the chances that Flynn or one of the more highly-rated draftees at QB will be available for Seattle.

    Don’t want him in Seattle. The offensive line is young and improving, but wasn’t able to keep Tavaris Jackson fully healthy for a season. A 36 year old with a series of neck injuries isn’t the best guy to have under center in such a situation.

  8. Miami and Washington have to be the two saddest organizations, when it comes to attaining a franchise QB. Seriously? A Billboard?!?! You should spend as much effort drafting and developing a quarterback than trying to get somebody elses leftovers. I still say Indy or bust.

  9. I also think the Patriots secondary would pee its pants if they have to face Manning twice a year (not in the playoffs).

  10. If history is your thing try and figure out who 2012’s Dante Culpepper will be, and you’ve got the name of the guy they ultimately pass on Manning and start week 1.

    How about Dante Culpepper?

  11. Haven’t Dolphins fans already witnessed first hand the fast deterioration of an all-time great QB’s skills? Do you really want to go through this again?

    Go for Flynn or go for the #2 overall pick and RGIII.

  12. Manning is one heck of a qb but he is not a good fit for the phins. Phins need someone they can build around. They also need an owner who knows to stay out of things and let the players play and the coaches coach.

  13. Gosh. If only there was another high profile, no longer welcome quarterback, to a team that needs a veteran QB, situation we could refer to……Brett Favre to Minnesota comes to mind. Buyer’s be warned, Miami fans.

  14. So if Manning signs but can’t play, I guess Matt Moore will have one expensive QB coach to guide him along. After all, Ross said he wanted a franchise QB, but he didn’t say he wanted one who can still play.

  15. Well, maybe the Dolts can tag him and we can pay them [yet another] second round draft pick for a broken down QB. I love the idea of the 2008 or 2009 Manning coming here, but the version we’re likely to get will remind of more of CPep than Manning…No thanks…Let Washington have him and IF for some reason he happens to be 85% of what he was, it’s still worth it for him not to be here….I just don’t think he’s going to be healthy enough for us. Of course the next thing is WHEN will he be at least capable and that may be the summer or even TC before that happens…Another wasted offseason and then we have to force Philbin, a first time HC to adjust his preferred offense to what we hope Manning will be ?? Way too much risk here…

  16. This is like a fat girl making a billboard petitioning the starting to quarterback to take her to prom. I dont care how good of an idea you think it is honey, he’s just not that into you.

  17. These people are dreaming. A 36 year old injury prone quarterback who has no experience in the west coast offense Joe Philbin is going to use. The Dolphins would be better off getting a young quarterback for the future, but if Ross wants to focus on the short term ticket sales and not worry about the long term-Go for it!

  18. Your take….nevermind i’d rather not hear it of course my take is it’ll never happen doesn’t matter what type sideshow you or manningtomiami.com can come up with…

  19. Not really a huge Manning fan, but 1 wrong hit and he could be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. I don’t want to see that happen to anybody.

  20. Don’t see this happening at all. He will only go to a contender. But in the rare instance this does happen it would finally make Brandon Marshall fantasy relevant again on a consistent basis. Easily move him into the top 8 WR category

  21. Forget ALL you people- We’ll take him gladly in Washington!!
    If he can’t throw any more, what’s the difference? We’ve got Rex Grossman as it is!!!

  22. I don’t understand some MIA fans.
    They say they’re starving for a QB since Marino, but they want to bring in PM.
    For what, 2, 3 years?
    PM is good, even great… IF HEALTHY.
    Miami would be better off with a long term FIX.
    Manning would just be a bandage.

  23. Owner Stephen Ross likely needs no arm twisting. He’s reportedly “infatuated” with the prospect of bringing Manning to town.


    It seems that everybody in the media world leaps right to what Jester Ross thinks about the football side of his business. This shows many things about the Dolphins.

    We have a Daniel Snyder style owner. Knows virtually NOTHING about football, but interjects his opinion and influence into everything he isn’t qualified to evaluate.

    Jeff Ireland is either the quietest man to ever work in a front office, is always golfing, or is simply a puppet figurehead so The Jester can muck up the whole thing.

    I can’t think of a single good decision Ross has made since acquiring the Dolphins, at least not on the football side. If he wants Peyton Manning, you can almost call it a sure bet that it’s a BAD IDEA.

