Rams willing to trade down


It’s widely believed that the Colts will pick a quarterback with the first selection in the 2012 draft.  It’s also widely believed that the Rams will then auction the ability to take the next quarterback with the second selection in the 2012 draft to the highest bidder.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported earlier today that multiple teams already have had preliminary discussions with the Rams, that the Rams are willing to trade the pick, and that the Rams likely will end up doing so.

The team that makes the most sense is the Browns, given that they hold the fourth overall pick and the 22nd pick, which they acquired as part of the Julio Jones trade.  And coach Pat Shurmur left the door open to a possible trade up, telling reporters that the team would not “be hesitant at all” to make a move.

You evaluate everything,” Shurmur said, according to the News-Journal.  “I wouldn’t say we’re hesitant to do anything. We’re excited about the fact that we’re going to make our team better with this draft. That’s the way we approach it.  We’re not hesitant at all.

“We can just stand pat and take two really fine players, guys that we would hope to be starters for us.  Having two first-round picks, you have flexibility if you want to do something.”

Yep.  They’re gonna try to trade up.  Or, as offensive coordinator Brad Childress would say, the idea of trading up isn’t a programmatic non-fit.

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  1. Fisher reported they would trade down weeks ago.

    Cleveland makes the most sense, they get RGIII and the Rams get Blackmon and another first rounder. Maybe OL???

  2. I hope Griffin doesn’t end up with the Browns. That would be an incredible waste of talent. The Browns should have their draft picks stripped and should only be a designated franchise for washed up players. An overwhelmingly horrendous franchise that is difficult to watch and acknowledge as a NFL team.

  3. “The team that makes the most sense is the Browns.”

    Ok, the only reason Cleveland would trade up is if Washington tries to trade up. The Browns don’t have to if Washington doesnt try to (keep in mind Cleveland is actually ahead of Washington already).

    So yeah…

    (I’m assuming Miami, Minnesota, and Seattle have no interest in RG3)

  4. Hahaha, I love being right. The Redskins, the Dolphins the Browns, all have an interest in QB and the Rams/Vikings might trade out of their draft spot. Who’s going to get it? The Browns because they have several draft selections to trade. Wether RG3 is the man for the job remains to be seen. The Browns have a good receiving core and unfortunately they’re not just a QB away from being good. If they don’t change up they’re play calling and abandon some of this West Coast offense then they can look forward to having another 4-12 season. So take RG3 in the draft, if it doesnt work its not his fault, its the Browns fault

  5. Is this guy kidding? nobisoreal. You know there is more teams in the draft than the top 4 teams, right? You have heard of the Redskins, Dolphins, Jaguars, Seahawks, Cardinals? Do you want me to name more? Any of these teams and more would be willing to trade up to get RGIII. The Browns need to get to #2, there not safe at #4.

  6. Heckert/Holmgren have NEVER drafted a QB that high. Check their track records. I don’t think they do ir now. I think trading up for RG3 would be a huge mistake. That being said a majority of my Browns fan counterparts, as well as the know-nothing Cleveland media,
    are creamin’ their jeans for this
    this kid. We’ll see. To quote my good friend Han Solo: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

  7. Good god I hope the skins trade up and draft RGIII. Cause I cant take the other RGIII – Rex Grossman – Year III

  8. I wouldn’t trade up if I were them, waste of time ! You hold the fourth pick and the teams in front aren’t in the market for a QB, stay put and keep your higher and lower first round picks!

  9. Vikings should get a QB, They are a QB away from being a playoff team.
    Ponder is not the answer and I like going to Vikings games so I hope they do get a QB

  10. Maybe the Buffalo Bills could offer a 30+ RB & our 3rd pick for the second, who wants Fred Jackson?

  11. Cleveland has way too many holes to fill. The bust rate in first round qbs is too high to trade up. They stay, grab another qb or give colt another year and surround whoever qb is with a few weapons.

  12. But why would anyone trade 2 #1s for a #2 qb if you can get him at #4 ? He is not the #2 rated player in the draft and is not guarenteed to be an elite qb !

  13. Move up,C-Town! Add RG3 to the list of QBs you’ve worshipped and then run out of town after their first INT. Factory of Suckitude.

  14. Browns are gonna sit on their picks, and if rg3 is there they’ll take him. The only team that would try to make a move for rg3 would be the redskins… But they are probably too stubborn and/or stupid to do it.

  15. Rams or Vikings aren’t going to take a qb… Why would they trade up again?

    To ensure that a different team(like the Redskins) doesn’t trade up and take a quarterback before they get to pick.

  16. The only reason Rams fans are latching on to Cleveland trading up is because it is the best things for the RAMS, not the Browns. In that scenario, the Rams would only move down two spots, still have a chance at Claiborne, Blackmon, Kalil, etc. as well as gaining an additional pick or two at the end of the 1st or beginning of the 2nd round. Yes, that scenario makes a whole lot of sense for the Rams, but absolutely none for the Browns.

