Rex: Guarantee was “huge mistake” before “terrible season”

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Most coaches step to the podium at the Scouting Combine and just wait for questions. Rex Ryan makes a short speech.

In last year’s speech, he guaranteed the Jets would make the Super Bowl. (Again.) In this year’s speech, Rex regretted last year’s speech.

“It was a huge mistake to make that guarantee,” Ryan said. “In hindsight, I think it put undue pressure upon our team. . . . Obviously we had a terrible season. I’ll take full responsibility for that.”

It says something about Ryan’s success in New York that 8-8 is a “terrible season.” Ryan said he had an idea of what will happen in next year’s Super Bowl, but he will keep that to himself.

“Looking forward, first off no promises. We’re going to have a team now. I think we’ll have the potential,” Ryan said, smiling with a pause, “to do great things.”

Ryan says that the problems on the team were magnified because the team is so transparent.

“You’re going to hear a lot about the Jets when things are going good,”Ryan said. “And you’ll hear a lot about us when things aren’t so good.”

48 responses to “Rex: Guarantee was “huge mistake” before “terrible season”

  1. If he has to eat even half of his words he’s going to need a nother lap band surgery


  2. Even if it was, in hindsight, a huge mistake, I totally expect him to make that same guarantee before this season begins. He’s done it for the last two years.

  3. he’s not sorry about his stupid guarantees he enjoys eating crow too much…it’s how he keeps his shapely figure

  4. He’s right about this: all his mouthing off DOES put undue pressure on his players, especially his young QB.
    No other coach “guarantees” anything. Why? Because it’s flat-out stupid.
    And to me, the Jets look like a team in flux. Their D was average last season.
    More important, IMO, they appear closer to battling Buffalo and Miami for 3rd or 4th place in the AFC East than to the Patriots for first place.

  5. he also swore that Sanchez was his guy for as long as he Rex is with the Jets or some such thing….

    wonder if he’s gonna deliver on that one? no way… Sanchez is gone any second….

  6. One thing about Rex is that he is willing to admit he screwed up. He owned it. A lot of coaches wouldn’t do that. Maybe he’ll learn from this and tone it down moving forward.

  7. I’m neither a fan of Rex nor a fan of guarantees. I still respect the fact that it how you are supposed to feel. Maybe you shouldn’t use the word “guarantee”, but you should expect for your team to win all your games. Obviously that rarely happens. But to believe in yourself and your team is a great thing. True, you have egg on your face if you fall short.

  8. It wasn’t so much that Rex made a guarantee and the Jets couldn’t deliver… it’s the fact that his “stadium roommates” reminded him in no uncertain terms who is the real big brother in NY football.

    Rex tried his best to rub two AFC title game losses in the Giants face, compared to the Giants missing the playoffs… so the Giants showed him exactly how to get the job done.

  9. They ain’t getting PM. Rex said “we’ll do whatever it takes (on offense) to win. If that means running 50 times, we’ll run it 50 times. If that means passing 50 times…….we’ll run it 50 times.”
    He was funny. Then again, I’m a Pats fan who doesn’t hate him.

  10. Well, now we are getting somewhere. Big admission may mean Rexy is getting real about where his J-E-T-s are in the overall scheme of things. We’ll see how long he can keep his pie hole shut. I’m making the over under week 6. Now if he only had a QB……………………..

  11. Rex is a great coaching mind, but a bad coaching mouth. If the former can ever eclipse the latter, the Jets are going to get that ring. I still believe in him.

  12. Someone brought up a good point. If Sexy Rexy does land Peyton, what are the Vegas odds, that at some point during the season, he makes another Super Bowl declaration?

  13. I love that “haters will hate” has become the new “I have no logical argument to counter this point”.
    There is no accountability to Rex’s stupid decrees. Next time he makes one of these, some reporter should call him out; if he’s wrong, have him give up half of his paycheck and donate it. Hey, if he’s so certain, what’s the risk?

  14. Get rid of Sanchez, Santonio, Plaxico, and all the other malcontents, and you might have a chance. MIGHT!

  15. Rex uses “guarantee” like the dude in Princess Bride uses “inconceivable”… As Inigo Montoya said, “I do not think you know the meaning of that word”.

  16. nyjalleffingday says:
    Haters will still hate, Rex is the man.


    Some people hate blindly, as with anything, but others hate because there’s truly a good deal to hate in that organization.

  17. nyjalleffingday says:
    Feb 23, 2012 3:31 PM
    Haters will still hate, Rex is the man.


    No, he really isn’t!

  18. Being a Miami fan, I am required by contract to despise the Jets, but Rex Ryan is a remarkable man. Fat jokes and the like aside, this man truly believes that the players on his team are the best in the league. True or not, this mentality permeates the entire team and that is the job of a head coach.

    He wears his heart on his sleeve, and speaks out of emotion, so he is ripe for the picking in terms of quotes. This instance shows that he’s also not above taking responsibility for the things he says or does that might have been regrettable. The fact that he himself chooses to share these reflections with the rest of us is great, and I think it really reflects well on him that he is so open.

    To me, that’s just a dramatic bonus from a man who openly believes in his team more than just about any coach I can remember. That passion might not win Super Bowls alone, but it’s definitely a great step toward that overall goal.

    I wish I didn’t have to hate him so, but I can’t change reality.

  19. @patriotinvasion

    If you’ll care to observe…obviously not.


    “Wahh, stop liking things I don’t like! Confidence is absolutely a valid reason for hatred! Wah!”

  20. Ya Think Rex! And your a head coach in the National Football League. Must be nice to have daddy help you get your foot in the door. Keep on Guaranteeing because us fans get to keep laughing every year.

  21. Looks Like Rex Ryan doesnt like the taste of his own foot so hes not putting it his mouth again this year

  22. Rex remarks have been breathe of fresh air compared to the careful, senatorial statements made by his peers. However he is learning that there is a reason all other coaches are reluctant to make such grandiose remarks. As the face of an organization with the publicity the Jets receive, I hope he is learning the value of diplomacy. The NFL needs passionate people like Rex.

  23. Thought it said Rex Grossman was “huge mistake” before “terrible season” but everyone already knew that.

  24. Hey you j…off jet fans just make sure there is a sweater vest big enough to fit this big gorilla this year

  25. Gee, ya think, Rexie? His shtick has run it’s course, and he needs to just shut it and coach. He and his brother are the biggest talkers in the league.

  26. If Ryan could ever use all the attention and he gives to the media and turn that attention to his team, maybe they could get somewhere. Guys a good coaching mind, just talks too much about his team rather than to his team.

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