    DO NOT bring Manning to Miami. He WAS a great quarterback. Now? Who knows? Even if he is 100% Peyton Manning again, how long is he going to be great? 1 year? 2? Maybe 3 if you’re lucky, Jester.

    I don’t know what the best course of action is, but I DO know it isn’t Brett Favre’s “Peyton Manthing”.

  24. I can’t see this happening. Fins have a new HC and he has a background in offense. He didn’t HAVE to leave where he was and he was with a great organization. He would likely continue to have HC options in the future due to the success of GB. I simply cannot see a guy like that taking a job and being told that they were going for a 36 YO QB who we have no idea when he might have enough nerve regeneration to play…oh and HE will run the offense he prefers (because you know PM ain’t going anywhere unless he’s in charge).

    I see PM fitting better with a defensive minded HC who doesn’t want to worry much about the offense as long as it doesn’t mess up his D…like Rex. Or a HC who has already had a vet QB he tailored an offense around like Whiz.

  25. What a circus my beloved organization has become. Ross and Ireland talk out of both sides of their mouths (they want a young Shula, but they hire an old assistant with baggage who’s been around forever), so there is no telling how this will play out. Except that there will be more silliness and drama in the months to come. And as for Brandon Marshall, no way Manning would cater to his child-like behavior. If anything, he would favor the receivers who don’t drop touchdown passes.

  26. Hey frostbite there is only one qb in the afc east and it rhymes with Tom Brady, Sanchez and Fitzpatrick suck and whoever is gonaa qb the fins which should be Moore will also be below average

  27. I could see him going there. I mean, Miami is only one player away from contending for a Super Bowl (eye roll, hand jerk)

  28. Fins have been way too conservative in filling this QB void over the past decade – doesn’t matter who is GM/Coach. Second rounders haven’t worked (AJ, Pat White, Henne, Beck). Time to get nutty – bring in Peyton or draft RGIII. These are the only options…GO BIG FINS!

  29. “…. it was only a matter of time before the mob attempted to impose its will on a football team regarding potential personnel moves.”
    Now who’s being naive?

  30. bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Feb 23, 2012 11:09 AM

    “Miami and Washington have to be the two saddest organizations, when it comes to attaining a franchise QB. Seriously? A Billboard?!?!”

    You know what’s sad to me? That you actually believe it was the Dolphins orginization that had anything to do with that billbaord getting put up. Get a clue, man!

    As a long time & loyal Phins fan, I hope Ross & Ireland pass on Manning. No more short term fixes. He might not even be able to play!

    Draft a QB & develop him. Not in the 2nd round. Find a way to get an elite talent. Make Dansby available, picks…whatever it takes.

    Adress the QB long term. No more injured has beens or trades. Manning, Pennington, Culpepper, Griese, Harrington, Feeley, etc.


  31. racksie says:Feb 23, 2012 11:14 AM

    Gosh. If only there was another high profile, no longer welcome quarterback, to a team that needs a veteran QB, situation we could refer to……Brett Favre to Minnesota comes to mind. Buyer’s be warned, Miami fans.

    duece5 says:

    Despite Brad Childress holding him back, Favre took the Vikes within ONE play of the Super Bowl, and Favre had his BEST EVER year as a QB in 2009. In 2010, Favre wasn’t healthy, and the Vikes weren’t as good.

  32. ozierdisaster3335 says:
    Feb 23, 2012 11:00 AM
    Not a dolphins fan… but Manning to marshal might be pretty fun to watch


    only if you like seeing Peyton with that ‘what are you doing?!’ scowl on his face 5 times a game when Marshall gets hit on the hands and drops a sure TD, then smiles and does a light 40 yard jog back to the huddle….

    Marshall was tied at #2 in the NFL in drops last year…. and Moore was playing great….

    getting Manning, if he’s ok, isn’t a guarantee if your guys can’t catch.

  33. Sherman wants Tannehill. He’ll be their first pick in the draft although should be a fourth round pick at best. Manning will not play in Miami. He’ll retire most likely.

  34. The Fins were overly cautious with Drew Brees’ injured shoulder in 2006 and opted to trade for Daunte Culpepper instead. We see how that worked out for them and New Orleans. Not wanting to get burned twice, I can see the Fins throwing caution to the wind with Manning whether healthy or not. Unfortunately, in the end …. they may still get burned twice.