    Number 1, who really believes that the Rams or Vikings will take Griffin at 2 or 3 if they fail to make a trade and move down? Essentially the Browns know that, unless the Redskins, Dolphins, Seahawks or whomever else wants him decides to pay a buttload of picks to move up, Griffin will be there at #4 for them to pick if they so choose.

    Number 2, the Browns are the team that truly has the most leverage at this moment concerning Griffin. Referring to Number 1 above, other teams interested in Griffin know they have to move ahead of the Browns to get him, not that they have to move ahead of Minnesota at #3. So, that damages the Rams’ position immediately. Pay less to get to #3 instead of going to #2 and paying more. So, basically St. Louis could be stuck at #2 unless they take a seriously undervalued trade to move out of that spot. Another scenario would allow the Browns to wait, see Griffin fall to them at #4, and then initiate a bidding war between teams like the Redskins, Dolphins or Seahawks for them to grab the #4 pick from Cleveland before they take Griffin themselves. They could work this into another huge haul like they got from Atlanta. They could move down and still have a chance at Trent Richardson or Kendall Wright (or someone else if they like them more).

  17. nob….

    Cleveland can’t wait for the 4th pick because another team will jump ahead of them to trade with the Rams or the Vikings and get RGIII.

  18. Lo and behold, the draft chart value of the #4 overall pick (1800) + the #22 overall pick (780) comes within 20 points of the value of the #2 overall pick (2600).

    It was meant to be.

  19. @nobisoreal… Are u serious?? Do you really think if Cleveland doesn’t trade for the Rams pick nobody else would? RG3 won’t JUST slide to #4. Did you think before you posted that??

  20. According to the draft value chart (that I think is outdated, but most all teams still use as a reference guide), the Browns have the ideal combo to make it happen. #2 overall is worth 2600 points. #4 is worth 1800. #22 is worth 780. 2600 vs. 2580. If the Rams want to be a stickler about the 20 points, the Browns can throw in their 6th rounder and it’s virtually identical at that point. Trades at the top of the draft are always pricey. That’s why they are often talked about, but rarely actually happen.

  21. As a Rams fan I actually am not concerned if they move down further than #4. Even with the Redskins pick there’s a decent chance at Blackmon. Trading with someone other than Cleveland could easily yield two firsts and a second and this team needs talent at a lot of positions.

  22. This is comical, the last post was Browns to make play for Matt Flynn, now it’s RgIII, make up your damn minds…lol

  23. I am not even a Rams fan, but find myself rooting for them on occasion. They are in a great spot to make their team better. This could be a great turning point for their franchise.

  24. If the Brown’s sign Flynn, they won’t need to trade up. Wow, Holmy get’s a QB and two first round picks… I smell playoffs!

    Then it’s either the Redskins, Dolphins or Seahawks.. but would the rams take a trade from Seattle? —


  25. You know as a Ram fan I can not leave this alone. One year as a O-Coordinator he leaves the team. WTF? is this the good olde boy network or what?

  26. Soulman45 says:
    Feb 23, 2012 11:21 PM
    Frist to say
    That is a steal Julo Jones for the 1st or 2nd best QB in the draft that is a great move.


  27. @Soulman45

    “That is a steal Julo Jones for the 1st or 2nd best QB in the draft that is a great move.”

    It’s better than that. They’ve exchanged Julio Jones and the number 4 pick this year for:

    Pole position to select RGIII (Luck or two first rounders, including the 4th overall pick), plus Phil Taylor, Greg Little and Owen Marecic and an extra 4th rounder in the upcoming draft.

    Taylor turned out to be a quality starter. Little actually caught more passes than Jones and went for 700 yards.

    The Browns got an incredible deal. Even if they inexplicably decide to give up a shot at drafting an elite QB they can draft either the first or second ranked WR this year (filling the position that Jones would have taken on their roster) and still have another first round pick to spend on another position.

    I am a Redskins fan, I’d love us to land RGIII but the Browns have to be interested as well and they are going to win any auction for the 2-spot. They’ve got more picks and more valuable picks.

  28. I’d stay at that pick and draft Kalil. They’re going to run a serious risk of Bradford flopping if they allow Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold at their current spots. The Vikings will surely take Kalil, so if they trade down, he will not be available.

  29. What would it cost Washington to outbid the Browns? This years first, second AND next years first?

  30. I just don’t understand the need to give up #22. 4 and 37 is still better than Washington’s 6 and 39 or Maimi’s 8/9 and 41/42 or whatever it is they have. Why is #22 even being considered? Washington is willing to give their 6, 39, and next year’s #1? Oh, well Cleveland’s 4, 37, and next year’s #1 is still better. #22 should be untouchable in my opinion.