  35. honestly, there’s two guys i think Miami should look into and it’s Flynn and Manning, people will say RG3, but i cant see the Rams trading that far back, maybe Washington or Cleveland will work, but i think Miami isnt the team for RG3, now for Manning. Someone said, “Haven’t Dolphins fans already witnessed first hand the fast deterioration of an all-time great QB’s skills? Do you really want to go through this again” UH, who!!!??? if you are talking about Dan Marino, then i could agree, but if you are talking about anyone else, then you are WAY off base. Pennington and Culpepper are NOT all time great QBs, Culpepper is FAR overrated and Pennington’s arm was never strong.

    NOW, i wont get into Flynn because we know he’s a great fit, BUT here’s why Manning IS a great fit. 1) star player and great QB with at least 2 years left…2) if you sign Manning, you can then use a 1st round pick on a WR like Kendall Wright or Floyd, pair him with Marshall, get a Ryan Tannehill or Nick Foles in round 2 and there’s your future set too! and 3) he would also have Bush there to throw too and with Manning in Miami and healthy, this makes this team a more dangerous team.

  36. Same idiots who were chanting for Kyle Orton last year.

    But a couple things:

    1. How much better do the uni’s look without the numbers having that blue back drop?

    2. Nobody takes #18 from Roberto Wallace, except Mrs. Wallace (thx Jules Pitt)

  37. Any team that takes Manning needs to either already have a promising young QB who may need additional time to develop, or a team that plans on drafting a QB in the top 2 rounds either this season or next.

  38. I don’t see Manning going anywhere. I predict they will give him the 28 million due soon and just hope for the best and draft Griffin number 1 and let him learn from Manning. or, they shove him off to buffalo and draft Luck who becomes a bigger stiff then some other former heralded sure bets of the past.

  39. Manning to Miami would certainly help the Dolphins ticket sales. God knows that their home crowd hasn’t had much to root for lately.

    Whoever said “Manning is a bandage” is correct, but there’s no reason you couldn’t get Manning and get a 2nd/3rd round QB project who would benefit from holding the clipboard behind Manning for a year or three.

    If the trade price is right, Miami should go for it. Even a 50% healthy Peyton Manning is better than any starting Miami QB you can name since Marino.

  40. mwcarolina has it right. Flynn is a systems QB and will work well in Miami, but getting PM and drafting a future this off season would be the smartest thing Ireland has ever done. That being said, unless he is listening to his coaches I don’t see it happening… he hasn’t shown the ability to think of anything that would be beneficial to the team, without screwing it up.

  41. Everybody JOKE is on you. Peyton is not going any where YET. He is going to retire as Colt player in 2 to 3 years.
    Now if you want Irsay he is yours. We don’t want him. The only catch is you take his twitter account also.

  42. Let’s just cut the crap. Bottom line is let’s see the guy throw. For the money this guy will command, I think he needs to prove to everyone that he still has the arm. To me it is totally shady of Payton to make a football team roll the dice on a guy that may or may not be able to deliver.

    Pony up Payton. Let’s see what you got!!

  43. glac1 says:
    Feb 23, 2012 11:49 AM

    It will not work. If the Colts believed Manning could play they would keep him. His career is over.
    “If the Colts believed Manning could play they would keep him.”

    It seems you’ve swallowed the medias position that PM’s gone from Indy or done playing hook, line and sinker.
    Nobody BUT the principals inked on the contract knows ANYTHING for sure and they’re not talking…yet.

  44. phinfan527 says:
    Feb 23, 2012 12:31 PM
    Would rather have RG3 for 10 years instead of Peyton for 2 and then he has to retire!!


    RG3 might have been playing well… but he said with a straight face that he thinks he has a shot at being selected by the Colts over Luck…. that’s complete lack of perspective.

    you seriously have to question drafting guys when they say stuff like that…. that’s the kinda guy that never comes to practice early, then guarantees the Superbowl twice….

  45. What I find lost in most comments is that there is no assurance that Peyton is healthy enough to play. It could very well be that his career is over but we are so wrapped up in his past accomplishments that we can’t accept that possibility. The fact that the Colts, the team with the most insight to the situation, is willing to let him go speaks volumes.

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