  31. Love all the Rams trade talk. Welcome to Minnesota Mr. Kalil! Solves the left tackle position for the next decade. Now the Vikes are only a QB, a healthy AP, 2-3 WR’s, a couple gaurds and a center, 2 defensive lineman, 3 linebackers, 2 corners, 2 safeties, and a new coaching staff away from contending for the division again…

  32. Skins getting rg3..browns have not one playmaker no rb no wr no o-line nothing..they have 2 number 1 picks..9 total picks..get a qb next year..plus why have yalent go to the browns with childress.oh forgot no defense

  33. @comatrip1

    I agree with you that the Browns don’t have to include #22 pick in order to win any auction.

    However, whilst the trade chart devalues next year’s picks the Browns’s GM should be thinking long term.

    If the Browns don’t feel confident that they will finish lower than #22 in the order next year (and there is no one they want who will be picked around that area in this year’s draft) then they will be better of trading away the 22nd, and holding on to next year’s first and whatever other picks that would have made up the value of the 22nd.

    The point is the Browns have got more to trade. What they’ve got to trade is more valuable on a pick by pick basis than any of their potential rivals for RGIII (unless the Rams or Vikings surprise everyone). Furthermore, they’ve also got more flexibility than anyone in how to construct that trade package.

    Even if they hadn’t rogered Atlanta they would be in pole position to trade up to the two spot. The Jones trade just makes their position that much stronger.

  34. Trade up Cleveland and guarantee you get Blackmon and then keep as many picks as they can. They don’t need a QB. They already have one if they’d get him some help.

  35. Why are they still talking about this? Hopefully RG3 kills at the combine and pro day. The RAMS will have a decision to make then. If they trade Sam to the(fingers crossed) REDSKINS, they would save 28m. Go RG3! HTTR!!

  36. nobisoreal says:
    Feb 23, 2012 11:16 PM
    Rams or Vikings aren’t going to take a qb… Why would they trade up again?


    Learn to read. Flourio was talking about Cleveland moving up, not the Rams or Vikqueens.

  37. rwmilli says:
    Feb 24, 2012 12:08 AM
    I wouldn’t trade up if I were them, waste of time ! You hold the fourth pick and the teams in front aren’t in the market for a QB, stay put and keep your higher and lower first round picks!

    Goobs 2,

    If the Browns don’t make a move, then the Deadskins or Dolphins could move up and get RG III.

  38. Clevelands two first round picks will allow the Rams to get two key players. Cleveland can get a solid future QB with 2nd pick. The Skins are in NFC with the Rams. So why help them unless they do a Ditka. The Browns just got to hope Flynn goes to Miami. The Skins will fight with Cards for Manning.

  39. rwmilli says:
    Feb 24, 2012 12:08 AM
    I wouldn’t trade up if I were them, waste of time ! You hold the fourth pick and the teams in front aren’t in the market for a QB, stay put and keep your higher and lower first round picks!

    Umm…..no the teams in front of the Browns don’t need a QB. But lots of the teams behind them do.

    So if they don’t trade up, you see, one of those other teams will.

    That’s how that works.

  40. linvillegorge says: Feb 24, 2012 2:20 AM

    According to the draft value chart (that I think is outdated, but most all teams still use as a reference guide)
    This is a good point to make, doesn’t it seem like the value of picks should be changed now that there is a rookie scale? This chart was made before the rookie contracts exploded in $$, but for awhile the high picks weren’t worth much because no one wanted to pay those contracts. I have to think that the higher picks are now worth much more than ever before.

  41. CLE has the leverage – I think STL stating that they’e “already” entertaining offers, etc. to trade out is only directed at CLE – who really holds the most value with 2 1st rounders including #4…that said – if they want RG3 they’re the only team STL wants to deal with – any other trade would not be valuable enough – especially since I think Kalil is the guy they want.

  42. When draft day comes the talent at the top 10 came be very tight for player value on a teams board. The only thing that should be considered when you are as desperate for talent as the Browns is who is your highest ranked player? If a QB is not the highest ranked player then you do not take him or move up to get him. If you have Claiborne, Coples, Richardson or Blackmon rated higher, thats the way you need to go. Now with the 22nd pick you can look more towards position with that pick because at that point many players will be in the same place on your boards. To pick or trade up for RGIII if he is not your highest rated player is more of the same for Cleveland. Lets remember having B.E. and KWII made Derick Anderson a pro bowler, Colt had issues but there are way too many holes right now to make a reach. Heck give him back half the drops and his completion percentage rises to 61%, which is the same level as a guy named Eli.

  43. You do all realize that Heckert uses his own trade value matrix that he devised himself, right? I’m willing to bet my house that giving up a first round pick to move up two slots is not anywhere on that matrix chart. Knowing that, the team that will make a strong move will be the redskins.

  44. There is a great chance for him to fall to us at 4. Have you ever heard of a little thing called free agency, Peyton Manning or Ryan Flynn? I’m betting the Redskins and Miami end up going that route.
    Now who is going to move up and get him before our fourth pick?

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